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Tuesday Trouble Maker

Well hello again furfriends. Buddy told you about his naughty behaviour yesterday but he neglected to mention that he led ME into bad habits. Yes my sweet, innocent little self misbehaving. I’m not sure you can imagine it!

It took place during cage cleanouts. Whee were playing in our indoor runs (just the upturned top bars of our cage) as it was too chilly for us outside.

Buddy began chewing the bars and pushing the side that swung open until all of a sudden he was FREE. Mummy spotted him quickly and put him back. But I was impressed. How had he done it?

Chewing the bars I spent a good few minutes pulling them until Buddy wheeked and gave them a push to demonstrate.

Realising my mistake I gave them a good shove and the hooman yelped. “Buddy!!” It had hit her leg as she passed to fetch the hay. I glanced sideways but Buddy was already and the back of the cage with an innocent look on his face. Rubbing her leg and muttering she continued with her cage cleaning.

Realising escape was something I might not achieve that day (there is a knack to it I think that I need to practise) I moved onto the achieveable; ripping up the newspaper, pulling plastic bags in with me, and grabbing dirty tissues that had been used to clean my cage with Buddy. Ewww!

Mummy was not impressed. Buddy soon became restless though and started trying to open the cage. I hurried over to help and watched him silently slip out, leaving a gap behind him.

I had two options at this point. Follow him out or get him in trouble. Using my bar pulling technique I pulled the run closed behind him with a loud clang.

He turned to me with an accusing glare but I was already innocently at the back of the run cleaning myself. “Buddy! Again? Really?!” the hooman grumbled.

Unfortunately for me the little hooman saw the whole thing and grassed on us to Mummy. The sneak!

Suffice to say I did not get to sleep in the pigloo that night!

Me in the dog house!!

Happy Tuesday, and try to stay out of trouble like me!



PS. Please don’t forget to enter out Spring pigtures contest! Whee are extending the end date to Saturday 3rd May:) You can find all the details here.

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