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Naughty Nibbling Nacho

Sometimes Mummy says I’m not the brightest button in the box and sometimes she says I’m downright silly. But in the next pigture she says I took it to a new level.

There’s Noah, enjoying a little spinach leaf over a bowl filled with carrot, celery, pepper and more spinach. I am the one at the back . . . Trying to eat the ceramic bowl . . .


I can’t tell you why I was eating the bowl. Mummy says she thought there might have been some juice from the foods on it or something. Technically whee have brush and chew mineral blocks to keep our teeth trim. And willow twigs to nibble on if whee want. So that must be the explanation!!

Whatever it was Mummy wanted to share it with you and humiliate me!

Have you ever been caught doing something furry silly?

Have a fabulous Friday


PS. There was some extremely upsetting news last night that a dog rescue in Manchester was burning. They arrested a 15 year old boy on suspicion of arson. Sadly 43 dogs are confirmed dead but 170 made it to safety thanks to the bravery of firefighters and two men who ran in and kicked down doors to get to the terrified animals. You can read more and donate to help them here. Our thoughts are with them.

Salad Stealing Suspects . . .

Ok, whee have very carefully analysed the evidence. Whee spent a long time at the scene of the crime and now I, Inspector Basil of the Hutch have a list of suspects. If you missed it, whee have a naughty  thief who has been nomming on our home grown vegetables. See here.


Severus Slug – Seen in the area, looking suspiciously chubby

Samantha Snail – Seen up that end of the garden and a known offender, who last made off with Mummy’s marigolds two weeks ago

Scuzzy Squirrel – Was on a date with a pretty red squirrel and The Oak Restaurant can confirm this.

Colin the Caterpillar – Was seen in the area, and found on the edge of one of the pots in which a crime was committed

Boots, the neighbourhood kitten – was spotted bothering the koi carp in  a furfriends garden two roads away at the time of the crime

Felix the Fox – Claims to have been somewhere else but no one else can confirm this.


So as you can see, I have narrowed it down. Unfortunately the clues are conflicting and  I believe the cucumber cruncher and the basil burglar may be two separate crimes.

Dun dun dun

This investigating has been tiring work. Who do you think did it? Let us know and whee will have the big reveal and arrests in the next post!



Why Are Whee Waiting?!

imageWhy are whee always left waiting for veggies. This pigture was taken at 10:46 today. Mummy asked in that silly voice hoomans like to use:

“Heya Buddy Budkins! Are you waiting for something?!”

(I can’t help the ridiculous nickname she used, some hoomans just don’t respect that I have a reputation to protect!)

“Of course. My vegetables woman, where are they?!” I wheeked back loudly, climbing the bars.

“But it’s not 11 o’clock silly boy! Not veggie time yet!” she laughed.

“Does this face really look like it cares for your cruel time-telling devices lies about whether it’s stomach needs feeding?!” I wheeked back in outrage.

Clearly persuaded by my powers of argument (and the fact she needed to go out and do some food shopping soon) she fetched the vegetables with only a small amount of naughtiness in only giving us two veggies instead of our usual three. However whee forgive her because whee got to have the left over carrot tops and broccoli stalks from the hoomans dinner, whee always wheek in case they are cooking something that might have left overs for us! Yummy!

What’s your favourite snack? Do you have  a silly nickname your hooman thinks is cute? It can’t be worse than Buddy Budkin, Buddy Battenburg bottom (named so for the neat markings on my fur), Buddy McFabulous or Prince Buddy Buddington! (All real nicknames Mummy uses!)



I’m Not Doing Anything Today . . . Mission Accomplished!

Snuggling & Eating . . .

Ok, so it has been a long lazy day today. You know those days when you wake up and decide “Hey, I’m not going to do anything today.” I meant to do nothing yesterday but never found the time so I found time today.

I woke up, ate breakfast, had a cuddle, fell asleep, was woken being put back in the cage, fell asleep again, waited for veggies, ate veggies, fell asleep, fresh hay arrived, ate some hay, cuddled in it and fell asleep again.

Sleeping . . .

You see, today Mummy was doing lots of tidying and she was very busy. I didn’t mind having a lazy day and watching Mummy ran around like a crazy thing but the others complained continually. It’s like this young things just don’t get it.

Are lazy days out of fashion? Am I behind the times, living in the past? When did every single day turn into a big hullaballo. I personally like wasting a day once in awhile. Keeps things interesting.

What do you think of lazy days? If you have them, how do you spend your lazy day? Curled in sun puddles? Snoozing on a comfy lap? Tucked up in bed? Tell me so I don’t feel so silly.

Sir (sleepy) Nibbles

Buddy Behind Bars!

Today it wasn’t nice enough weather for us to go in the garden, and Mummy wanted to do a clean out of our cage. Cleaning out is just a cover up for her stealing our lovely smelly piles of wilting vegetables from the day before and destroying my wonderful poop piles.

Of course I hate it and make quite a fuss. Mummy always tell me to stop being a diva. Silly Mummy doesn’t get that diva-ness is in my nature. It’s not sonething I can switch off. It is in my fur and paws, right to the tips of my whiskers! 🙂

Anyway, today she used the metal bars of the cage to create an indoor run so that whee would be safe while she cleaned the cage. While cleaning she discovered something which may have once resembled a few spinach leaves. “Who put those there?!” she asked crossly, trying to scrub the greenery off of the plastic. I put on my most innocent face, but when you are already behind bars it is very hard not to look guilty. “I’ll never talk!” I squeaked defiantly. She frowned as she placed me back in the cage with Bingo and wandered off. I sighed in relief perhaps all was forgotten, or forgiven . . .

Minutes later she returned with a treat bowl full of veggies . . .

You think that you can bribe me with vegetables?!!!

Alright, it was me. I put the spinach there. Now do you have anymore of that celery . . .








It was a confession but under conditions of such bribery, I wasn’t in my right mind.

Have you ever been forced or bribed into confessing to some naughtiness you commited?


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