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Mega Mouthful Monday

It’s that time again. That day whee all dread has come back around. All Nacho’s hiding under tents couldn’t keep it away.


When munching in the garden whee sometimes take mega sized mouthfuls, on days like Monday’s whee take the biggest mouthfuls ever!

Now Mummy has been working on putting together a special little section on the blog for some time now – A Hoomans Guide to Guinea Pigs. (You can see the little tab up there under our banner) This is being updated and added to all the time with new sections and info as whee post it but so far it has the following sections:

The Basics of Guinea Pigs

Handling and Health

Emergency and Illness

Break The Boredom! Time For Toys!

Guinea Pig First Aid Kit

Heat Stroke (And how to deal with it)

If you have any ideas for sections you’d like to see please let us know! The other tabs up there have also been updated and redesigned so please take a look and let us know what you think.

Have a mellow Monday efurryone ^_^



ps. Little Nacho was super lucky to be the proud winner of The School Daze Pigture  contest run by Sammy over at One Spoiled Cat. The you had to enter a pigture of you enjoying you Summer Holidays. Nacho spent his on the hunt for a missing parsley plant. Here is the winning pigture and the award. Thanks so much for voting for him efurryone, whee are so proud and excited!

Nacholookingformissing parsley          SummerVacationWinner

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