Why Are Whee Waiting?!

imageWhy are whee always left waiting for veggies. This pigture was taken at 10:46 today. Mummy asked in that silly voice hoomans like to use:

“Heya Buddy Budkins! Are you waiting for something?!”

(I can’t help the ridiculous nickname she used, some hoomans just don’t respect that I have a reputation to protect!)

“Of course. My vegetables woman, where are they?!” I wheeked back loudly, climbing the bars.

“But it’s not 11 o’clock silly boy! Not veggie time yet!” she laughed.

“Does this face really look like it cares for your cruel time-telling devices lies about whether it’s stomach needs feeding?!” I wheeked back in outrage.

Clearly persuaded by my powers of argument (and the fact she needed to go out and do some food shopping soon) she fetched the vegetables with only a small amount of naughtiness in only giving us two veggies instead of our usual three. However whee forgive her because whee got to have the left over carrot tops and broccoli stalks from the hoomans dinner, whee always wheek in case they are cooking something that might have left overs for us! Yummy!

What’s your favourite snack? Do you have  a silly nickname your hooman thinks is cute? It can’t be worse than Buddy Budkin, Buddy Battenburg bottom (named so for the neat markings on my fur), Buddy McFabulous or Prince Buddy Buddington! (All real nicknames Mummy uses!)



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  1. It’s so hard to live with hoomans, isn’t it? 😉

  2. I soooo feel your pain! I always get my “lunch” at noon and sometimes I start staring at my Mom at 11am and she always says “It’s not time!” She also has ridiculous names for me, “Cody Bodey”, Codalicious, Jelly Belly, Codester, and Co-dependent! Just to name a few! Love, Cody

  3. Poor Buddy and those nicknames…. Hoomans just don’t understand, do they? Motor Mommy just calls me “Sundae girl” or “Sundae baby”. I don’t guess that’s TOO bad. It can’t compare to Buddy Battenburg Bottom….

  4. You’re waiting for your veggies because she just planted the seeds.

  5. I think all of your nicknames are flat out adorable, Buddy Budkin. Sometimes Mom calls me Peanut because of my littleness.

    Love and licks,

  6. HA, you have a delightful sense of humour Buddy. I love all those nicknames, errrrr I mean, how dare mummy use cute nicknames (hehe). I had a dog named Buddy for a long time and we just loved him. We called him The Buster, Buddymeister, Buddykins, Budzilla and Stinky. The last one needs no further explanation, HA. I call the cats Boo-boo sometimes (Yogi Bears sidekick) and Mr B calls Blossum Sweet Pea,,,,I don’t know why except she’s cute.

  7. I like your nicknames too. I don’t really have a nickname – Zena-weena doesn’t count! Zac had a lot, Zac du lac, Zac the all Black, Zaccy.
    Raffles doesn’t really have any yet either. I suppose I could start calling him Rafkins and see if it catches on 😀

  8. Sounds like your veggies eventually made it to you Buddy – why humans have to be so dependent on time-telling gadgets is beyond me. WE know when we’re hungry and that’s all that matters!!! As for nicknames – I have tons of them and they’re all silly. I think one of the silliest is “Samster the Hamster” – do I look like a hamster??? I should say not. (although they are cute so I suppose that’s not too insulting…..).

    Kitty Hugs and Happy Friday, Sam

  9. I feel your pain, I’m sure daddy’s clock is always wrong cos my tummy starts rumbling about an hour before he says its dinner time!
    As for nicknames, mine are all horrible! Miss Macky is probably the best of the bunch, but usually I’m called the monster, swamp donkey or slobodog misakovitch!

    • Oh dear, that last one is a bit harsh! Though at least none refer to your bottom!

      The hoomans do seem to swear by these clocks. These emotionless evil chunks of stuff that want to make me starve!



  10. hehehe I guess I’m lucky I only get called Speedy,but I’m not keen on time pieces either when you’re hungry you’re hungry!xx Speedy

  11. Waiting is not one of my favorite things either so sometimes I am forced to call takeout!

  12. Aww Buddy my mum says you’re adorable… I feel your pain! Hope you got extra because your human made you wait! =^.^=

  13. So many nicknames we don’t even know where to start!

  14. I dunno, I can talk to mine in that silly voice and get them popcorning…must be something about technique and TOTAL randomness to when veggies show up that my crew don’t associate that voice with being patronized. Usually they associate that voice with an opportunity to put their paws on the side of their box and lick my face off.

    Wentworth: Most often greeted “Hey Dubsie!” or “Hey Bug!” I’m not even sure he knows his own real name.

    Annie: She’s my munchkin girl, Annie-moo (as opposed to ani-mal)

    Frederick: baby bug and bug junior

    Benwick: Mr. Adorable®

    Harville: The Dude

    Sophie: Sister Sophie (as opposed to her three siblings, all brothers) or Sophie-Sophie

    Wentworth’s daddy yet lives, he is Watson, but we call him Watsie.

    • Awwww, whee just look at Mummy like she’s lost it when she does silly voices. She talks normally most of the time so when she does the silly voice whee glare at her!


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