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Happy Hallo-Wheek!

Well that spooky day is here!

When darkness falls over your hutch.

You will be in Hallo-wheeks clutch!

Witches, ghosties, ghouls and more,

Will find there way to your front door.

Their gleeful grins and shrieks of boo,

Every knock brings someone new.image

They shout and chuckle “Trick or Treat” 

To every soul, that night, they meet.

But what they don’t know at our place,

Is whee have a much scarier face!

When our Mummy opens up,

They just might drop their sweetie cup.

For the green facepack across her cheeks,

Round the doorway slowly peeks.

They’ll drop their sweets and run away,

Regretting they knocked at our hutch today.

But Mummy mystified will wonder,

As down our garden they flee and blunder,

Why they didn’t want to claim their prize,

Nor the cause of the fear in their eyes.

She’ll shrug her shoulders and insist,

We tuck into the treats they missed!

Mwah ha ha ha ha ha Happy Hallo-wheek efurryone!



ps. No Hallo-wheek would be complete without an eerie glowing sunset pigture. It’s lucky Mummy took one!


pps. Check out our PAWesome pumpkin from Nellie!


Haunted Hutch House

A spooky tale of the dangers of Hallo-wheek. Have a good one ^_^


It was a dark and stormy night,
As spooky stories usually have,
Our travellers were travelling,
Till one needed to use the ‘lav’!
“You should have gone before whee left!”
Buddy said with a sigh,
“But I did.” Noah whinged,
Though this, it was a lie.
Still they had to go on walking,
Despite Noah’s squeaky moans,
And all the rains cold lashings,
And the winds mighty groans.

“There’s something up ahead!”
Nacho exclaimed with a shout,
Pointing at some metal gates,
And jumping all about.
Our travellers hurried forward,
And squinted at the sign,
“Hutch House.” Buddy thoughtfully read,
Wiping off some of grime.
They all agreed that it was best,
To seek some shelter there,
But had they paid attention,
They would’ve known, they were in for a scare.

As they hurried up the pathway,
Rain splashed the board,
Revealing the spooky words,
Our dear piggies would not have ignored.
“Haunted Hutch House
Enter if you dare,
But not on Hallo-wheek,
Unless you want more than a scare.”
Now by some cruel quirk of fate,
It was Hallo-wheek night,
So yes, well done, you guessed it,
They were in for a fright!

They finally spotted the house,
Crumbling, gothic and old,
They tried to knock at the door,
But there was no handle to hold.
The whole house seemed to creek,
More than should mortar and stone,
And yet it seemed empty,
And so cold and alone.
Buddy pounded at the door loudly,
As lightening lit the sky,
“Is any furry there?”
But a thunder clap drowned out his cry.

Still something must have heard him,
As the door swung and they fell inside,
With the it slamming behind them,
So in the dark they would collide.
“You stepped on my paw -”
“Hey! Get off my face -”
“Well why’s it by my foot,
On the floor in any case?!”
“Silence.” said snapped Buddy,
“Efurrybody stay still!
The very next piggy to move,
I swear, by my veggies, I’ll kill!”

They all mumbled quite crossly,
But still they behaved and obeyed,
But the bumping noises continued,
And it was then they were afraid.
“I no longer need the toilet.”
Noah whimpered in fear,
“What is that noise?
Is somefurryelse here?!”
There was a sinister giggle,
As lightning again lit the hall,
And our travellers realised, worriedly,
That there was no one but them there, at all.

“I don’t like this.” whispered Nacho,
Pressing close to Buddy’s side,
Well in the spooky old house,
There was nowhere else to hide.
“Well whee cannot go on,
That wind is howling a gale.”
Buddy told the others carefully,
And they all began to wail.
Then came another voice,
Hissing at them from the stair,
“Be silent you darn fools,
Or they will know that you’re there.”

They all froze in shock,
As a lady pig stepped from the gloom,
“You must need to rest,
Allow me to show you to a room.”
“ Apologies ma’am,
For us barging in,
Whee didn’t mean to be rude!”
Buddy charmed with a grin.
The ladypig smiled,
But it did not reach her eyes,
She turned and headed off,
So they all followed with sighs.

“You may sleep here,
Or at the very least rest,
Stay here till I come get you.”
She solemnly did request.
The door shut behind her,
“My lady!” Buddy cried in a prayer,
He flung open the door,
But there was nofurry there.
The corridors looked endless,
And creepy in the dark,
But Buddy, undeterred called,
“Come back to me, my lark!”

Basil pulled him back,
And closed the door quick,
“She said stay and be quiet,
So don’t be so thick!”
Buddy huffed crossly,
Then stifled a yawn,
Should he sleep or find her,
He had to admit he was torn.
But exhaustion claimed them all,
And they slept most of the night,
Missing the worst of the hauntings,
Until the first stirring of light.

Basil woke first,
As the sun started to rise,
Something loomed over him,
He gasped and rubbed his eyes.
But there was nothing there,
At least not that he could see,
Maybe it had been a dream,
Well what else could it be?!
He shut his eyes tight,
And hid under the covers,
If there was something there,
He was going to wait for the others!

He waited for minutes,
Or days or just hours,
And began to wonder if the house,
Had mind reading powers.
For it would let him relax,
Before making a sound,
And scaring him so much,
He didn’t dare look around.
Finally with a sigh,
The others did wake,
Basil hoped it wasn’t a trick,
Or a hallucinating mistake.

“Why are you hiding?”
Noah asked him, amused,
“Are you definitely you?!”
Basil, wild eyed, accused.
“I think Basil’s gone barmy.”
Nacho said with a laugh,
“Oh do leave him alone,”
Buddy said, “That’s enough!”
Before they could argue further,
The door opened with a click,
And the ladypig stood there,
So white, she looked sick.

“I fear you cannot stay longer,
In fact you must go now.”
She looked at where they had lain,
“You managed to sleep through that? How?”
She hurried them down the hallways,
And rushed them down the stairs,
Forcing them to not just take one step,
But to jump them in pairs!
They ran out the door,
She called out a goodbye,
Then slammed the door shut,
Before they could protest or cry.

They exchanged looks of confusion,
And called thanks as they walked away,
Again reaching the sign,
And reading all it did say.
They looked back at the house,
Perched a top that creepy hill,
So empty by day,
But by night, was it still?
They never spoke again,
Of that Hallo-wheek night,
But warn of the dangers of Hallo-wheek,
When you turn out the light.

Sleep tight efurryone!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Me, Me, Me Monday!

What’s that Mummy? You want me to tell efurryone about the Hallo-Wheek pigture shoot? Alright


Well it was lots of fun. I ate lots of the props! Mummy said I was very naughty cheeky but with a face like this, it’s not much of a surprise that she forgave me quickly! Here is your first peek at the hat Mummy made for all of us me!

IMG_6560Oh, and the other piggies had fun too, but this post is all about me, me me!!! I was furry lucky because I have a secret admirer! My admirer has drawn a pigture of me and I am so proud of it! The little girl who drew it for me hasn’t been furry well and won’t be getting piggies until she is better, in the mean time, she likes us and most of all, ME!


What a marvelous Monday I’m having. What are you all doing this Monday?



Pigoween Partners? Four Eligible Bachelors!

Have you heard? Mollie and Misaki are throwing a Howl-o-ween ball! Hooray!

But whee need partners so if anyfurry else is thinking of going whee would love to find perfect partners for all four of us!

Somefurry to dance the night away with the babe magnet Buddy!
Somefurry to keep Basil out of the parsley punch and on the straight and narrow, or let him run wild if you prefer!


Buddy (left) Basil (right)

Somefurry to let little Nacho practice his flirting on (he’s getting good with the whiffles and innocent eyes!)
And somefurry to babysit little Noah and keep him out of trouble!


Nacho (left) Noah (right)

If you want to go with any of us please comment below with who you would like to go with and why! Mummy is The little hoomans are quite good with editing pigtures so whee are happy for whoever decides to go with each of us, to send us a pigture of them dressed up or not dressed up and she can edit us together.

Whee hope you will consider coming with one of us ^_^

Have a great Monday efurryone!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


ps. Also for dressing up Sammy the Cat is having a costume pawty! Are you dressing up for Sam-o-ween?

Hey Hey Happy Pigoween!

So Mummy is feeling better and has been pouring over the entries to our Pigoween Potion Poem Contest with us and the little hoomans. (who you squeaked to in the last post!)

After much deliberation (and snack breaks and arguing!) whee have chosen a winner. This poem was written by Carmeline, Lola, Mina and Lily the piggies with a small amount of help from their hooman slave! Whee are pretty sure you will agree this fab potion poem is a very deserving winner!

Blade of grass and root of beet,
Top of carrot, corn so sweet,
Hurry up! We need a treat,
Fill our bowl with things to eat.

Nice fresh grass and dandelion,
Picked by hand with dew still on ’em,
Crunchy pepper, green or red,
Come on, fill the bowl, we said.

Nice lush grass so tasty and green,
The biggest tomato we’ve ever seen,
A piece of fresh apple, to share between four,
Quickly our slave, we still want some more.

Lots more grass and celery stem,
A sizeable piece of banana skin,
Fill the bowl slave, you know what to do,
Feed us with love, for we do so love you!

Well bootiful ladypigs, firstly congratulations! Secondly, if you could drop our Mummy an email with your hutch address and with pigtures of each of you attached as jpegs, whee have a prize bundle to make up and send to you!

Have a great Pigoween efurryone. Why not tell us in the comments what you have been up to?!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

PS. Whee will check efurryones blogs as soon as whee can!

PPS. Hope efurryone got through the Frankenstorm safely.

Mystery, Magic And ‘Munchkins’!

Well today has been a day of mystery, magic and munchkins! The mystery came with Mummy’s delivery of our veggie-troubles. There were no troubles. They just arrived before whee had time to ask for them. Run time on the floor was earlier too. And then our munchie hay rations arrived early too. Whee were highly suspicious! Between hungry mouthfuls whee demanded to know what was going on. Mummy explained about the clocks changing. (No, they aren’t putting on new clothes!) Of course whee mean the hour change. It had us most confuzzled at first!

Then came the magic. Mummy didn’t pay much attention to the blog or her emails today because she was playing with us, but just before tea time she sat down and checked. As if by magic our wonderful furfriends have begun producing genius poetic prose for our Pigoween Poem Contest. Please keep sending your entries and get them in before midnight (UK time) on 30th Spooktober!

My Entry!

Finally comes the munchkins! Today saw the start of voting in Sammy from One Spoiled Cat’s Pumpkin Contest. Of course I insisted on entering with my minature pumpkins called munchkins. Mummy said they were too cute to carve so she decorated them using the computermabob. Now whee don’t like to beg but please vote for Nutty! I am the last listed virtual carved pumpkin entry here. I will fight for furpersons right, and improve vegetable growth rates as well as renaming ‘Monday’, ‘Sunday-Mark-2’ so whee can have our hoomans at home longer and not have to worry about manic Mondays! That’s why you should vote for me!

Hope you are enjoying the lead up to Pigoween as much as whee are.


Wordless Wednesday – Cutest Caption Contest!

I’m a cutie and I know it! Yes whee have decided to have another caption contest. They are so much fun and you are all so creative! Now in an effort to be less wordy and more wordless whee are simply going to say. Comment your captions and the winner will be announced in tomorrows post. Again, if there are two good entries whee may include a runner up.

Anywho, what to do think I am saying or doing in this pigture?!


Piggy-Sized Pigoween Pumpkins!

Hey, what has Mummy got over there?!

*Gasps* It’s some pumpkins!

But wait! Aren’t they rather small?! 

Or maybe I’m really big?! Have I had a growing potion this Pigoween?!

Oh, they are called ‘Munchkins’. Does that mean ‘mini-pumpkins’ or ‘monster-piggy-on-a-pumpkin’?!

Hope you are enjoying the days leading up to Pigoween efurryone. And don’t forget to get your hoomans to watch out for these Munchkins. They are piggy-sized and PAWesome! Whee are currently trying to decide how to decorate ours for Sammy’s Pumpkin Contest. (check that out if you haven’t already!) And whee are chosing our outfits for Misaki and Mollie’s Costume Contest. (check those post links out too!) Oooo the excitment is almost too much to bear!

How are you all preparing? Are you entering either contest?


Cavy Crypt Creepy Champions!

Well the results are in. The votes on both here and the piggy forum whee go on have been registered . . . Now in a very particular order whee have your winners and their special prizes. Hand drawn portraits by the little hoomans! First you will see the drawing of them and then the pigture they won with!

King of the Dead – Easy Rider!

Queen of the Damned – Misaki

Knight of the Night – Sammy

Most Mishievous Ghoul Award – Duke

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up. If any of the winners would like their pigture emailed to them please email us at and whee can send it to you. Don’t forget to follow the blog so you never miss another comPIGtition!

In our next post you will get to join Nibbles in a yoga class. Bring your mat and water bottles and prepare to stretch!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil



ps. Mummy is particually proud of Sammy’s drawing because she did that one!

Super Spooky Shortlist!

Ok, so whee aren’t chickening out of making the final decision . . . well maybe whee are a little but that is beside the point! With our amazing Cavy Crypt Pet Photo contest whee never realised how many entries whee would get. And trust me, almost every single one has sent a chill down our spines. Overall there were forty eight amazing entrants but, as the saying goes there can only be one  winner.

If whee were proper, good judges whee might have already made that decision and the next line would tell you the winner. But whee aren’t very good judges, whee are indecisive, whee squabble and whee need naps between arguments. So whee are going to cop out enlist your help.

Call it audiance participation if you will! Of all the entries whee have spent the day agonising and whittled it down to a short list of ten. Whee want you all to know how hard that was and if whee didn’t think whee might make wordpress cry then whee would show you all on here.

Now whee think efurryone deserves a title and award but that would be a little silly. Luckily whee are pretty silly so any who don’t get one of the below titles (whether they were shortlisted or not) will be awarded the names Lord’s and Ladies of the Crypt so efurryone is a winner!

Here are the titles you are voting for:

‘Queen of the Damned’ – There are only two female entries that made it far enough to be in with a chance of this title. (Misaki & Gucci) Who do you think deserves to be Queen? Whee suspect it will be handbags at dawn with these two!

‘King of the Dead’ – Who should rule over all the dead who are living (or rather existing because the dead can’t be living!) in the Cavy Crypt?!

‘Knight of the Night’ – Which scary contender should be Knight of the Night time? (Warning, Lord of the Night must be able to give a sinister chuckle and stand on top of tall buildings while only appearing in silhoette!)

‘Most Mischevious Ghoul Award’ – Who looks like they could be the most fun and (forgive the pun!) the life and soul of a pawty?

To vote please comment below with the name of the furry you think should win and which title they deserve. (Whee would do a proper voting machine but Mummy isn’t too good with that!) The only rule is you can only vote once per title. Without further ado, the top ten scary pets!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whee are so glad whee aren’t the one’s deciding! Voting will close midday Monday (UK time) so that is plenty of time for you to think it over and whee will announce the winners later that day.

If you want to get more voters then put the word out via your blogs, or facebook or twitter. Get your friend’s, your Aunts and Uncles, even your Nan ex-best friends cat! The winners will get special customised awards and a spectacular surprise whee have not yet revealed. (But trust us, you are going to love it!)

Good luck efurryone!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


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