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Psst Secret Pawty Plans!

Heya furfriends!

Whee have a super secret exciting bit of news to share with you. Sunday 9th November is Buddy’s 3rd Birthday.


There is going to a big surprise pawty just for him so whee want to invite you all along! The theme is fancy dress “pirates and princesses”! Whee know it’s pretty short notice but whee would love it if you could all come along and send a pigture of yourself dressed up to with the email subject “Buddy’s Birthday”

Whee will hold a vote for the best costume and the winner will get to pick a rescue (UK based rescue) for us to send a gift to some of the less fortunate animals there who are waiting for their furever homes in honour of Buddy’s Birthday instead of buying him a big present this year. Whee think that’s really generous of Buddy to give up his gift, even if he doesn’t know he is doing so yet!

Whee hope you will all come along, even if you don’t dress up and celebrate this special day with us ^_^

Nacho, Noah & Basil


Nutty’s Guide To Bringing Up A Naughty Piggy!

You probably all know that Nacho, my new cage mate is furry young. Between 9 and 10 wheeks old in fact! Well like most babies he is causing a lot of trouble and it’s up to me to keep him under control and teach him all he needs to know . . .

Nacho?! Nacho, What are you doing over there?!! Behave!

Sorry about that, now where was I? Oh yes. There are many lesson he must learn, like, how one should eat the green spaghetti in the garden really really fast then look up at the hoomans with the hungry face

Speed nomming, the whippersnapper's not half bad!

Speed nomming, the whippersnapper’s not half bad!

And how to bounce around in a cute way so the hoomans go “D’awwwwwww”

How to wheek at the top of your lungs to make the hoomans hurry up with the noms, be it hay, veggies or breakfast! He’s not to great at this one, whee will have to film it because it’s quite funny! When he gets really excited he actually can’t squeak, he just puffs out lots of air and dashes around. Whee got the vet to check this was ok on his first ever vet trip and she said there’s nothing wrong with him, he’s just super duper excited!

And how to share a tent . . .


Ok, so he hasn’t quite got the hang of that one but these things take practice!

The final art I have been working on with him, is the art of adorable snuggling on the hoomans . . .


He’s getting good at this one! Wait! Nacho! What are you doing? Where are you going kid?! Naughty Nacho!!!


Ah well. Whee might need to work on that one too!

What other lessons do you think efurry young piggy or pet should learn?

Happy Monday efurryone!



Wordless Wednesday – Safe From The Sun

It is too hot outside today so whee are staying indoors. My favourite spot is on the plastic hidey, which is cool and lovely to lie on!


Where’s your favourite place to relax when its sunny?



Why Are Whee Waiting?!

imageWhy are whee always left waiting for veggies. This pigture was taken at 10:46 today. Mummy asked in that silly voice hoomans like to use:

“Heya Buddy Budkins! Are you waiting for something?!”

(I can’t help the ridiculous nickname she used, some hoomans just don’t respect that I have a reputation to protect!)

“Of course. My vegetables woman, where are they?!” I wheeked back loudly, climbing the bars.

“But it’s not 11 o’clock silly boy! Not veggie time yet!” she laughed.

“Does this face really look like it cares for your cruel time-telling devices lies about whether it’s stomach needs feeding?!” I wheeked back in outrage.

Clearly persuaded by my powers of argument (and the fact she needed to go out and do some food shopping soon) she fetched the vegetables with only a small amount of naughtiness in only giving us two veggies instead of our usual three. However whee forgive her because whee got to have the left over carrot tops and broccoli stalks from the hoomans dinner, whee always wheek in case they are cooking something that might have left overs for us! Yummy!

What’s your favourite snack? Do you have  a silly nickname your hooman thinks is cute? It can’t be worse than Buddy Budkin, Buddy Battenburg bottom (named so for the neat markings on my fur), Buddy McFabulous or Prince Buddy Buddington! (All real nicknames Mummy uses!)



Silly Seeing Stars Saturday

As every star will testify, sometimes you are caught off guard and the paparazzi get a pigture of you, you really wish they had not! Here is one such pigture .  .  .


Humiliating much?!! I was just taking a little nap!

Have a super Saturday efurryone.



Ain’t No Pawty Like . . .

A guinea pig pawty. Any pawty with piggies is sure to rock and roll!

Did whee really just says that?! Kinda cheesy, whee blame Mummy!

Anywho, yes, it is the blogging pawty of our dear furfriend Sammy the cat at One Spoiled Cat and whee are off to his slumber pawty in our pjs. Whee are even taking our Mummy! See?!

Left to right: Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy, Basil and Hooman Slave (Mummy)

Left to right: Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy, Basil and Hooman Slave (Mummy)

Whee would love it if you could pop over and vote for us on pain of death consider voting for us and the other lovely entries. You can vote for as many as you like which is great cos whee had a furry tough choice! Click here to see the post.

Happy Blogoversary Sammy! Whee loves you and send you whiffles and wheeks!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Treat Me Right!

Whee have some super exciting news. It has been a long time coming (mainly thanks to our silly hoomans damaging the camera that had all our pigtures on and having to fix it so whee could post this!) Whee noticed that a furfriend of ours, Dalton has a pack of furry friends which help him reviewing treats and foods from Wagg Pet Foods.

Of course being piggies whee couldn’t pass up a chance for free noms so whee asked if whee could join. Being a good doggy he said yes and posted us out some treats. Looking at others on his pack page whee were super nervous to see whee are the first guinea pig reviewers!

The treats whee were sent were, Wagg Small Animal Carrot Sticks

As whee haven’t really reviewed things before whee had a good think about what whee look for in a treat

Packaging : The packaging is very nice. A bright green and orange, very eye-catching and our two favourite colours!

Flavour : They are very crunchy and just the right size. Mummy has had issues with treats being too big before and getting stuck in our mouths, or being too small and getting stuck between our teeth. These are just the right size for us to sit down and spend a good five minutes nomming on!

More-ish-ness : As soon as whee finished our first taster whee wanted more! Buddy was even cheeky enough to hide his unfinished one under his paw and beg for another one! Mummy says they are treat though and whee can only have one or two for a special treat a couple of times a week.

The-Sciencey-Bit : Mummy was a little concerned at first reading the back of the packet where they recommend reducing normal food when giving these treats but she has concluded it is like her and chocolate. You just need to be sensible. With us piggies the best treats are of course veggies but every once in awhile it is great to get something a little bit special and different. Mummy says whee are all in perfect condition so there are no concerns anymore! She loves the fact there is calcium in it to keep our teeth strong. Though to much calcium, like everything can be bad for you.

Whee give these treats a 9/10

It would be good to know things like how much vitamin c for example is in them. As whee cannot produce our own vitamin c and  need a  good amount, Mummy is very conscious of getting it into us and find that sort of thing helpful when considering treats.

Anyway, here is the fun bit! Us doing the very complicated and lengthy process of ‘taste testing’!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please check out other Wagg pet food products. They make them for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and gerbils! If you are in the UK you might want to consider joining the pack yourself!

Thank you for sending the treat Dalton and everyone at Wagg. Please keep making delicious noms! Whee are proud to be part of your pack!

membership Badge

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Tuesday Tails Blog Hop

When whee heard about this blog hop run by our furfriends Dogs n Paws, whee just had to take part and urge you to do so too. Whee want to highlight the plight of piggies at a local rescue. Anim-Mates is our favourite animal rescue ever. The work they do is simply amazing.

You can see all the lovely piggies here and all the other animals including cats, dogs and rabbits.

Here are the piggies seeking homes at the time of writing this post:

Adorable just neutered little boy Squidge is looking for a furever home

Coco and her two adorable daughters are looking for a loving family to give them the happy life they deserve

Cute crested boy Bobby has just been neutered and is now looking for a new family to care for

TuesdaysTailsBlogHopOfficialBadge zpsb5025ffe Tuesdays Tails #1:  Ellie Needs A Home!

If you are looking please consider these lovelies.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Take the link below and please join in this great blog hop!

<div align="center"><a href="" title="Dogs N Pawz" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Dogs N Pawz" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Not Much Time Left!

Whee are asking you to send us a pigture of you celebrating or your wild parties to celebrate our blogoversary! So far whee have had some great entries which have made us giggle.

All you need to do is send your pigture to in jpeg format with the title, Blog Pawty. Please include your name, your pets name and your blog name if you have one.

Closing date will be May 1st so there is not much time left!

Get this Pawty started! (but nap first!)

Well there isn’t much time left to enter our blogoversary photo contest. 

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Happy Blogoversary To Us!

Yes whee have reached that incredible milestone. Our first full year of blogging. There have been ups and downs, loss and arrivals, competitions and cuteness, health scares and drama and do you know whee never would have kept all this up without you wonderful peoples!

Furfriends, whee salute you!

Now whee wanted to do something special for our blogoversary. Something memorable that also squeaks of us. What better way than with one of our fantabulous photo competitions!? Whee want you to send us a pigture of you celebrating or your wild parties to celebrate our blogoversary! So crack out the salad and champagne! Pawty time! Whether its you round the buffet table. Or throwing down some moves on the dance floor show us! They can be edited pigtures if you want but they don’t have to be. Any animal can enter! (Even wild animal pigture you’ve taken if you don’t have any pets!)

Your pigture needs to be sent to us in jpeg format with the title, Blog Pawty. Please include your name, your pets name and your blog name if you have one.

Whee just can’t wait to see what you come up with! Closing date will be May 1st with judging to take place shortly afterwards!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


ps. It has come to our attention that somefurry wanted to join Buddy’s Babes but wasn’t sure they would be allowed to. Whee are an equal opportunities blog and so whee are pleased to announce Buddy’s latest Babe, Missy Pimplebutt (AKA Doggy in Drag!) Just scroll to the bottom of this page to see for yourselves!

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