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Cuddle (A Poem)


One of our little hoomans recently started a poetry blog and whee asked him if he would write us a poem for our blog 🙂

He said yes and whee now have “Cuddle” to share with you!


Outstretched arms
for warm embrace,
I run away,
I love the chase.

They follow me
with eager palms,
I’m lifted high
in Mother’s arms.

She carries me,
I feel secure,
Her hands around me,

We sit and cuddle,
I watch TV,
the others come
to cuddle me.

I yawn and sleep,
in Mother’s lap,
No better time,
to take a nap.

The life I lead,
in luxury,
with many hands,
to cuddle me.

I want to write this thank you note,
else in hay, all day, I’d dig
More hugs for me
More hugs for you
yours sincerely,

Guinea Pig

What do you think? Whee would love it if you could check out his blog.

Happy Sunday efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

My Precious One . . . .

Today whee are going to post something sad.

In a few days (On the 7th November) it will be Buddy’s first birthday. (Or as near as whee can guess and the date the hoomans picked)

Anyway, while this is a happy time it is also tinged with sadness. Sadness for Bingo, Buddy brother and first companion who some of you may remember, who died only nine months old and never reached his first birthday.

Mummy wrote a poem inspired partly by a post on a forum whee visit and partly on her feelings for Bingo. It is called ‘Today I saw a Rainbow Bridge’. Whee hope you like it.

Today I saw a rainbow bridge,
‘A smilin’ down on me,
And you popcorning along it,
Finally happy and pain free.
Yes today I saw the pathway,
That took you to heavens door,
And I knew that you were at peace,
And I should grieve no more.
That staircase to the angels,
That I prayed you’d never climb,
Has faded now to blue sky,
Letting me know it was time.
But now whenever it rains,
And the sunshine doesn’t go,
I’ll see those multi colours,
And think of you, I know.

Now whee will leave you with a song that makes Mummy’s heart ache. It is one she often sings to us as a lullaby and one she sang to Bingo as he was put to sleep.

Have you lost anyone special recently? Or even long ago? Do these days ever get any easier?

Your Sorrowfully
Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & (even though he never knew him) Basil

Hey Hey Happy Pigoween!

So Mummy is feeling better and has been pouring over the entries to our Pigoween Potion Poem Contest with us and the little hoomans. (who you squeaked to in the last post!)

After much deliberation (and snack breaks and arguing!) whee have chosen a winner. This poem was written by Carmeline, Lola, Mina and Lily the piggies with a small amount of help from their hooman slave! Whee are pretty sure you will agree this fab potion poem is a very deserving winner!

Blade of grass and root of beet,
Top of carrot, corn so sweet,
Hurry up! We need a treat,
Fill our bowl with things to eat.

Nice fresh grass and dandelion,
Picked by hand with dew still on ’em,
Crunchy pepper, green or red,
Come on, fill the bowl, we said.

Nice lush grass so tasty and green,
The biggest tomato we’ve ever seen,
A piece of fresh apple, to share between four,
Quickly our slave, we still want some more.

Lots more grass and celery stem,
A sizeable piece of banana skin,
Fill the bowl slave, you know what to do,
Feed us with love, for we do so love you!

Well bootiful ladypigs, firstly congratulations! Secondly, if you could drop our Mummy an email with your hutch address and with pigtures of each of you attached as jpegs, whee have a prize bundle to make up and send to you!

Have a great Pigoween efurryone. Why not tell us in the comments what you have been up to?!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

PS. Whee will check efurryones blogs as soon as whee can!

PPS. Hope efurryone got through the Frankenstorm safely.

No Excuse

There is no excuse for abandoning a pet of any kind when there are charities, rescues and shelters who are there to help. Mummy got very annoyed today reading something about hoomans excuses for abandoning dogs. She has incorporated them all into this poem. I know whee are preaching to the animal lovers here but Mummy had to share.

It just makes us grateful to have a safe home and a hooman to snuggle.

Nibbles , Nutty, Buddy & Basil

ps. Sorry it is a bit of a downer on our usual posts

No Excuse

Found myself on the street today,
I was cold and confused,
But this is what ma hooman did say ;

I’ve been too busy to walk you,
Look at the mess you’ve made,
You’re right in the way,
Forget those puppy games we played.
You are too big for cuddles,
You don’t match the setee,
I don’t care if you’re starving,
Even though you’re relying on me.
The kids don’t want to walk you,
And you slobbered on my friend,
And your pitiful whining ,
Is driving me round the bend.
You are far more expensive,
Than I first expected,
If all dogs cost as much as you ,
Then I’m not surprised they’re rejected.
You don’t fetch the paper,
Or come when I call,
And no matter what I shout,
You never give back the ball.
So what if I never trained you,
I thought you just knew these things,
You’re not man’s best friend,
Or the companions of Kings.
You howl in the evenings,
And when I watch TV,
And you seem to always sniffle,
With some chronic allergy.
I never thought you’d be hard work,
When you were little and sweet,
Now I’m kicking you out,
Cos’ you get under my feet.

And I sit,
On the street corner,
In the very way he’d always shout,
And watch, the other hoomans,
All milling about.

I’ll wait,
For my Master,
For a thousand years and a day,
He’ll come back for me, I pray.

Vintage Piggy; A Furry Special Birthday!

Firstly, please keep sending your Basil’s Bedtime Story Competition entries in. The ones whee have recieved so far are just brilliant! (If you have no idea what whee are on about just skip back a post!)

Anyway, onto the important news! Today, 12th September, was a very very special day. Why?! I hear you cry. Well because today was my sixth birthday! I’m now an elderly gentlepig!

My birthday presents included a bag of dried alfafa bales which are my favourite. Carrot, kale and cucumber as midday veggies (again my favs!) Some willow twigs and a new water bottle. Pretty good selection of ‘swag’ if I do say so myself.

I have had such a great day. Here is a little poem immortalising six special years with my hoomans!

When I was one,
I had only just begun,
When I was two,
Mischief was all I’d do.
When I was three,
I lost Nugget and found Nutty.
When I was four,
I had not changed much more.
When I was five,
I thought I wanted a wife.
Now that I’m six,
I notice how fast life’s-clock ticks!

So please everyone, celebrate my great birthday with me!


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*Clatter . . . Click . . . Clack*

You may wonder what I am doing.

*Clatter . . . Clatter*

Well I am currently throwing pixel pebbles at the blog window of a piggy who recently admitted something which shocked and surprised me. Yes I am talking about Clover’s Confession. It was completely unexpected. How anyfurry can fall in love with me?! I am not wise like Nibbles. Nor handsome like Buddy. Nor even young and spritely like Basil. I’m just me. Though Clover has not yet written to me I must share a poem I wrote for her:

(admittedly Buddy helped a little cos he knows about being charming and poetic!)

They say roses are for the romantics,
But I personally prefer Clover,
Yes, subtle and more sweet,
Crashing into me like a super nova,
With eyes that shine like rubies,
And a coat of black and white,
If she says she loves me too,
Then I would always treat her right.
There is nothing I love more,
Than to here her squeak her my name,
And when she said she was in love,
I thought I’d go insane.
How could it be?
Was there somefurry else, breaking into her affection?
Yes. I see I was jealous then,
And blind upon reflection.
I advised her on the best way,
To make her feelings known,
But I’d never used them myself,
I was shy, that’s all I’ve shown.
I was broken hearted,
I thought I’d missed my go,
Then she wrote that post,
And my heart began to glow.
For all the love I’d kept inside,
And all my shy old fear,
Seemed to melt away,
And my hope did reappear.
It was me,
All along,
That she admired from afar,
And I admired her myself,
She was my guiding light, my star.
If she truly loves me,
And says “Where art thou Nut”,
Then I’d climb up her hutch balcony,
And find her window not shut.
And then whee can admit our feeling,
Finally reveal the contents of our hearts,
And then whee would discover,
How furever loves starts.

Do you think she will like it? Are there any other ways I can prove my love to her?!

A love struck

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