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Back In Action! Munchies And Meet-Ups!

Waaaaah! Whee are finally back in business.

*clings desperately to blogosphere* I’ll never let you go Jack . . . I mean blog . . . I mean efurryone!

Yes our compawter is finally fixed! Can whee get a whoop whoop?! . . . No . . . Oh ok then.

Whee would just like to say a massive thank you to efurryone who stuck with us through our cut off time and made such kind and wonderful comments on our Snow White Panto. Glad you liked our modern kind of Princess!

From one Princess to another . . . Well the first thing Mummy did when whee got the compawter back- after wrapping it in a blanket and plastic bag homemade protection thingy – was help us check out as many blogs as whee could. Whee are still getting through you all but had to pause to post! One of our favourite posts ever, in the history of the world was made by Zena from The Princess Tails! It is the charming retelling of the three little pigs, called The Four Little Piggies and Princess Zena. You should definitely read it. Doggy makes a fabulous bad guy, or rather dog!

Whee don’t actually have any photos ready because whee didn’t have time but promise to have them tomorrow. Instead whee are going to tell you what Mummy got up to today.

She abandoned us! Left us at home and went off to London with one of the little hoomans to meet up with a small group of furry fanatics, piggy protectors, cavy crusaders. Yes, whee speak of the Piggy Slaves! Before she left she was very busy in the kitchen. As usual whee assumed it was for us. The fridge opened and there was a carrot-bag sounding rustle. But then no carrot appeared. To our horror, Mummy had grated three perfectly delicious carrots into a mixture for hooman cupcakes. Well whee were distraught. To add insult to injury she was then out all afternoon. When she returned she said what a great time she had. Yes . . . With our carrots! Of course she enjoyed herself! Efurryone enjoys themselves when carrots are involved. But those were our carrots and whee are currently not squeaking to Mummy.

Wait . . . Hang on one piggy-popcornin’-minute! I can hear the hay bag rustling!

Hay! Hay! Hay Mummy! Don’t forget to feed me!


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