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The School Of Soft Stretches!

So this post is a bit different! As you saw in a previous post, I am Guru Nibbles! I began teaching exercises to pets of all shapes and sizes so they could become as chubbily adorable as me! Now I give you the Class of 2012, all graduating my school of soft stretches with the highest marks!

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Thanks to all who took part, whee hope you are feeling fattened and toned up for the long Winter ahead!

What is your favourite way to stay (un)fit?!

Guru Nibbles

Shape Up For Winter!

Do you look like this?

But want to look like this?

There are no fad diets, you just eat whatever you want! Here are my top two exercises!

Exercise 1 – The Lap-Snuggle-Stretch

This exercise is a favourite of pretty much efurryone one I have ever taught. The lap snuggle stretch is designed so that you simply reach out with your body and stretch and relax.

If you have no hooman around you can do the Sofa Stretch which can be done on any chair or even the floor (though that is a bit uncomfortable!) Just reach out with your front paws while pushing away with your back paws.

Exercise 2 – Paws Up & Eat

This is a very simple move designed to fit in at normal feeding time. You just need to stand before your food bowl with your paws a stomach width apart. Then place one paw on the edge of the food bowl and stretch forward to have a mouthful. Step down and chew mouthful.

Then repeat three times. As you improve you will be able to support your body enough to place both paws on the edge of the food bowl as Buddy demonstrated above.

If this seems like too much effort then you can tilt your head to the side of the bowl and eat noms between stretches, as demonstrated by Nutty on the right.

This is also great if you are hungry as it looks really pathetic and as though you are half starved, usually encouraging a hooman to fetch you something. (Works best if you have emptied the food bowl beforehand!)

Before long you will all be able to manage the Lotus Position just like I can!

So that is the Guru Nibbles Winter Warm-Up and Shape-Up exercise plan! If you would like to attempt any of these exercises get your hooman to take photographic evidence and either post it on your own blog or email it to me

That is all for now young grass hopper!

Guru Nibbles


Big Girls . . . You Are Bootiful!

So here is the first problem whee are going to answer and advise in our Piggy Problem Parlour!

Settle down. Pull up a chair! Recline on the chaise longe! Take a snack and taste our haycakes!

Our first problem is a mix of body issues and bullying. It is from Strawberry The Guinea Pig.

Ok I’ve always known I’m a bit on the large side, my old slaves fed me so much(TOOMUCH)lovely food..oh it makes my mouth water..all that lovely food..SNAP OUT OUT OF IT,STRAWBERRY…oops sorry but those strawberries…NO!..ok! Anyway the embarrassing thing is I’m so large I can’t get up the ramp without making such a noise that I scare all my friends and it’s soooo tiring so I stay at the bottom because by the time I get up there i have to plonk myself down and have a sleep. And they ALL LAUGH AT ME!!! How mean is that!!! Just thinking about it makes me sad!! I might need another carrot to cheer myself up!! Wheres slave!!!!! Slave!!! I want a carrot!!!

From Strawberry

Dear Strawberry,

Know-It-All Nibbles here. I have to say that your furfriends are being pretty mean laughing at you. I like a ladypig who enjoys her food and I definitly live with a Nutty who is fond of nomming. I’m called Nibbles afterall because I am always eating!

I think you will find that if you compare yourself to hoomans (particularly the noisy ones of a smaller variety) they make far more noise running up and down stairs. So you see, you are practicually underweight in comparisons to hoomans. (Don’t argue with my logic, it made more sense in my head !)

In fact I find myself dreaming of a VOLUPTOUS ladypig I have a bit of a crush on! Whee boars don’t like a skinny little thing that picks at her hay, whee like a veggie munching, cuddly, furry, lady of a pig! Whee like somefurry who appreciates her veggies for the heavenly noms they are.

If you are concerned about your weight then you might want to try running up and down the ramp a couple of times a day until you can do it without needing a nap. Ignore your cagemates or make a game of it. You could even play see-who-can-make-the-most- noise-on-the-ramp! It could be fun!

Whee might do a post with some exercise tips soon so watch out for those. And stop worrying! Why try to change who you are? I bet your hoomans like having more of you to cuddle!


ps. Please keep sending in your problems, whee have had some great ones so far!

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