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Good News, Bad News on The Scariest Day Ever

What was that?! . . . Chin Up! Don’t be scared!

Hi efurryone. You know when bad things happen they tell you to keep your chin up? Here I am doing just that. Last night, only hours after whee posted, something horribly terrifying and scary happened but whee will come to that later. Whee are still a bit shaken and need to build ourselves up to it.

First whee are going to play a little game with you that our Mummy calls ‘good news, bad news’.

Whee will start with something easy.

Good news . . . Whee are entered in two competitions whee would love for you to vote for us in. Bad news . . . It will take some of your time and one needs a facebook account.

The first is Doggy’s The Greatest Blog Contest of All Time is now in voting stages! To see the entries look here and to vote (preferably for us!) look here!

The other contest is with our local newspaper! Please vote Basil (ME!) as the cutest pet by clicking here and using your facebook account (if you have one). It would mean a lot!

Now to the horrible bit. Good news is . . . whee are alive and phsyically fine. Bad news is . . . Well it’s hard to know how to put it so I’ll just tell you the story from my point of view.

It was a little after midnight. The hoomans were in bed. Buddy was in a hay nest sleeping in a pigloo. I could hear Nibbles snoring. When all of a sudden there was a very loud dull boom that made the whole house shake. I dashed to Buddy side and whee both looked around frantically in the dark. It was then I saw it wasn’t fully dark. Orange light seeped under the curtains. I relaxed. Hoomans car machines have headlight that colour. There was a strange whoosh and pop noise like fireworks and I glanced at Buddy. This wasn’t normal. I heard noises upstairs and Mummy coming down them. (I always recognise my source of carrots footsteps!) She reached the bottom of the stairs and stepped toward the front door and whee could see her through the living room doorway (Whee live in the living room by the way!). All of a sudden she stumbled back and screamed something. A word whee recognised.


But whee know fire. It sits nicely in our fireplace and makes the house toasty on cold nights. Mummy dashed back up the stairs screaming at everyone to wake up. Then came running back down to us. She leaned over our cage to look out and whee saw the fire. Huge flames all over a hooman car machine outside. This fire wasn’t well behaved. It was greedily reaching for everything nearby. Hoomans were outside their hutches and really scared. Mummy and her Mummy, with the help of the little hoomans, lifted our cages and carried us into the quiet of the kitchen. Mummy was on her phone calling 999 to come and save us.

Efurryone was shaking and frightened. A loud siren split through the air and whee panicked and tried to hide again. But the hoomans seemed relieved by this extra noise.

Mummy explained that they were the fire brigade and they had come to put out that naughty fire that belong in a fireplace not a car. She said they think somebody did it on purpose. Whee don’t know why.

Our furmily had to spend a long time clearing up glass from all over the front of our house. Our neighbour Mrs Old-Lady was really frightened and our little hoomans needed lots of hugs before they were brave enough to go to bed tonight. It’s really mean of somefurry to do that. Whee are still a bit shaky as is Mummy. It was just really loud and bright. Why would anyfurry do this? Hoomans are strange and sometimes very stupid creatures.

Yours Nervously

Hey Hey Happy Pigoween!

So Mummy is feeling better and has been pouring over the entries to our Pigoween Potion Poem Contest with us and the little hoomans. (who you squeaked to in the last post!)

After much deliberation (and snack breaks and arguing!) whee have chosen a winner. This poem was written by Carmeline, Lola, Mina and Lily the piggies with a small amount of help from their hooman slave! Whee are pretty sure you will agree this fab potion poem is a very deserving winner!

Blade of grass and root of beet,
Top of carrot, corn so sweet,
Hurry up! We need a treat,
Fill our bowl with things to eat.

Nice fresh grass and dandelion,
Picked by hand with dew still on ’em,
Crunchy pepper, green or red,
Come on, fill the bowl, we said.

Nice lush grass so tasty and green,
The biggest tomato we’ve ever seen,
A piece of fresh apple, to share between four,
Quickly our slave, we still want some more.

Lots more grass and celery stem,
A sizeable piece of banana skin,
Fill the bowl slave, you know what to do,
Feed us with love, for we do so love you!

Well bootiful ladypigs, firstly congratulations! Secondly, if you could drop our Mummy an email with your hutch address and with pigtures of each of you attached as jpegs, whee have a prize bundle to make up and send to you!

Have a great Pigoween efurryone. Why not tell us in the comments what you have been up to?!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

PS. Whee will check efurryones blogs as soon as whee can!

PPS. Hope efurryone got through the Frankenstorm safely.

Cavies And Costumes!

So Mummy has agreed that this year I will get to dress up for Pigoween and she will let me scare the trick or treaters! In preparation (and inspired by a discussion with Sammy from one spoiled cat) I have created some mock ups of possible costume designs, themes and ideas!

If you guys could be the fabulous honest furfriends I know you are and comment which is your favourite (if you don’t like any then tell me that too!) then I would be really really grateful!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, don’t forget to send in pigtures of your costumes to for the Cavy Crypt Costumes Pet photo contest. Skip back to the post before last to see more details, particularly if you have no idea what I am on about!

Anyway be truthful guys! 😉


Cavy Crypt Photo Contest!

When the moon’s an orb,
Of glowing white,
In darkest depths,
Of the deadest night,
Something spooky,
This way comes,
Silently between,
These catacombes.
They call this place,
A Creepy Cavy Crypt,
Though there are rumors abound,
Residents remain tight-lipped!
Whee call on friends,
Of the blogosphere,
To join us there,
And feel no fear.
Wear your scariest,
Outfit and face,
And then you won’t,
Look out of place.
Send your pigture to us,
In jpeg form,
And before Pigoween,
A winner shall be born.

Yes, whee are pleased to announce our newest Spooktober ComPIGtition! The Cavy Crypt Pets Photo Contest! For this you need to send us a pigture of yourself (or your pet), in an outfit or with a scary enough face that you will blend in at a graveyard pawty! Any pet can enter; fish or furry, feathered or scaly!

The pigture must be a jpeg form when you email it to us with the title Cavy Crypt Contest and the name of you pet, creepified! If you are with a blog please include that there too!

You can use edits to decorate pigtures but you don’t have to. Only one entry per pet.

There will be one winner giving the title King or Queen of the Dead, with a court of three Lords or Ladies as runners up. The winner will get a special hand designed by us award as will the runners up.

Entries must be in by Friday 12th October with the winners being announced late on Saturday, or early Sunday.

Whee cannot wait to be terrified by you!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Special Spook-tober!

So October is upon us and that means PIGoween is coming! That is why this month whee are going to be having a spooky theme to some of our posts.  To kick it off whee are revealing a great pigture courtesy of two Molly/Mollie’s!

You can see more spooked pigtures in Molly The Wally’s Spooky Gallery or ask to be spooked yourself over at Miss Mollie’s, just comment ‘spook me’!

This month whee have spooky photo’s, competitions, and even spooky stories on the blog so this is going to be an exciting month! Whee invite you all to take part in our Spook-tober events. Everyone who takes part will get to use the special logo on the left as proof and winners will get themselves Special Spooky Logos and Awards!

Our first task for you to kick all this off is give us your most petrifying pigoween pet joke! There must be some of you terrible jokers out there! Give it your best shot and whee will reveal the winner and the winning joke in our next post!

Happy October Efurryone.

May it be short and spooky!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


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