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Be Impressed!

Whee demand that you are impressed. Mummy has finally taken the plunge and got us on facebook. (whee think, if whee are honest whee don’t know if it worked! Lol!)

Please ‘like’ or whatever you are supposed to do on there!

Finally! It only took her a bajillion years!

Finally! It only took her a bajillion years!

Have a great Saturday, whee get the feeling whee will be spending it trying to work out facebook!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Why Are Whee Waiting?!

imageWhy are whee always left waiting for veggies. This pigture was taken at 10:46 today. Mummy asked in that silly voice hoomans like to use:

“Heya Buddy Budkins! Are you waiting for something?!”

(I can’t help the ridiculous nickname she used, some hoomans just don’t respect that I have a reputation to protect!)

“Of course. My vegetables woman, where are they?!” I wheeked back loudly, climbing the bars.

“But it’s not 11 o’clock silly boy! Not veggie time yet!” she laughed.

“Does this face really look like it cares for your cruel time-telling devices lies about whether it’s stomach needs feeding?!” I wheeked back in outrage.

Clearly persuaded by my powers of argument (and the fact she needed to go out and do some food shopping soon) she fetched the vegetables with only a small amount of naughtiness in only giving us two veggies instead of our usual three. However whee forgive her because whee got to have the left over carrot tops and broccoli stalks from the hoomans dinner, whee always wheek in case they are cooking something that might have left overs for us! Yummy!

What’s your favourite snack? Do you have  a silly nickname your hooman thinks is cute? It can’t be worse than Buddy Budkin, Buddy Battenburg bottom (named so for the neat markings on my fur), Buddy McFabulous or Prince Buddy Buddington! (All real nicknames Mummy uses!)



Dragged Into 21st Century!

IMG_8178Well, whee have finally done it! Dragged our Mummy into the 21st Century kicking and screaming!

Yes, as whee have promised for months now, whee have finally set up a twitter account!

*celebration dance*

Whee know whee said whee would have a facebook too but whee didn’t want to push it with Mummy trying not to hyperventilate at the idea of hash tags!

It’s all too much, clearly!

If you are on twitter please follow us and whee will follow back if whee can work it out. Whee are already following some of you whee managed to find!

Find us @Hutch A Good Life

First the blog, then instagram and now twitter?! Just rename Mummy Gadget Girl!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


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