Throughly Relaxed Thursday

Sometimes, when it’s getting cold outside whee really enjoy taking advantage of the creature comforts of home. Like this furry bed I was relaxing in last night on Mummy’s lap when whee were watching SuperVet.


If you’re in the UK whee hope you caught Supervet on Channel 4. It was a furry emotional time and whee think Mummy shed a tear or too at the happy endings. Mummy told her Daddy that he was going to have to drive us to Surrey if whee ever needed an expert vet’s help because she wouldn’t trust anyone but the best with us and Fitzpatrick Referrals is the best!

Whee still love our nearby exotics vet (yes, guinea pigs are classed as exotics!) but if whee need a specialist for anything then Noel Fitzpatrick is our guy!

Don’t forget to have a nice relaxing Thursday like me!

Have a great day



ps. Whee hope you UK peoples will be catching Paul O’Grady For The Love of Dogs 8:30 till 9 on ITV tonight. It’s all about the work of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and there is the promise of puppies in tonight’s episode. Also as it’s National Feral Cat Day there is no better time to think about rescuing and helping animals :)

National Feral Cat Day 2014

Wordless Wednesday – Screen Addicts!


 We’re even in Mummy’s snapchats to her furfriends! #TakingOverTheWorld

Happy Wednesday


Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Climbing The Walls!

Today I’m climbing the walls. Why, you may ask. The answer is simple really. Mummy had a super cosy jumper and she put it just out of my reach when I wanted to snuggle and make a nest!


Mummy thinks whee are all going a little stir crazy being stuck inside so she is keeping fingers crossed the rain will stop long enough for us to play in the garden this wheek!

For now she is entertaining us with cardboard toys and new rooms in the house. Then in the evening whee snuggle in front of the telly with her. What is your favourite thing to snuggle in?

Happy Tuesday efurryone


Monday Moan-Day

It’s raining again here today and whee are not impressed. This time of year when the trees are changing colour and the leaves are falling is our hoomans favourite season. Usually whee like going out and having a bit of a play, enjoying the slightly chilly air and the sunshine while she takes pigtures of us and the garden. But this year, rain has stopped us repeatedly!

So instead whee are staying in the house and debating hibernating till the sun returns!

I’m going to sleep all day today, at least until the hooman gets home and whee can snuggle up on the sofa together and watching TV with them!


Sweet dreams efurryone and Happy Monday, lets get through this together!



Flashback Friday – Hasn’t He Grown!

Around a year ago whee gained a new addition to our family. A funny looking, fluffy little fella whee decided to call Noah

Here’s our favourite pigture from when whee first got him!


And here he is all grown up (and looking furry dapper if whee do say so ourselves!) . . .


Even though I’m older than him he is already bigger than me! I guess some piggies are just a little more piggy if you know what I mean oink

Do you have younger brothers or sisters who are bigger than you? How do you show them you’re still boss even if they’re bigger? ^_^

Happy Friday



Pat A Pet – Guinea Pigs Prescribed As Therapy!

It may not sound like news to those who follow this blog regularly but guinea pigs are great therapy.

The reason whee are discussing this now is thanks to a lovely story in The Guardian about Why GP’s are prescribing animal handling sessions for older people.

Barbara, 69, is moved to tears by Baxter the demure guinea pig snuffling in her lap. With her fingers in his fur, she tells the other nursing home residents how she misses her four dogs – Dobermans and Rotweilers. But stroking Baxter is a good substitute. “It feels nice,” she says. “I’m happy.”

At Hawthorn Green nursing home in Tower Hamlets, London, where most residents have dementia, 14 over-60s are petting animals and reminiscing, courtesy of community project Furry Tales. Based at nearby Stepney City Farm, Furry Tales offers therapeutic animal handling sessions to local care homes in the fight against social isolation in vulnerable older people.

The team – comprising two guinea pigs, rabbits Harvey and Splodge, a Pekin Bantam hen, volunteers and manager – has just won a £9,120 innovation bursary from Tower Hamlets clinical commissioning group to run a six-month pilot where GPs refer patients to the scheme.

Image from rikravado hubpages. Click image to go to page

This pilot scheme reminds us of the sadly passed away, world renowned guinea pig expert Peter Gurney (pictured right) and his work with Great Ormond Street Hospital. He took five of his guinea pigs in to spend time with the terminally ill children there.

You may or may not know but Mummy used to be quite unwell when she got her first two guinea pigs Nibbles and Nugget. She always says that without them she wouldn’t be half as confident as she is now. Taming them and gaining their trust was a great way for Mummy to take her mind off how ill she was and in some of her darkest times she had piggy cuddles to get her through them.

Of course this isn’t limited to just guinea pigs. Whee know of dogs and cats who are used as therapy animals and even live near a riding school for disabled children.

This is why whee are squeaking to Mummy about us getting involved in a scheme like this.

Me and Basil would be most likely to be part of it as whee are both furry confident and good at snuggling. Though Basil can be a little badly behaved sometimes he always knows when somefurry is ill and it more gentle.wpid-20140520_183537.jpg

Noah is far too naughty and Nacho is too shy so it is furry much about pigsonalities being matched to this.

Do you know of a scheme like this near you? If you’re involved in anything similar do you have any tips about how to get involved?

Have a great day efurryone



Snuggle Face Sunday

Sometimes whee love to snuggle up to Mummy’s face. Usually it helps us get our own way. Mummy was giving me a piggy pedicure when they took this pigture. I was begging for the claw clipping to stop!


What do your snuggles usually get you?

Have a snuggly Sunday


Smile for Sunshine

Someone said there would be sunshine today. It looks pretty grey at the moment but whee are keeping out paws firmly crossed. Mummy said that seeing the sunshine makes her smile so whee wondered if it would work the other way round . . .

If I smile will the sun come out?

Here’s my biggest, toofiest, happiest grin to test this!


Do you think it will work? What makes you smile? And how can I convince the sun to stop hiding from me?

Happy Monday efurryone


Snuggly Sunday – Meet Blue

Whee are pleased to introduce to you Blue!


Mummy just made friends with him in the garden after she spotted him at breakfast. Now she is posting this with him snuggling on her lap out there. Thanks to all our cat bloggy furfriends Mummy is much more confident and better at understanding cats!

As long as he remembers she is our snuggly Mummy and he’s only borrowing her whee are willing to accept him! Have a snuggly Sunday efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

Naughty Nibbling Nacho

Sometimes Mummy says I’m not the brightest button in the box and sometimes she says I’m downright silly. But in the next pigture she says I took it to a new level.

There’s Noah, enjoying a little spinach leaf over a bowl filled with carrot, celery, pepper and more spinach. I am the one at the back . . . Trying to eat the ceramic bowl . . .


I can’t tell you why I was eating the bowl. Mummy says she thought there might have been some juice from the foods on it or something. Technically whee have brush and chew mineral blocks to keep our teeth trim. And willow twigs to nibble on if whee want. So that must be the explanation!!

Whatever it was Mummy wanted to share it with you and humiliate me!

Have you ever been caught doing something furry silly?

Have a fabulous Friday


PS. There was some extremely upsetting news last night that a dog rescue in Manchester was burning. They arrested a 15 year old boy on suspicion of arson. Sadly 43 dogs are confirmed dead but 170 made it to safety thanks to the bravery of firefighters and two men who ran in and kicked down doors to get to the terrified animals. You can read more and donate to help them here. Our thoughts are with them.


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