Basil Birthday Bonanza

Basil: *wakes up and then gives an excited squeak seeing the calender* Morning guys! Do you know what today is?!

Buddy: *yawns* No, why? Is something happening?

Nutty: *yawns louder* Nope.

Nacho: Extra treats day?!

Basil: Oh (Did they all forget my birthday? I guess I’ll just take a nap. Maybe the hoomans will remember it)

Later on . . . 

Mummy: Morning, boys!

Basil: Wheeky wheek, morning Mummy!

Mummy: You look happy boys. I’ve got some things to do. Behave and I’ll chat to you later.

Basil: (They’ve forgotten too.  Oh dear, my very first birthday and everyone’s forgotten *sigh*)

Later still . . . 

Mummy: Baaaaaaasil?!

Basil: Wheek? Yes Mummy?

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!!!

Basil: Wow! You guys didn’t really forget! Thank you! Oooo some birthday cards from my furfriends, I’m so lucky!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Basil: Thank you efurryone. You sure know how to make a little man feel special! What’s this? A birthday cake?! Wowee. Thank you hoomans!

This is the best birthday ever! Thanks efurryone and enjoy the pawty. There’s cake suitable for all pets, veggies, green spaghetti grass and live music from the car stereo in the street . . . there are some very noisy builders next door today! Hehehe



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  1. Happy Birthday dear friend!! XOXO – Bacon

  2. What a GREAT pawty Basil and Boys! Thanks for inviting all of us to help you celebrate THE BIG NUMBER ONE Basil…….piggy hugs to all………


  3. “Happy Birthday to YOU….Happy Birthday to YOU…..Happy Birthday Dear BASIL….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOO YOOU!!!!!!*Speedy and Mummy warbles Birthday Song* Great Party Basil, Happy 1st Birthday Basil!xx Speedy and Mummy

  4. How sweet! It looks you it was a wonderful day. =)

  5. Wheeks to you Basil and noes rubs! Happy happy birthday! Pawsome pawty!….munch, munch

  6. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BASIL!! Wow that meal is fit for a KING!! Enjoy your special day! Barks and licks and love from Dakota and Cody

  7. Happy Birthday, little piggy friend!

  8. Happy first birthday, Basil!

  9. Happy Birthday Basil! I saw the little heart in your birthday-menu – how cute is this? I think I will try a carrot , maybe we need some orange confetti?

  10. Happy Birthday Basil – hope you didn’t think the rotters had forgotten! What an incredible feast they have provided 😀 Enjoy.

  11. Way to go Basil, what a super pawty and that food is fit for a king, just like you 🙂 xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. Happy birthday Basil!!
    What’s in your cake? It looks very nommy!!
    Poppy and Clover

  13. Hope you’re having a fabulous birthday Basil!

  14. Happy birthday my super special little friend! I’m sending you a big hug and a big kiss all the way from the northeastern USA! Love you! Enjoy your awesome plate of pawty treats! 🙂

  15. Sending you happy birthday wishes. I hope you got green beans-my fave.

  16. Happy birthday Basil for your friends down under. Love Nellie and Jasper.

  17. Happy Birthday to YOU!…Happy Bithday to YOU!….Happy Birthday Dear BASIL!….Happy Birthday TOOO YOU!*Speedy and mummy Warbles the birthday song!*xx Speedy and mummy

  18. Happy Birthday, Basil! Sorry I didn’t get a card out to you – we’ve had company in from out of town, and Motor Mommy has been furry busy.
    Love, Sundae

  19. Sammy told me you were having a birthday pawty. Happy Birthday Basil. Hope you get everything you want today.
    Sue B

  20. Happy Birthday Basil – So impressed with all your cards and the techno-savvy Mum who can put them in a slideshow!!

    • The little hoomans showed her how to do it. You just click insert gallery, pick the pigtures you want and then create gallery. Then one of the options there is slideshow. They do look good though! Thank you for the card!


  21. Happy Birthday sweet Basi!l Looks like you had a great party. That’s some mighty yummy looking food. Hugs and nose kisses

  22. Happy birthday Basil! You must be very special to get such a special birthday cake. Thanks for sharing your noms with us (we really like our carrots).
    p.s. That was a funny surprise : )

  23. Happy birthday Basil!!!! wow what a feast for piggies and all species!! what a spoilt little man you indeed…and all those wonderful cards….goodness me you are a popular wee man for sure!
    All the thumbless wonders here had a ball at your pawty.and sorry that the sheepies took soooo much hay 😉
    Have a great day love from Fozziemum and the gang at ourpawpad 🙂 🙂 xxxxx

    • Yay! Thank you for the card and for coming to my pawty!


      • Was so good Basil that Oscar the sheep got lost on his way home and I found him outside his paddock!! naughty boy he he is grounded until he behaves now..heheheh
        Thanks for the great pawty and Nom noms 🙂
        Big hugs Fozziemum and gang xxxx

  24. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Hope you’re havin’ a great day that that your second year is even better than your first!


  25. Happy birthday, Basil! Love from Solo and Krissy xxx

  26. Aw Happy Birthday Basil! Looks like the surprise was a success! And your birthday cake looks delicious!

  27. Happy Birthday fiesty boy! Glad you got to enjoy your special day (friends always make birthdays more special). The Wigglewhiskers clan sends their regards. As all six of my pigs are named for characters in Jane Austen’s Persuasion, and as you are British piggies, they think that a Regecy Ball with Poppy and Clover might have made the day more fun (they were already dressing up today, why not?).

  28. HaPpY (belated) BiRtHdAy BaSiL!!!! We’re SO sorry we’re late butt better late than never!!

  29. Happy belated 1st birthday Basil!! You sure celebrated in style!!! Hope your day was as special as you are little fellow…
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.

  30. Trudy Bledsoe

    Happy Belated Happy Birthday to Basil!! Hope your day was wonderful & your tummy was full!!

  31. AWWWWWW happy late burthday but cute pictuuuures. A meal fit for kings!!! 🙂

  32. Happy, happy birthday little cutie! We’re going to have a belated treat in your honor! The pictures are absolutely adorable, and we love the background on your blog too!

  33. Happy Belated Birthday, Basil! What a great pawty you had. Love your beautiful cards 🙂

  34. I love this! So fun. And the written “sound effects” bring me back to when we had a piggie. Adorable post. Thanks for spreading the fun around.

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