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(Sort of) Wordless Wednesday – Secret Birthday Surprise!

Shhhhh keep this under your hats furfriends, but tomorrow, Nacho turns 2! (Here he is in an adorable pigture when he was a baby!!)


Whee are going to surprise him and would love if you could come join us!

And remember, don’t squeak a word to Nacho!

Noah, Buddy & Basil


The Votes Are In!

Thank you so much efurryone for making my Birthday so special yesterday! Now you may remember, to celebrate whee decided to make a special parcel donation to a rescue in honour of the three years I’ve lived. Whee asked for our furfriends to dress up as Pirates and Princesses so whee could have a contest!

Here’s a reminder of the great entries!

Now it was a close thing but whee have a winner!

Sailor Pirate Sage!

Sailor Pirate Sage

Sailor Pirate Sage

Thank you so much efurryone for making my Birthday special. Whee are going to ask the lovely Sage from Savannah’s Paw Tracks to pick a UK rescue for us to send a Birthday bundle to share amongst the animals less fortunate than us.

Happy Monday efurryone



Happy Birthday Daddy Hooman

To Mummy’s Daddy,

So wait? You're how old?!!

So wait? You’re how old?!!

Whee don’t always see eye to eye,

You don’t like the mess whee make,

You don’t like that whee poop everywhere,

And try to jump in the birthday cake.

You think whee take up too much room,

You think whee squeak too loud,

And when whee are good for five seconds,

It makes our Mummy proud.

Yes, though whee are not the closest friends,

Let’s put that out of the way,

Because whee want to give you lots of hugs,

To say Happy Birthday!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


ps. It was Basil that ate part of the South East off the map last year, sorry about that!

Basil Birthday Bonanza

Basil: *wakes up and then gives an excited squeak seeing the calender* Morning guys! Do you know what today is?!

Buddy: *yawns* No, why? Is something happening?

Nutty: *yawns louder* Nope.

Nacho: Extra treats day?!

Basil: Oh (Did they all forget my birthday? I guess I’ll just take a nap. Maybe the hoomans will remember it)

Later on . . . 

Mummy: Morning, boys!

Basil: Wheeky wheek, morning Mummy!

Mummy: You look happy boys. I’ve got some things to do. Behave and I’ll chat to you later.

Basil: (They’ve forgotten too.  Oh dear, my very first birthday and everyone’s forgotten *sigh*)

Later still . . . 

Mummy: Baaaaaaasil?!

Basil: Wheek? Yes Mummy?

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!!!

Basil: Wow! You guys didn’t really forget! Thank you! Oooo some birthday cards from my furfriends, I’m so lucky!

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Basil: Thank you efurryone. You sure know how to make a little man feel special! What’s this? A birthday cake?! Wowee. Thank you hoomans!

This is the best birthday ever! Thanks efurryone and enjoy the pawty. There’s cake suitable for all pets, veggies, green spaghetti grass and live music from the car stereo in the street . . . there are some very noisy builders next door today! Hehehe




Efurryone shouts together: Happy Birthday Buddy!

Buddy: Aww thanks efurryone.

Efurryone: Whee have a surprise cake contest for you to judge! Our fab furfriends have made you birthday cakes!

Buddy: Woweee. There are so many to choose from! Thanks efurryone. Hmmmmm. If I really had to chose there is one that stands out . . .

Thank you Easy Rider!

It has my name on it and everything! Now I’m sure you all want to see the cake I actually got to eat! My Mummy made it!

The Cake

           Me eating my nommy cake!

Basil seems to think I need some help . . . Oh well I suppose it is my birthday.

That’s the last time I let Basil try anything! He trampled through it in his excitment and squished most of it!

Being the ever so nice piggy I am I let Nibbles have a slice!

Even Nutty gets to chow down on the action!

Thanks efurryone for making this such a great day. I can’t believe I am already one year old. But does Mummy not realise what’s coming next?! That’s right! The terrible TWO’S! Eeek!

Piggy kisses efurryone



Buddy’s Birthday Bake Off!

Psst. Hey furfriends! Come closer . . .
Closer . . .
Closer . . .

Too close! Jeez haven’t you guys heard of personal space! Anyway, after the sadness of yesterdays post whee have a secret super special awesome surprise to share with you! On the 7th November it will be Buddy 1st birthday! Exciting, isn’t it?! Well whee wanted a special surprise for him which is why whee are – very quietly – launching our Buddy Birthday Bake-Off Competition!

Whee would like to ask you to either bake a cake and send us the pigture of you with it or make one using the computernabob! The winning cake will feature in Buddy birthday pawty so please get entries in before midday (UK time) on the 7th November. Yes, it’s short notice but pressure will only make you bake better! Forget the saying to many cooks spoiled the broth. You cannot have to many cooks when it comes to cake making!

Alternatively you could send us a pigture of you with a dish or speciality of yours which you have brought to the pawty. (Well you cannot turn up empty pawed!)

Just send your pigtures attached as jpegs on an email to and give your email the title ‘Buddy’s Surprise’. If you have a blog don’t forget to mention it and include all the pets pigtured names too.

Good luck efurryone. And remember, not a word to Buddy!

Super Sneaky Party Planners
Nibbles, Nutty & Basil

Vintage Piggy; A Furry Special Birthday!

Firstly, please keep sending your Basil’s Bedtime Story Competition entries in. The ones whee have recieved so far are just brilliant! (If you have no idea what whee are on about just skip back a post!)

Anyway, onto the important news! Today, 12th September, was a very very special day. Why?! I hear you cry. Well because today was my sixth birthday! I’m now an elderly gentlepig!

My birthday presents included a bag of dried alfafa bales which are my favourite. Carrot, kale and cucumber as midday veggies (again my favs!) Some willow twigs and a new water bottle. Pretty good selection of ‘swag’ if I do say so myself.

I have had such a great day. Here is a little poem immortalising six special years with my hoomans!

When I was one,
I had only just begun,
When I was two,
Mischief was all I’d do.
When I was three,
I lost Nugget and found Nutty.
When I was four,
I had not changed much more.
When I was five,
I thought I wanted a wife.
Now that I’m six,
I notice how fast life’s-clock ticks!

So please everyone, celebrate my great birthday with me!


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