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(Sort of) Wordless Wednesday – Secret Birthday Surprise!

Shhhhh keep this under your hats furfriends, but tomorrow, Nacho turns 2! (Here he is in an adorable pigture when he was a baby!!)


Whee are going to surprise him and would love if you could come join us!

And remember, don’t squeak a word to Nacho!

Noah, Buddy & Basil


Happy 3rd Birthday Buddy!!

Buddy: *bouncing* Morning Basil! Guess what today is?!!!

Basil: *yawns* Clean out day? *falls back asleep*

Buddy: Oh. Never mind. Noah? Noah? Guess what today is!?!

Noah: The day Mummy remembers to come and feed us before doing anything the moment she gets up? *grumbles*

Buddy: Nacho, do you know what today is?

Nacho: Pigture day? *cleans whiskers*

Buddy: *sigh* I think efurryone has forgotten my birthday 😦

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!

Buddy: Oh wow, thank you so much. Are you all here for my birthday. I love all your costumes. Let me change so I can match!

Captain Buddlington

Captain Buddlington

So my family/crew are all ship shape and ready to rescue some princesses?

And who this? Here to pawty and win some prizes for their pick of a rescue to celebrate my Birthday? It’s our Blogosphere furfriends!!

Thank you so much efurryone for coming along to celebrate my birthday ^_^

Whee hope you will all stick around and enjoy the refreshments. If you have a moment, please vote for your favourite costume. The winner will get to pick a rescue for us to make a donation or send something to, to celebrate my three years in a furever home which some furries sadly don’t have. To vote, simply comment the name of your favourite below.

What’s this here? A gift? For me? From our lovely furfriends over at Vintage Guinea!! Oh gosh, it’s a drawing of my handsome self! They have captured me perfectly don’t you think? Thank you so much guys, whee have such talented furfriends. If you haven’t checked out Vintage Guinea whee really recommend you do, they are super lovely!!


Have a super Sunday efurryone. I know I already have!


Psst Secret Pawty Plans!

Heya furfriends!

Whee have a super secret exciting bit of news to share with you. Sunday 9th November is Buddy’s 3rd Birthday.


There is going to a big surprise pawty just for him so whee want to invite you all along! The theme is fancy dress “pirates and princesses”! Whee know it’s pretty short notice but whee would love it if you could all come along and send a pigture of yourself dressed up to with the email subject “Buddy’s Birthday”

Whee will hold a vote for the best costume and the winner will get to pick a rescue (UK based rescue) for us to send a gift to some of the less fortunate animals there who are waiting for their furever homes in honour of Buddy’s Birthday instead of buying him a big present this year. Whee think that’s really generous of Buddy to give up his gift, even if he doesn’t know he is doing so yet!

Whee hope you will all come along, even if you don’t dress up and celebrate this special day with us ^_^

Nacho, Noah & Basil


Happy 2nd Birthday To Me!

Happy Saturday efurryone! Today is of course a furry special day. It should be considered a national holiday really.

It’s my Birthday!


Thank you Easy for the adorable card!

And my card from Basil

To celebrate this special day whee would like you all to enjoy my pawty.

There’s carrots, and green beans, and grass, and hay and fish for the kitties and bones for the doggies.


So dance like there is a prize at the end of it and have the bestest ever Saturday. Pawty hard furfriends!


Basil Birthday Bonanza

Basil: *wakes up and then gives an excited squeak seeing the calender* Morning guys! Do you know what today is?!

Buddy: *yawns* No, why? Is something happening?

Nutty: *yawns louder* Nope.

Nacho: Extra treats day?!

Basil: Oh (Did they all forget my birthday? I guess I’ll just take a nap. Maybe the hoomans will remember it)

Later on . . . 

Mummy: Morning, boys!

Basil: Wheeky wheek, morning Mummy!

Mummy: You look happy boys. I’ve got some things to do. Behave and I’ll chat to you later.

Basil: (They’ve forgotten too.  Oh dear, my very first birthday and everyone’s forgotten *sigh*)

Later still . . . 

Mummy: Baaaaaaasil?!

Basil: Wheek? Yes Mummy?

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!!!

Basil: Wow! You guys didn’t really forget! Thank you! Oooo some birthday cards from my furfriends, I’m so lucky!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Basil: Thank you efurryone. You sure know how to make a little man feel special! What’s this? A birthday cake?! Wowee. Thank you hoomans!

This is the best birthday ever! Thanks efurryone and enjoy the pawty. There’s cake suitable for all pets, veggies, green spaghetti grass and live music from the car stereo in the street . . . there are some very noisy builders next door today! Hehehe



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