Too Hot To Handle!

Well whee are feeling hot hot hot here. Mummy complains every day that she might melt from the heat and has completely burnt her shoulders. Whee, on the otherhand, spend only short amounts of time in the garden first thing in the morning or very late at night, just before it gets dark.

I was getting so hot in my tent today that I decided to hide under it. It didn’t work, I was still too hot and didn’t get to cuddle up to my ice pad! Me and Buddy are particularly stroppy in this weather which is completely at odds with the domestic bliss between Nutty and Nacho!

Here are some pigtures of me hiding, I do look rather grumpy don’t I!

Are you enjoying the nice weather? Or are you hiding under you’re tent too!

Also, whee are looking for ideas of things to write about, more educational posts like our one about heat stroke. If you have any ideas of important topics whee could cover, please let us know!

Have a top notch Tuesday!



ps. whee have to recommend that piggy owners in particular check out this post about the danger of having a broken water bottle over at BunnyZenMode so they can see the importance of regularly weighing their piggies and and making sure they are able to eat and drink. Piggies go down hill very fast, particularly in hot weather. The post proves that being attentive and knowing your piggies can save their lives

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  1. we are super hot here in michigan too. in the 90s and super humid

  2. Oh you do look a little Grumpy pants indeed..i don’t blame you the summer you are having sounds yukky!!! I dread our summer ..hope it won’t be like the last one…prefer winter really 🙂
    Have a great day Basil and keep cool!!!
    Big hugs to you Fozziemumxxx

  3. No sympathy from Arizona.

  4. No sympathy from Southern California either. I went on a long journey — four buses out, four buses back, ten hours total — to have a cup of tea by the sea and see an ocean sunset yesterday 35-40°F cooler). Today went with my baby niece and my mother to a nice air conditioned mall. My pigs are inside in the A/C in the dark most of the day. No fun tents or ice here.

    • Wow. sending cool cuddles to yous. Whee hate hot weather and whee are so glad its not as bad as some places but whee have been told it will get worse over the next few days and one of the little hoomans is off on a three day hiking expedition so whee know Mummy is worried about how he will manage the heat. Please send us your top tips to surviving the heat!


    • It’s all about location or air conditioning. In some places the snow and bad weather of winter gives cabin fever, but in the southwestern U.S. it’s the heat of summer. The worst part is all the kids who can’t go out to play. We stay indoors and sleep as much as we can during the day and stay up at night. Unless you’re Benwick, who is currently being busy running laps. With air conditioning it’s okay with the blinds shut. Not much sunlight for us in the hot months.

  5. I would like to know how you introduce a new piggy to other piggies.. since nacho is new that would be a great example. Also I would love to know little known facts about piggys. And how to get good piggy pictures.

    • Good piggy pictures = patience. In 23 years, there are MANY more empty frames and blurs — it’s kind of like how you have to take 50 shots to get the perfect smiling picture of a baby. It can help to have them occupied with hay or a toy or worn out from playing though.

      • It’s all bribery! Bribery and time. I can take twenty pigtures in the garden and have two that aren’t blurred, without a piggy in them, or capturing the right end of the pig! (I have so many bottom pigtures its silly!)


      • Exactly. I have one series of mama and four daughters that was a LOT of waiting!!!

    • Whee will do a detailed post on how Mummy does bondings. She has done it three times so far with her own piggies, all successful and twice with friends piggies, also successful!

      As for piggy pigtures that is going to be a short post! It just involves bribery . . . and lots of it!


  6. Boiled or baked Basil – NO NO NO! Cool, calm and collected Basil – YES YES YES! It’s super hot here too Basil – in the mid 90s so the only way to stay cool is be indoors which is what I’m doing. You should consider cuddling up to that ice pad of yours because I’m guessing UNDER the tent isn’t much relief on a super hot day. Stay cool Basil…..

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  7. I think any living creature can have serious issues fast in a lot of heat…we are having the same hot and humid weather here. Yuck!

  8. 110 in here, we would have roasted pig if you were here lol

    • Oh no! That sounds horrible. Mummy has borrowed fans from a friend and whee have them set up round our cages to keep us cool. Of course this means the hoomans are stuck in the heat without fans but whee come first! Hehehe


  9. Thank you for recommending my blog post. I hope as many people as possible read the post. To think that Squeaks almost died is almost too much for me to handle. Piggies can go downhill so incredibly fast and that’s why it’s so important to remain vigilant at all times. I hope Squeak’s experience saves another pig’s life. Thanks again.

  10. We have a heat wave too – we all hang around. Stay cool in your tent :o)

  11. Hello sweet G-Pigs: We are having a major heat wave here in central/east Canada & are staying inside!!! There is no way we will venture out with Nylablue unwell & I don’t breathe well in high humidity…..nice & cool in our flat so you could say it is one giant tent 😉
    Your friends in HOT Canada, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

    • Wow, it does sound tropical where you are! Whee just don’t like hot weather! A few days is enough. Whee just want a bit of a breeze or something!


      • It FEELS tropical G-piggies!! It is 87.8 F here with a Humidex of 41 Celsius which means 105.8 F…which means VERY VERY hot!!! Neither of us likes humid weather either…I am missing our North winds ALOT!!! All 3 fans are going & it is all right!! We are told the weather will break by Friday nite….UGH!!!
        Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

  12. I’m melting here too! I’ve spent all day in front of the fan, I barely even noticed when it was dinnertime!

  13. Awwww somtimes weather just gets too hot doesn’t it. >_< I've been sleeping in the living room because the bedroom is ridiculous! Just found some new cool shows to watch too but there's no piggy tv is there D:

    • Whee live in the room with the tv in so whee watch plenty of tv with the hoomans. In this hot weather they have been lying down in here watching tv because they let us have all the fans so whee don’t get too hot!


  14. Mummy uses a fan and puts Ice in my water bowl for extra cold water to drink,xx Speedy

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