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Settling In Sunday

So whee are finally settling into our new Hutch and loving it! Here is me enjoying the sunshine 🙂


Whee will hopefully find a new normal soon and get a posting routine running once again!

Happy Sunday efurryone



Too Hot To Handle!

Well whee are feeling hot hot hot here. Mummy complains every day that she might melt from the heat and has completely burnt her shoulders. Whee, on the otherhand, spend only short amounts of time in the garden first thing in the morning or very late at night, just before it gets dark.

I was getting so hot in my tent today that I decided to hide under it. It didn’t work, I was still too hot and didn’t get to cuddle up to my ice pad! Me and Buddy are particularly stroppy in this weather which is completely at odds with the domestic bliss between Nutty and Nacho!

Here are some pigtures of me hiding, I do look rather grumpy don’t I!

Are you enjoying the nice weather? Or are you hiding under you’re tent too!

Also, whee are looking for ideas of things to write about, more educational posts like our one about heat stroke. If you have any ideas of important topics whee could cover, please let us know!

Have a top notch Tuesday!



ps. whee have to recommend that piggy owners in particular check out this post about the danger of having a broken water bottle over at BunnyZenMode so they can see the importance of regularly weighing their piggies and and making sure they are able to eat and drink. Piggies go down hill very fast, particularly in hot weather. The post proves that being attentive and knowing your piggies can save their lives

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