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Smile It’s Saturday


Have a great Saturday efurryone!



ps. An old video with our favourite song ever! I’m not in it but our bootiful Nibbles (RIP) is. Enjoy the smiles

Confessions of Cavy Criminals!

Today whee have been naughtier than usual. So whee are in the ‘dog-house’ as it were. Currently watching the hoomans fussing and cuddling Nutty and Nacho and feeling a tiny bit jealous.

Whee feel that whee must confess our naughtiness to get the hoomans to forgive us so here goes.

Bad Boy Basil

IMG_4605 My naughtiness was from early this morning when whee were allowed out in the garden, before it got to hot outside. Mummy was keeping a careful eye on us as it was already quite hot. But obviously not careful enough because one minute I was sitting there in my tent looking angelically up at her and the next time she looked I was the wrong side of the run nomming on a particularly tasty patch of grass!

She made a high pitched very piggy like squeak which I managed to translate into “OMG!” and dropped to her knees and crawled commando style towards me cooing and reaching slowly.

Completely cool with this development I let her grab me where she cuddled me close muttering what a bad boy I was. It took her less than a minute to find the small gap I had dug out and squeezed under the run. Considering how chubby I am getting she was impressed I had managed to fit.

She borrowed a plank of wood to block up the gap and checked carefully for anymore before flopping onto the garden bench with a huff. She is not as impressed by my Houdini antics in the garden as she was inside when I broke out of my cage! Sorry Mummy!

Bit Bratty Buddy

IMG_4602My naughtiness tracks back to yesterday but Mummy only admitted it to her Dad (who is even less impressed than her!) today. The hoomans have been enjoying the sunny weather and discussing where they would go on holiday this year. I do not like the hoomans going away. Even though I get the bestest love and care from our holiday hoomans I miss my Mummy a lot.

So you see my crime has the best of motivations!

They had maps and brochures everywhere so when I had my floor time I crept up to one and within seconds I managed to tear off most of the South Coast! Try going on holiday now hoomans! I mean, I am very sorry Mummy.

Whee know Mummy will forgive us but whee can’t help being a little naughty sometimes!

Yours, the currently in disgrace

Buddy & Basil


Tired Out Tuesday!

Well yesterday the weather wasn’t too bad, a little bit windy but nothing whee can’t handle! So whee spent most of it in the garden and today whee are tired right out! Just look at me, in my highly attractive and comfortable looking sleeping pose:

IMG_0275Just to give you a glimpse of the funs whee had, the little hoomans and Mummy filmed us playing out there. My favourite part is the end bit with Nacho popcorning in the tent! The green spaghetti is very disappointing at the moment, all dried out thanks to the sunshine and our munching so Mummy let us eat our vegetables out there to cheer us up. Yes, whee piggies had a PIGnic! I can tell you is super jealous!

Did you have a fun time in the sunshine? Are you tired out today? Do you like my sleeping position (provocative but not showing to much ^_^)?!

Have a terrific Tuesday



ps. in the video the observant of you will notice Nacho closing his right eye a little. He has seen the vet and is having eyedrops (which he is very brave about) to make this better.

Quicky News

Well whee have been melting in this hot weather but whee have to pop back here to say:

Happy Blogaversary to Mollie & Alfie, don’t forget to pop over to theirs this Tuesday to enjoy a pawty to end all pawties!


The second little bit of news in case you didn’t know is our furfriend Nylablue hasn’t been feeling very well. Whee are sending healing huggles to her and cuddles of comfort to her hooman. Paws crossed she gets well soon.


Whee have a couple of interesting posts planned for this wheek if whee can gets the hoomans to do anything in this hot weather! Can’t get the cavy slaves these days!

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


Wordless Wednesday – Safe From The Sun

It is too hot outside today so whee are staying indoors. My favourite spot is on the plastic hidey, which is cool and lovely to lie on!


Where’s your favourite place to relax when its sunny?



Too Hot To Handle!

Well whee are feeling hot hot hot here. Mummy complains every day that she might melt from the heat and has completely burnt her shoulders. Whee, on the otherhand, spend only short amounts of time in the garden first thing in the morning or very late at night, just before it gets dark.

I was getting so hot in my tent today that I decided to hide under it. It didn’t work, I was still too hot and didn’t get to cuddle up to my ice pad! Me and Buddy are particularly stroppy in this weather which is completely at odds with the domestic bliss between Nutty and Nacho!

Here are some pigtures of me hiding, I do look rather grumpy don’t I!

Are you enjoying the nice weather? Or are you hiding under you’re tent too!

Also, whee are looking for ideas of things to write about, more educational posts like our one about heat stroke. If you have any ideas of important topics whee could cover, please let us know!

Have a top notch Tuesday!



ps. whee have to recommend that piggy owners in particular check out this post about the danger of having a broken water bottle over at BunnyZenMode so they can see the importance of regularly weighing their piggies and and making sure they are able to eat and drink. Piggies go down hill very fast, particularly in hot weather. The post proves that being attentive and knowing your piggies can save their lives

Getting To Know You – A First Date Story

Well, if you follow us on twitter you will have seen the very exciting tweet whee gave earlier today. Nutty has a new little furfriend. The lucky fella is eight wheek old Nacho so please give him a big blogosphere welcome!


Whee were very nervous during their first meet up as they had to work out who was boss and Nacho is no push over. This little guy has a BIG personality. Now whee couldn’t keep this first date all to ourselves so Mummy filmed it for us to share with you and whee made a little video for you to enjoy!


Making himself at home!

Nutty is already a lot happier and eating and drinking for himself! As his weight is still down, Mummy is going to keep feeding him till he gets his strength up but the improvement is incredible. If anyone is in any doubt over whether or not their single piggy needs a friend they need to see this. Nutty is a new piggy! Nacho will never replace Nibbles but he has a big personality and is worming his way into efurryones hearts.

Hope you are all having a great wheekend, whee certainly are.

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Things . . .

Well whee have been sent an award by the lovely Madmoiselle Misaki. Big huggles and thank you to you!


The My Favourite Things Award is simple. Link back to the person (or furfriend) who gave you the award. Thank you Miss Misaki! Then whee need to tell you our six favourite things.

Hmmmm . . . Our six favorite things are:

  1. Fruit and vegetables snack time!
  2. Nommy herb treats
  3. Food in general, especially big piles of hay to bounce around in!
  4. Snuggles with the little hoomans
  5. Snuggles with Mummy
  6. And playing in the garden!
Hay is the answer to everything! (This is one of Mummy's favourite pigtures of last year, just look at the expression on that face!)

Hay is the answer to everything! (This is one of Mummy’s favourite pigtures of last year, just look at the expression on that face!)

Who should whee pass this on to? Well whee want to give it to Easy, for always making us laugh on those sad days and also to Savannah (and the Lovely Leo!) who is getting braver every day and being a great foster sister!

Have a fab friday efurryone

Nutty, Buddy & Basil


ps. A little thing to make you smile, this song always cheers us up

Wordless Wednesday – Time In The Tent

Staying safe from the sun inside my lovely tent!



Sunshine? Fun Time!

~ After a storm, the sun will shine ~


After the sadness of the last week whee have been wanting to share some good news and today it was hot a sunny so whee spent it in the garden with the hoomans. Nutty is still very sad so whee didn’t take any pigtures of him but I had lots of fun being cheeky and playing games in the hoomans, Mummy’s hat! She was cuddling me when I pulled it off her head and climbed in. I think it really is my colour!

How are you enjoying the sun? Are you using hats to stay cool or something else.

For tips on how to keep piggies cool in hot weather check this out.



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