Cavies And Costumes!

So Mummy has agreed that this year I will get to dress up for Pigoween and she will let me scare the trick or treaters! In preparation (and inspired by a discussion with Sammy from one spoiled cat) I have created some mock ups of possible costume designs, themes and ideas!

If you guys could be the fabulous honest furfriends I know you are and comment which is your favourite (if you don’t like any then tell me that too!) then I would be really really grateful!

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Also, don’t forget to send in pigtures of your costumes to for the Cavy Crypt Costumes Pet photo contest. Skip back to the post before last to see more details, particularly if you have no idea what I am on about!

Anyway be truthful guys! 😉


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  1. I am afraid of all the costumes except the pumpkin and the rat. They’re all cute as anything, but scary for me. Let’s face it – I’m more Cute than Crypt!

    Love and cuteness,

  2. I like the first one and the goblin costume the most.uh uh i gotta get my piggies some costumes too.

    • Mummy is either going to buy some small doggy ones and adapt them or make some out of socks. Unless she is really busy in which case whee with just photoshop scare people!


  3. I love the witch outfit!! The hat is super cute! 😀 I mean the hat is super spooky! ^.^ xxxxxxxx

    • You sound absolutely terrified by the spooky hat! 😉

      Okay so I’m too cute to be scary in some outfits. This will be harder than I first thought.


  4. Love the outfits – you look very fierce. Perhaps I need a Piggie bodyguard for when I am anxious.

    • Whee will get Basil to guard you seeing as you like each other so well! Whee haven’t forgotten! 😉


  5. You look terrific on each picture!

  6. Oh I purrfer the Pumpkin Nutty!
    Love, Sundae

  7. We like the goblin one.
    Bella and DiDi

  8. We like them all but perhaps the pumpkin one would be hard to walk about in? The devil is jolly scary!

  9. I like the pumpkin one Nutty but they’re ALL fabulous! Your costume designer is quite talented! 😀

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  10. You look very cute as the rat, but I’d go for the devil one 🙂

  11. They are all fab, but I likes the Devil one best..Heeeeaww xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  12. I like the pumpkin nutty, a costume and a snack in one – thats great

    • hutchagoodlife


      It may disappear slowly through the day! I’ll be in my birthday suit by the end of the night.


  13. Oh my goodness – pigoween! I love that! Mommy says I can dress up this year too. Last year, I wore angel wings and went with the saying, “When pigs fly”. Some people got it – some people didn’t. I’m not sure yet what I’m doing this year. Daddy saw a little devil outfit at the store and wants mommy to get it for me. Rolls eyes – that’s so daddy. Mommy is the more creative one. We’re still thinking of ideas as well. Good luck with yours my friends – XOXOX Bacon

    • hutchagoodlife

      Whee cannot wait to see your bootiful costume! Do you have any other ideas?! Pigoween is great!


      • Mom’s been pondering a lot…. she’s also been trying clothes on me a lot. I’m not sure what we’ve decided yet. I will definitely keep you posted!

  14. Pigoween? lol! Good one…Rat’s pretty scary with teeth like that! But I think goblins nutty is my favourite for scariness…tremble … shiver…shake 😉 I also particularly like the witchy one but they’re all great and it’s hard to have an overall fave!

    • hutchagoodlife

      Glad you like them! I would probably eat the pumpkin costume and end up naked! Worse if I had huge ratties teethies! 🙂


      • europasicewolf

        Nutty that would be a terrible combination! Huge ratties teethies and a pumpkin costume…hobgoblin wolfies! A naked Nutty! What a sight for sore eyes! lol 😉

  15. The one with the red horns!!

  16. The witch one was very endearing but I’m most scared by the devil looking one. Oh my!

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