Guinea Pigs Eat Anything!

Basil Behaving Badly!

Us piggies are . . . well . . . Complete pigs! Whee eat anything. So today Mummy wrote a poem called “Guinea Pigs Eat Anything”, inspired by this post on a kitty blog whee love!

Also, the pigture of Basil eating the little hooman’s dressing gown is just one of the entries from us to Mollie’s Naughty Pet Competition.

Feel free to hop over there and vote for your favourite (It had better be us if you prefer your clothes without holes! Lol! Whee are kidding. Whee prefer shoes anyway!)

Anywho, whee hope you enjoy the poem furfriends! Hope you had a great day!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Guinea Pigs Eat Anything – by Amy Williamson

Guinea pigs will eat anything,
A carrot destined for the bin,
A sequin off your favourite dress,
A pile of shredded paper mess,
A zip, a toggle, your back door keys,
The frayed hole in your trouser knees.
A toe, an ear, even your hair,
It’s all food to them, and they don’t care,
If you yelp or squeal, cry or shout,
They’ll wonder what all the fuss is about,
And then turn to eat something new,
And there’s nothing you can do.
Yes a guinea pig will eat anything,
Even their Mummy’s jewellery bling!

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Tales and adventures from the hutches of British blogging guinea pigs!

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  1. They eat your toes?! O_O

  2. My guinea pigs used to like to hide behind the entertainment center and chew on the electrical cords. My mom used to say that they had a death wish!

  3. Great Poem..Wez got someink coming up weal soon, that’z right up your piggletts..bol xx00xx

  4. they sound like mini versions of me. BOL. Barks and licks and love, Dakota-the-cell-phone-eater

  5. Anything huh? Wow…..I’m just the opposite from you boys – I am a fairly picky eater. But I’m willing to sniff anything and maybe have ONE bite of lots of things too (like bacon and butter). My Mom and I both really liked your Mummy’s poem – sounds like very few things are impossible for you to snack on that’s for sure!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

    • None of us are fussy. Whee sometimes don’t eat all of the banana or strawberries Mummy gives us because whee aren’t too keen on sweet things but whee wouldn’t say no!

      Glad you like the poem! 😉


  6. Awww. What a cute poem! My kitties eat dust bunnies sometimes, but I think maybe they are just trying to help me clean.

  7. Wonderful poem!!! Think piggies are related with me :o) btw: nothing against a hole in trousers – I like ripped pants :o)))

  8. These piggies are sooooo cute. But I think I’d EAT THEM if they were at my house!!

  9. That is very creative!! 😀

  10. Brilliant poem, although I thought you might surprise us with a “belly button ring” at the end 😀
    PS – you’ve been officially invited to Meandering Mollies party – pop over and check out your invite. I hope you guys can make it!

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