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Nutty’s Guide To Bringing Up A Naughty Piggy!

You probably all know that Nacho, my new cage mate is furry young. Between 9 and 10 wheeks old in fact! Well like most babies he is causing a lot of trouble and it’s up to me to keep him under control and teach him all he needs to know . . .

Nacho?! Nacho, What are you doing over there?!! Behave!

Sorry about that, now where was I? Oh yes. There are many lesson he must learn, like, how one should eat the green spaghetti in the garden really really fast then look up at the hoomans with the hungry face

Speed nomming, the whippersnapper's not half bad!

Speed nomming, the whippersnapper’s not half bad!

And how to bounce around in a cute way so the hoomans go “D’awwwwwww”

How to wheek at the top of your lungs to make the hoomans hurry up with the noms, be it hay, veggies or breakfast! He’s not to great at this one, whee will have to film it because it’s quite funny! When he gets really excited he actually can’t squeak, he just puffs out lots of air and dashes around. Whee got the vet to check this was ok on his first ever vet trip and she said there’s nothing wrong with him, he’s just super duper excited!

And how to share a tent . . .


Ok, so he hasn’t quite got the hang of that one but these things take practice!

The final art I have been working on with him, is the art of adorable snuggling on the hoomans . . .


He’s getting good at this one! Wait! Nacho! What are you doing? Where are you going kid?! Naughty Nacho!!!


Ah well. Whee might need to work on that one too!

What other lessons do you think efurry young piggy or pet should learn?

Happy Monday efurryone!



Your Face Looks Furmiliar . . . ?

So those of you who followed the blog back when I was a little baby (ok, it wasn’t that long ago but I am trying to sound grown up here!) may remember the below pigture on the left, however the one on the right isn’t me! Who is that impostor copying my cute-bag-nesting-style?!!


The new kid Nacho does look rather like me. Though not as cute, of course

Yours, the slightly insecure



Happy Mummy’s Day!

Whee have just published it to youtube . . . here is a video of messages to our very special pawrents. Please like and share and follow us!

Whee will be doing a pig-update on the goings on in the Hutch in a few hours time.

Also, whee are still working on getting round all the blogs to say hello again so sorry if whee have not reached you yet, whee are on our way! *strikes dramatic pose* After dinner of course!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Don’t Let The World End Before Breakfast!

So basically, I have missed all of the build up to this day. While others have been building safe pods, or rings of protection round their village (or even finding their nearest UFO taxi base, Easy!) I have not known a thing about it.

The first I knew of it was during my pre-breakfast cuddle. While one little hooman fetched our food the other cuddled me. Mummy grabbed her camera and said nochantly, “A few quick pigtures before I go to work . . . Afterall, the world is supposed to end today so who knows if whee will see each other again!”

I was horrorfied. What did she mean the world was going to end?! I hadn’t even had breakfast! The little hooman tried to tell me about the Mayan Calender but I was so distraught I couldn’t absorb it.


They put me back in the cage and I comfort ate a larger breakfast than usual. Then I slept through to midday to recover. When I woke up I had lunch and slept that off too. By the time I woke up, the little hoomans were back from school and helping clean out my cage. I fretted all through floortime and when Mummy got home I ran to her squeaking.

“So I guess the world isn’t ending,” she laughed ruffling my fur then going to fetch dinner. I had worried all day for nothing. I am of course leaving this until just before midnight to post just so I can be sure.

If you’re reading this whee live to see another breakfast. And Pigmass is nearly here so hopefully you are all ready!

Have a great Saturday. Like me, be thankful whee are still here!


EDIT – Favourite Joke Of The Apocalypse!

News Flash! : The Mayans have just turned over the calender and found another 2012 years on the other side. They say they are, “Sorry for scaring anyone!”

Pigtures & Prizes


Here is our Pigmass tree with all our awesome winners on it! And their prizes are . . .



charlie & theo

Scampy - Christmas Angel

lily & max

Just click on them to see the full sized versions! The little hooman would like feedback so efurryone, please let us know what you think of them. Whee hope you like them and wish efurryone the most wonderful Pigmass and New Year.

In the next post whee will be making suggestions for pet themed Pigmass gifts so if you have any ideas or things you think would make good gifts drop us an email

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Winners Of The Pigmass Pigture Contest!

Well the time has arrived! The big reveal! Here are the winners of our Pigmass Pigture contest. Unfortunately whee did not get enough for a Merry Mischief Maker vote but the little hoomans had good discussion about it and picked a winner. Whee hope you will agree and like our choices!

Tinsel Terrors and Troubles – Causing trouble in tinsel . . .

Nibblet The Rat

Nibblet The Rat

Noel Naughtiness – Does this face look naughty to you?!

Jester the guinea pig

Jester the guinea pig

Present Posers – You posing with some presents!

Charlie and Theo

Charlie and Theo the guinea pigs

Christmas Angel – For boys and girls who are top of the good list this year! Who will be the angel at the top of our tree?


Scampy the doggy

Merry Mischief Maker 2012 – “Whee Are Just Helping . . . !”

Max and Lily

Max and Lily the guinea pigs

Winnners you will find your prizes in the next post. Congratulations!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Skating On Thin Ice!

Me . . . skating on thin ice!

Me . . . skating on thin ice!

No one could accuse me of being an angel but today Mummy told me that I was skating on thin ice. I have been a little . . . awkward to say the least. They say confession is good for the soul so I am going to confess my sins and hope that Santa Paws will forgive me.

Sin 1:

I tipped over my food bowl and then tried to blame it on Basil (I didn’t see that the little hoomans were on the sofa watching me!)

Sin 2:

I pulled on my newspaper bedding until it lifted up and then dug till I was underneath it all, then jumped and flicked it out of cage.

Sin 3:

During run time I pooped in the magazine rack while Mummy wasn’t paying attention. She didn’t notice and shoed me away from it. Then later discovered my calling card stuck to the back of the TV pages.

Sin 4:

Mummy recieved her first Pigmass card today and left it on the floor while she went to investigate the door bell ringing. Some furry may have chewed it and left toofy marks across the top. I couldn’t possibly imagine who did it . . .

I believe there are other sins too naughty to disclose on a family friendly blog but I hope that Santa will forgive me and you will all forgive me too. Whee all have our off days and anyway don’t all the ladypigs love a bad boy?!

What sins have you commited that you need to confess to get a visit from Santa this year?



But Mummy It’s Cold Outside!

Soooooo cold!

Soooooo cold!

Brrrr. It has been a really cold day today! Whee had our cages cleaned out but when whee were put back whee were horrorfied. There was a distinct lack of hay.

The hoomans explained it was just coming and they had to fetch it from the shed but I was shocked.

For those not cavy savvy whee piggies require hay to be 80%, yes you heard me right 80% of our diet.

Honestly, it was awful!

Honestly, it was awful!

A full, frankly shocking, three minutes later it was put in but not before I had given them a look of disgust and squeaked pathetically. When Mummy got back I relayed the full story with the gruesome details. I was so cold, I wheeked. Frozen to my core, I wailed. I could have died! She sniggered and I looked reproachful. She snuggled and cooed at me.

Oh it is such a hard life to be a piggy!



It’s A Love Story!

Today whee cannot be spooky because something wonderful arrived in the post! A little while ago Nibbles entered a story with Our Furever Family  in their Love Story competition. Essentially you had to write how you and your hooman, or you and you pet found one another. Nibbles’s story was published on their blog and you can read it here. It is all about his Memories and how he came to live with Mummy, six whole years ago.

Well, ever since whee have been excitedly stalking watching the postman while whee wait for our prize. And today it arrived! Here I am posing with it (mainly because I was the only one who wouldn’t try to eat it!)

Mummy has already had a cup of tea in it (though I was led to believe it was our prize . . . *ahem* Mummy! Fill it with veggies and give it back immediately . . . No! Not with the tea still in there! Ewww. *sighs* Hoomans eh? Can’t be trusted to do anything right!)

If you aren’t already following their blog then what are you waiting for?! Our Furever Family are wonderful!

Whee promise to get spooky again tomorrow but how can something like this be spooky?! It can’t!

Piggy Kisses



Guinea Pigs Eat Anything!

Basil Behaving Badly!

Us piggies are . . . well . . . Complete pigs! Whee eat anything. So today Mummy wrote a poem called “Guinea Pigs Eat Anything”, inspired by this post on a kitty blog whee love!

Also, the pigture of Basil eating the little hooman’s dressing gown is just one of the entries from us to Mollie’s Naughty Pet Competition.

Feel free to hop over there and vote for your favourite (It had better be us if you prefer your clothes without holes! Lol! Whee are kidding. Whee prefer shoes anyway!)

Anywho, whee hope you enjoy the poem furfriends! Hope you had a great day!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Guinea Pigs Eat Anything – by Amy Williamson

Guinea pigs will eat anything,
A carrot destined for the bin,
A sequin off your favourite dress,
A pile of shredded paper mess,
A zip, a toggle, your back door keys,
The frayed hole in your trouser knees.
A toe, an ear, even your hair,
It’s all food to them, and they don’t care,
If you yelp or squeal, cry or shout,
They’ll wonder what all the fuss is about,
And then turn to eat something new,
And there’s nothing you can do.
Yes a guinea pig will eat anything,
Even their Mummy’s jewellery bling!

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