An Epic Journey . . .

So as you know I have been a little under the weather and Mummy was worried about me. Today when whee got up my breathing sounded strange and crackly like when I was ill before. I did not realise how worried Mummy was until she got out the ‘Blue-Box-Of-Doom’. Otherwise known as our pet carrier. Unlike Doctor Who’s Tardis, it is not bigger on the inside and it doesn’t take me to exciting planets. It takes me to the vet.

Usually I travel alone but today Nibbles came along. He grumbled all the way. It was too cold. Too bouncy. Too noisy. To blue. Never satisfied that one!

When whee got to the vets I was quite panicked. And when I got panicked my breathing sounded even worse. When whee sat in the waiting room Mummy opened the box and let me climb up and see who else was there. I met Merlin, the black cat suffering from allergies and a rabbit who wishes to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of his issue! (It’s too much for a family blog such as this, particularly if you are eating while you read this!)

By the time my name was called I was pretty relaxed. In the consultation room they took Nibbles out first. He made a lot of noise. Squeaking and scratching and from what I was told he also wacked the vet round the face and kept head butting her. Mummy was very embarrassed.

Then came my turn. It wasn’t too bad. The vet told me I was a little slender. I wheeked my thanks and began telling her all it takes is a good diet and exercise regime, but she interupted me by plonking me on a freezing cold bowl. I was quite offended. Then she got the nail clippers out. Nibbles wheeked that that had been what he had been making a fuss about. The vet told me I was a good boy. Unlike with Nibbles she did not have to call for a nurse to hold me down. Yes, Nibbles needed restraining for his pedicure! Laugh if you want to, I know I did!

Unfortunately he is the one laughing now. My URI has returned and I am now on a two wheek course of an anti-biotics called baytril. Twice a day! The only upside if Mummy is buying some more probiotic powder to add to my water as she says the baytril kills all bacteria, even the good ones so she needs to keep me strong. The reason this is good is because I absolutely LOVE the taste!

Anyway I’d better go and get the first dose over with. Wish me luck.


PS. Sorry whee haven’t got any pigtures today. Mummy had some more bad news today so whee have been a bit too all over the place to take any. But here is a little video of a guinea pig trained to do flyball which whee think is amazing. Whee saw some doggies on the TV coverage of the dog show Crufts doing this and now Mummy has it in her head that she can train us to run around . . . . Not happening!


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  1. Sorry you have to take medicine…and sorry your mummy got bad news. Hoping for better days for all of you!
    Purrs, Sundae

  2. Twice a day! That’s pretty heavy :/ hope you get well soon! My hamster died because of too much antibiotics, but he was a tiny little guy… he got diarrhea and the next day he was gone.. I felt so bad.

  3. I had a bad time at the vet today. It was awful-I was there all day.

  4. Glad the piggies are doing well, but I’m a little worried about their Mommy. I hope things improve for you.

  5. Silly vet visits, my kitties never like the carrier either. Sorry to hear you have to take medicine, hope you feel better soon. The piggy in the movie has hair like Jay Leno…hehehe

  6. I’m so sorry you’re not feeling good, Nutty! You are in very good hands…you have a fabulous mummy who will do all that is humanly possible to help you get better ASAP!!

  7. Oh poor sweetie. Sorry you’re feeling so poorly sweetie sending some piggie love to you and well wishes. Nibbles sounds grouchy maybe he needs some probiotics. 😉

  8. You are going through a tough time. Sorry that you’ve had more bad news and Nutty’s back on the antibiotics. We’ll be thinking of you all and hoping for good health and good news all round.

  9. Good to hear the URI has returned. I will cross my paw for you all and I wish you all the best.

  10. Hope things brighten up for you guys xxx

  11. That piggy in the video is amazing. I hope you soon feel better!

  12. We will keeps yous (and your Mommy) in our Purrayers and me hopes yous gets better soonest!

  13. Bad news, medicine, AND a nail trim??!! It’s all too much! Hope things level off soon over there.

    Love and lots of extra licks,

  14. get well soon Nutty!we want you fighting fit for lots of fun and games!give you mummy some snuggle from me too!xxSpeedy

  15. So sorry you aren’t feeling well! Get better real soon! xoxo

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  16. Hope the medicine will help you!

  17. Bad news? I hope nothing too serious!

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