Can You Put a Price On a Life?

Normally whee would write the blog post but today Mummy wants to talk to you. Take it away hooman!

A story hit the press over here in the UK a few days ago which has caused mixed reactions. From disbelief, to some enthusiastic cheering.

Where would you stand? Is it worth £300 to save a goldfish’s life? (That’s $456.69 for our oversea friends!)

Vet Faye Bethell operating on a devoted pet owner's constipated goldfish. The three inch fish made a full recovery after the 50-minute, £300 operation

Vet Faye Bethell operating on a devoted pet owner’s constipated goldfish. The three inch fish made a full recovery after the 50-minute, £300 operation Photo: SWNS

People are struggling to understand how anyone could become that attached to an animal.

I may not understand the relationship he shares with his goldfish, but I absolutely applaud and defend his right save it. Not much is known about this man but whatever his reasons he chose to protect the life of his little finned friend.

I have been criticised by someone for the amount I’ve spent on Noah after his teeth incident. I’m not going to go in specifics but it wasn’t even close to £300. However, even if it had cost that, I would have paid it.

When you take on a pet you are making a promise; to always protect and care for them.

I have a “piggy bank” (pun intended!) of money to spend for vet trips and a plan in place should I not be able to afford something. I think this is something all pet owners should have.

Do you have a “piggybank”? What are your thoughts on this news story?

Have a great day efurryone!

The Hooman


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  1. Your money; your choice. Nothing else to say. Protesters over goldfish vet care need to find something else to to be idiots over and move on…IMHO

    • I cannot understand it either. It seems ridiculous how cross people are getting about it. I know people who would not think twice about spending that amount on some shoes and handbags. To me, my pets are my “hobby”. My choice.


      • That’s just what I thought…people will spend way more for a designer handbag, briefcase or on a fancy meal. It truly is no ome’s business.

      • Exactly. The only reason I referenced it is because a lot of people have discussed it with me and been extremely negative about his choice and then in turn about me taking my piggies to the vets.

        I’m glad everyone here seems to understand my point of view. I was beginning to feel like I was the only one who felt like this about it!!


    • Yes! It isn’t a question of how much they cost, but how much they suffer.

      • Very true. I think quality of life plays a big part in this. The goldfish is young and has a long life ahead of it. The fact he cares enough to pay for the treatment is, at least to me, testament to his kindness and good character.


  2. doodz…furst off, itz noe ones biznezz what de man paid… but his.. N de vetz…. 2) we total lee agree with yur mum….3) de amount oh moneez spended heer in trout towne on catz… & dawgs in de past…. iz knot looked at az a….”price”……but az a way two… help…improve….assist…..aid…. in de qual a tee…. oh R lives…. ♥♥♥

    • Agreed. I think the price is something the press are using as “shock tactic” but I’m not going to reveal how much I spent because it’s no one’s business but mine. I believe it was the man’s vet that revealed the information initially which ethically, I disagree with for a start!

      For me, money is no object when it comes to what is best for my pets.


  3. I agree: if the goldfish owner could afford to pay that, more power to him! Our kitty that we had before Sundae was diabetic, and we spent quite a bit on insulin, syringes and vet’s visits for him, but he was such a dear companion, we never regretted it. We were fortunate that we had the funds to keep him comfortable.

    • Exactly. It was your choice and you did what was best and right for you and your kitty. I cannot understand the people who are taking offence just because this man cares for his pet fish. It’s madness!!


  4. It’s his money, he can spend it anyway he wishes. Nobody has a right to tell him what to do and if you think you do, then that man is not free and you don’t deserve to be free either. There, I’ve said my piece.

    • Well said. This is what I mean. I cannot understand the people taking offence to the news. The “It’s-just-a-fish” people need to remember that they are entitled to spend money on things that matter to them and this man has every right to do so as well.


  5. I think everyone has to do what they think is RIGHT for them and their pet. As far as I’m concerned, my pets are my family and I’d do anything in my power to help them. If that man wanted to save his goldfish regardless of the cost, then that was the RIGHT thing to do. We should not be sitting in judgment over anyone……there’s only one power who can judge us; period!

    Hugs, Pam

    • I’m so glad that everyone on here seems to understand the way I feel about it. Too many people who have discussed this with me face to face have been extremely negative and I was beginning to feel like I was in the minority of people who say “let him do what he wants and good luck to him!”


  6. We completely agree! If the man wanted to do that with his money and save his fishy furiend who is anyone else to say that he’s wrong. I never knew the vets could actually help them like that I think it’s pawesome! I know my humans would pay anything to keep me safe and healthy! Bisous, Bailey

    • Let’s give our thanks to the hoomans who read this blog and care! I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I don’t think anyone who doesn’t have that pet can judge his decision. Pets are part of the family, no matter what their size!

      And we know how much your hoomans love you! ^_^


  7. I think not the buying price or the vet bill defines the value… it’s the heart what makes the price in such a case. And friendship and love are anyway priceless. I understand that people would give all the money away for only one day together with their beloved pet and I understand the guy with the fish. (that reminds me of this horror-vet of life of bun again… ” buy a new one”—-uuuh that guy!)

    • The “buy-a-new-one” people are the worst. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been told that about my guinea pigs. It drives me bonkers!

      I’m very lucky to have a very good vet nearby and a specialist not too much further away!


  8. I think a piggy bank is a good idea! It’s an amazing story, but like with our pets, you get quite attached, and maybe the owner did. I have fish and guinea pigs, but I must say, that I bond better with a guinea pig. I think it’s because you can interact with guinea pigs, and fish tend to be in their own world.
    Isabelle xx

  9. pietopiapetcare

    Interesting post, I’d not heard of this before! If the hamsters or kitty needed it, £300 would be spent on them in a second. I can’t stand the attitude of ‘oh, we’ll just buy a new one’ either! Each animal is irreplaceable and if you aren’t prepared to pay for vet’s bills for one animal then perhaps you just aren’t the right kind of person to be keeping animals!

  10. Totally agree with you. I HATE when people think it’s acceptable to say to me ‘it’s only a guinea pig’. No it’s not; he or she is my pet, my friend, my responsibility. They can have that opinion by all means but I don’t and therefore, dont want to hear it. I love all my pets and irrespective of size or species, I would do or pay whatever was necessary to keep them healthy and happy. Rant over! Great post btw. 👍

  11. I agree…your money your business…more than is not defined by species..we do what we do for our family here to help them feel better stay healthy and have a fun life…if the treatment can help..if quality of life is not lessened then it is done. The same people criticising may well spend their money on things I find stupid..but it is a personal choice..i mean what is not to say this sweet fish has not been the best company this man ever had..i have had many pets whose friendship has outlasted human ones..and seeing a friend in need is good for him! And each creature is an they are not replaceable! xxx

    • Well said! It frustrates me. No one knows this man or what he’s going through or what that fish means to him. It’s no one’s business/choice but his how much he does or doesn’t spend on helping his finned friend


  12. I totally applaud this guy! Having spent a fortune on an ancient bull terrier (blind and deaf, unfortunately now deceased), Spending another fortune on a very sick Rottweiler puppy, who made a full recovery and having a several piggies.. I understand his decision, it doesn’t matter how pig or small your pet – they are in your care and deserve the very best we can offer as their carers

  13. Weez didn’t hear da story, and weez didn’t know dat they kuld do surgeries on fishies. We weally don’t know dat much ’bout fishies to be honest. Weez had a foo over da years and wuld like a sweet betta now, but mommy sez weez not hav anywhere to put hims wight now, so weez’ll hav to wait. Weez don’t purrsunally fink we wuld do dat, but weez glad hims kuld. Cuz no, mommy sez yous can’t put a purrice on a life and da luv dat ccomes fwum it. And mommy wuld go to any lengths fur us. Altho’ weez not hav a piggy bank, it just seems sumfin’ always happens to keep mommy fwum bein’ able to save any gween papers. Her wuld luv to, it just never happens; and she’s twied.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  14. If you can afford it , why not? I wouldn’t think twice about spending money on the Scotties. I guess fish are worthy too.

  15. I don’t know why anyone would think they’re entitled to an opinion about how you spend money on your own pet. I think it’s between the pet owner an his or her family. H8ters should get a life of their own.

  16. I don’t know how many times I have been told “oh its just a rabbit put him in a pie” it makes me very cross indeed.your pet is just that your pet and if you love it you do what ever you can for that pet,xx Rachel

  17. I have insurance for both of my boys. Don’t appiligize for being a good pig mom. He’s worth it! – KA

  18. Hurrah for the Goldfish man! If he loves the fish that much then good on him! My friend Audrey (rest in peace) had a Beta Fish named Boo Boo who she adored to bits. That fish would follow her in his tank as she walked across the room. He would hang out at the side of the table she sat on. That fish got her thru some tough times.
    As for caring for a pet we all know the lengths I went to for Nylablue. I did the same for Mingflower before her.
    Now that I have taken on ‘Purrince’Siddhartha I do not have alot of ‘backing’ but I have a great Vet who is willing to let me make payments ‘as & when’.
    Whatever you spent on Noah is 1) your business & 2) admirable & 3) worth every pound!
    Love of our pets has no fixed dollar/pound sign!
    ((((HUGS)))) Sherri-Ellen & ~~head rubs~~ Siddhartha x0x0x0x0

  19. hello hutchizens its dennis the vizsla dog hay my mama and dada ar shoor not going to judj the goldfish man or yoo espeshly konsidring they ar stil paying off the vet bills frum sayving my brother tucker frum aspirayshun noomonya over a yeer ago!!! their ar sum times wen yoo just do not ask wot it costs i gess!!! ok bye

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