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Can You Put a Price On a Life?

Normally whee would write the blog post but today Mummy wants to talk to you. Take it away hooman!

A story hit the press over here in the UK a few days ago which has caused mixed reactions. From disbelief, to some enthusiastic cheering.

Where would you stand? Is it worth £300 to save a goldfish’s life? (That’s $456.69 for our oversea friends!)

Vet Faye Bethell operating on a devoted pet owner's constipated goldfish. The three inch fish made a full recovery after the 50-minute, £300 operation

Vet Faye Bethell operating on a devoted pet owner’s constipated goldfish. The three inch fish made a full recovery after the 50-minute, £300 operation Photo: SWNS

People are struggling to understand how anyone could become that attached to an animal.

I may not understand the relationship he shares with his goldfish, but I absolutely applaud and defend his right save it. Not much is known about this man but whatever his reasons he chose to protect the life of his little finned friend.

I have been criticised by someone for the amount I’ve spent on Noah after his teeth incident. I’m not going to go in specifics but it wasn’t even close to £300. However, even if it had cost that, I would have paid it.

When you take on a pet you are making a promise; to always protect and care for them.

I have a “piggy bank” (pun intended!) of money to spend for vet trips and a plan in place should I not be able to afford something. I think this is something all pet owners should have.

Do you have a “piggybank”? What are your thoughts on this news story?

Have a great day efurryone!

The Hooman


A Furfriend In Need

Whee don’t often (see, ever!) ask for favours involving money but whee would very much appreciate if you could visit this page on the blog of our furfriend Savannah, on Savannah Paw Tracks. Her pawrents are foster caring for a cat charity and they have taken on the care of a very unwell kitty called Leo. Leo needs a lots of vet treatment which of course costs money. On the linked page you can see how to help and donate. They would so appreciate it. However much you can give will help.

It’s times like this whee remember how truly fortunate whee are and it also reminds Mummy to add to what she has nicknamed the ‘CC’ fund. (Cavy Curing Fund)

Illness, disease and accidents can strike at any time and all pet owners should have insurance or some money set aside to cover this. Too many times you read of very sick animals being given to shelters because the owner couldn’t not afford, or did not seek veterinary care quickly enough.

Now in comparison to most other pets whee are relatively cheap to treat when ill but if it is something serious (and with us it really is all-or-nothing!) then investigations to find the best course of action can be expensive. Just because whee are small and sometimes cruelly thought of as easily replaceable does not mean we are not entitled to care when sick. People are far to quick to give up. One vet trip, oh I’ll try some antibiotics . . . end of course and nothing has changed and they don’t go back. Why? What makes us less worthy?

This is a rant whee often have. If your animal is sick you get treatment whether they are horse or stick insect. Otherwise it is cruelty and illegal.

Right we went off on a tangent there but it really bugs us. Anywho, please visit Savvy’s blog and help her pawrents help her foster brother.

Also please give us your views on setting money aside and lack of love for small furries when sick.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


ps. Buddy has been up to mischief today which whee will tell you all about tomorrow!

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