Hugs Appreciation!

There is nothing in life I love more than a good cuddle. (Not even noms!) Nuzzling into Mummy’s neck and feeling safe and wanted is the best feeling in the world. I have a few favourite spots.

Hugs are a universal medicine – Author Unknown

When Mummy is sitting down and lying back a little I like to be on her chest, just close enough that I can whiffle her chin with my nose and stretch myself out. If she is sitting up I prefer to be in her arms, craddled almost like a baby, with my chin resting in the crook of her arm. But if she is walking around I love her shoulder! I can see the whole world from there! I can see as far as the breadbin from the kitchen doorway and as far as the cage from the sofa! I feel suddenly adventurous when up there.

My favourite spot is when she is lying back. It is cosy and I like to relax so I go almost flat out on her.

In my favourite spot on Mummy’s Mum?

Do you love cuddles too? What is your favourite type/place/lap to snuggle on?


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  1. Doesn’t whiffling her chin tickle her terribly? Maybe that’s what you like – all the giggling

  2. Nibbles, you are a great cuddler. 🙂

  3. That’s so cute<3
    When mummy and daddy are hugging, I get a bit jealous as I don't like being left out. So I jump up on my back leg legs, rest my front paws on mummy's shoulder and we have a group hug 😀

  4. My favourite spot is on my mummy’s shoulder when I have a cuddle and Clover’s is snuggling up right against mummy’s left arm.


    • They are pretty good cuddle spots. Buddy says his favourite cuddle is with his fanpigs but seeing as he has never met you I’m not sure how he knows! *pixel piggy hug*


      • Well, he may get to meet us later when you come to stay at our house when your mummy’s on holiday!!! Yaaaay!!!


      • Whee can’t wait to go to Hotel Bethany but whee will miss our Mummy. Looking forward to seeing you bootiful ladies!


  5. Oh Nibbles you do look quite happy cuddling up. Cuddling makes us feel so good doesn’t it? I’m a cuddler too – when Mom’s sitting in her recliner I’ll come up to her real close and reach up and gently touch her face with my paw – she leans down and I give her a kiss on her chin. Then I settle down for a snooze in her lap. Cuddling is wonderful and it sounds like you and your brothers get LOTS of cuddling time at your house! YAY!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. I like lying by Jen’s feet while she’s working. Not your typical “cuddle” per se, but I feel close to her and she feels close to me too.

  7. Cuddling is nice but during heat waves without AC.

  8. wellll Nibbles…as ya know…I’m still not a ‘snuggler’…so to speak. I don’t do laps yet, workin’ on it though…however, I do luvluvluv to cuddle in the early morning or even middle of the night with Mom and Dad, whoever happens to be awake and has a spare hand to give me…in the early AM, when I am just barely awake, I get so excited when Dad or Mom pets me, I throw myself against them to get closer, I head butt their bodies, and we have a nice cuddle in our warm bed…mmmmm…nice!

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