Strawberries & Snuggles!

Today it has really been hot hot hot! Whee have been exhausted by it. The heat has meant a lot less snuggles because whee act like hot water bottles when being cuddled, which can get quite uncomfortable for both us and the hooman.

Whee spent most of the morning lazing around and taking naps in the sun puddles which stream through the living room window and fall over our cages.

Todays strawberry crops!

To cool us down Mummy makes us veggie kebabs with high water content veggies. Whee had cucumber, melon, grapes, celery and tomato. Not to mention some of Mummy fresh homegrown Kentish strawberries. Mummy says there is nothing nicer than home grown strawberries and calls them the taste of Summer. (If that is what Summer tastes like then I think I’ll be enjoying summer lovin’!)

Other hoomans say Mummy wastes them by giving some of them to us but she ignores them – a fact for which I am very grateful!

Unfortunately, it was far too hot for us to go in the garden most of the day. In fact whee didn’t get out there until late in the evening. Whee spent over two hours out on the grass having lots of fun! Mummy tried getting pigtures but whee got soo excited she only managed one of me!

This adorable face is dedicated to Poppy and Clover, two of my special fanpigs!

What do you think is the taste of Summer? Do you have a favourite fruit? Do your hoomans sometimes feed you things other people say are too nice for you?


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  1. Mom buys me Frosty Paws dog ice cream. It costs more than human I’ve cream, but boy, is it yummy!! This week we have peanut butter flavor.

    Love and licks,

  2. awww you guys!! I luv Buddy’s piggature…wish I could snuggle with him right now…errrr..ummm..well, I am a cat…so maybe Mom should do the snuggling??…so sorry it is so hot, we know England is not ready for hot weather and no one has aircon, so stay safe and stay as cool as you can…paw pats, Savvy

  3. Wow – how did you guys get fresh strawberries! There is a mysterious condition here in which I check the strawberries in the evening, dreaming of picking them fresh in the morning, and in the morning – voila! A Great Disappearance! And my kids have a strange annoying habit of smacking their lips, coincidentally, at bedtime. Any clues for me?

  4. Tulip and Paloma are pretty happy getting the tops of strawberries that we’d normally discard, although I often give them each half a strawberry, which are usually either organic or fresh from my yard (unofficial organic). So I’d say they’re a little spoiled. Especially Tulip–that little mouth pushing through the sides of the cage and begging is too hard to resist! And since I get most of my produce from the farmer’s market I sometimes end up feeding them organic lettuce and other produce, which seems a little silly given that in their native country they’re usually fed table scraps! Oh well, nicer to have happy guinea pigs. Tulip and Paloma say hi.

    • Whee say hi back! It is very important to completely spoil piggies. One day whee might rule the world and whee will remember those who fed us whole strawberries! πŸ˜‰


  5. I’ve never had strawberries, but they sound delish!
    I love ice cream when its hot – actually I love ice cream whatever the weather BOL πŸ™‚
    At least its cooler today though.

    • Yep. Much cooler. Mummy got dressed in a light sun dress and had to change! Whee are glad whee don’t have to worry about choosing outfits for the day in the morning. English weather is so changeable and our fur is perfectly alright anyway! πŸ˜‰


  6. Hi Buddy! So it’s super hot there too huh? We’re going to have another very hot day too so I’ll be inside as much as possible with the air-conditioning. I’ve never had a strawberry but I DO think they’re pretty! Fruit doesn’t interest me much but a couple of times Mom has given me a grape and I’ve had a nip or two – then I usually start PLAYING with the grape so Mom takes it away before it gets all gushy on the carpeting! I hope it’s cooler for you boys today – your Mummy is very sweet to let you boys enjoy the fan while she melts!!! πŸ˜€

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Whee do like the fan. I was actually a little scared of how noisy it was at first but now its alright.

      It has cooled down again today though so whee don’t need it. Its really windy at the moment and the sound of the wind rushing down our chimney keeps making me jump!


  7. Aaaww!!! Buddy, you are soooo gorgeous!!!! We both feel very special after seeing that photo of you!
    We’ve never tasted strawberries, but we do like the blueberries that our hooman family grow in the garden. Mummy says they’re starting to get ripe, so we should be able to have some soon!!

    Poppy and Clover

    • Whee might ask our Mummy to get some of those blueberries off of your Mummy. They sound delicious!

      Loves you my bootiful ladypigs.


      • They are very nommy!! We got to try some today while we were out in the garden!

        Love you Buddy
        Poppy and Clover

  8. Sakura wheeks that she enjoys apple slices and watermelon + rinds!

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