Wasn’t Me!

Today Mummy had the cheek to make an accusation which shocked me. It was the afternoon, a little after four, Mummy had taken Nibbles out to give him a piggy pedicure (which, incidentally, he caused such a fuss over she has had to book him into the vets for them to do it tomorrow but that will be another blog post!)

I was sitting quite peacefully in the bedroom, occassionally pottering round. All of a sudden there is a clatter of paws on the food bowl and piggy nuggets rain down all over the cage. Of course I had nothing to do with this, it is a total mystery. But Mummy came over and caught me investigating the spilt food for evidence of who may have commited this messy muchies murder. She took a pigture and I’ll admit I look a little guilty, but I think its just the lighting. I’ve been framed! What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?! (Nibbles just mentioned previous evidence of me commiting similar crimes in film and pigture. But I’ve changed!)

Here is the damning pigture:

Caught In The Act!

Have you ever been framed for a crime you did not commit? Have you ever solved a mystery, if so then I need tips! Have you ever been caught in the act of naughtiness?


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  1. How can anyone blame that sweet face?!

    Obviously this must be a case of mistaken identity.

  2. Oh Nutty what are you like?!! You gotta be a better criminal sweetie! Cover your tracks, lick your pawprints off the evidence and all that!! xx

  3. Do you have the number of a good lawyer??

  4. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time! I When I was a puppy I was often found at the scene of a crime and they leapt to the conclusion I’d done it. Try using your really cute face!

  5. Yesterday I caught Squirrel eating my newly sprouted rocket plants…he had climbed a series of obstacles like a mountain goat in my bedroom and made it onto the window sill, got the top off the greenhouse and commencing munching…he also ruined my newly planted, didn’t get to sprout even, lettuce garden. He is in jail now and I don’t know when he’ll get parole. I’m very upset!
    There have been many rat crimes committed in this household, but eating my rocket is the last straw!

  6. Whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’?

  7. Uh oh Nutty……seems to me, if you were the only piggie around at the time at the scene of the crime, you’re gonna get the blame. Of course you could claim that a sudden breeze blew the dish over…..or an evil spirit blew through the cage and knocked the food out of the bowl…..but on the other hand, sometimes it’s better just to say “IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!!” and look cute and move on. Know what I mean? You can certainly pull off the “LOOK CUTE” part…..easily I might add!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  8. I have something for you. Check out: http://wp.me/p2h87n-7u 🙂

  9. oh dear….Nutty…the pigature is like totally inKremanateing…not good little man…not good…get a good lawyer…or I guess it outta be ‘get a good barister’

  10. I say admit guilt for the option of a lesser sentence. With good behaviour and your cute looks, you are bound to be out of trouble in no time!

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