Not Happy Nibbles & The Piggy Pedicure

Not a happy bunny . . . Or rather Piggy!

Today, was not a good day. For starters I was forewarned of a vet trip because I made such a fuss about Mummy clipping my claws. I tried to use my masculinity as an excuse, claiming my boarliness did not allow me to be subjected to piggy pedicures. Mummy didn’t listen.

So when Mummy got out the blue travel box I grew more and more worried. I tried hiding in the pigloo but she easily lifted me out and plonked – really there is no other word for it – plonked me in the travel box. I spent the car journey trying to dig my way out of the box and chewing on the plastic. Mummy gave up telling me off after a few minutes.

The car stopped moving and I was carried into the vets. My palms, or rather paws, became sweaty and I became more agitated. Mummy opened the box and began feeding me grapes and spinach leaves. A little boy who was there with his pet was watching me. He was only a little hooman and so I was very patient when he patted me and touched my whiskers. Then my name was called. “Nibbles Williamson” I’ve always thought it ridiculous that they don’t call out Sir Nibbles but there you go.

It was worse than I remembered clutching hands holding me in position. The sound of knives being sharpened. Okay maybe knife sharpening is an exageration. It could have been the computer starting up. Then the clipping started. I squeaked and wailed and struggled and snapped. The vet kept telling me what a good boy I was. I didn’t care that Mummy would tell me off. I bit him. How was the good boy now?! Of course Mummy was mortified but the vet shrugged it off. It was then discovered I have hay mites! Occassionally they come in a bad batch of hay and though they are not really bad they’re not nice either. I’ve had then before and now need treatment. Nutty shares a cage with me so he gets treatment too. *evil laugh*

Mummy whimp ered when she saw the bill. Serves her right. Do you like having you claws or nails pedicured? Do you mind visiting the vet or doctors?

As my vet will testify, it is not something I enjoy!


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  1. I don’t mind visiting the doctor, i just don’t like the epic wait I must endure before the doctor calls my name.
    The rats haven’t been to the vet yet but I made sure I found one that specialises in exotic animals (that means rats too apparently!)

  2. oh Nibbles!! I hates having my nails whacked…no other words for it…they whack them off…ugh!!! And you poor piggy…you had to have hay mites!!! I wonder if you lived where I do, in GORGEOUS SUNNY SAN FRANCISCO area…would you still have had hay mites????….just wonderin’ bro’…

    pssstttt BTW…tell your Mummy that my Mom is like totally older than dirt!!! And soooo envious that your Mummy can write so well!!!…paw pats, Savvy

    • Wish whee did live somewhere sunny. It is windy and rainy here which does nothing for my mood.

      You can’t say your Mummy is old. And anyway, I’m sure like fine wine and cheeses she has only improved with age!


  3. Hi Nibbles….sorry to hear about the hay mites – doesn’t sound very pleasant! Does it make you all itchy or do they just make themselves at home in your fur?? Nail trimming is NOT pleasant no matter what – I agree. When it’s time for me to get trimmed, my Dad holds me in his arms and Mom does the clipping. Sometimes I’m very good and don’t pull my paw away and sometimes I’m cranky and give her a hard time or squirm in Dad’s arms until they give up! But I know if they DO give up, it’s not for long…..they’ll try again! I have extra claws on my front paws too which means an extra claw to trim. I think we have to just “grin and bear it” when it comes to vets – after all, whatever they do TO us, is for our own good (at least that’s what humans keep telling us!!).

    Now, don’t you feel better with clipped nails???? Of course you do!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy šŸ˜€

    • I admit my tootsies are easier to walk on but I still don’t like claw clipping. As far as the mites I was occassionally a little itchy but otherwise I had no idea. Whee were just given the treatment of yucky cold stuff put on our necks to get rid of them so I am currently sulking in my pigloo.


      • Well Nibbles, sometimes a good sulk is just what the doctor ordered (hahahaha). I’m sure that yucky cold stuff will do the trick and you can come out and enjoy being with your buddies again. Be brave little guy!

        Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  4. Nice they took you to the vet, I don’t think girl piggies are fan or hay mites, nor long nails. I’m sure after all the fuss you are a happier piggy now unlike you mom who was to pay the bill lol

    • Mummy has had to go without a new work suit because she can’t afford my treatment and it so she is not happy. Who knew one piggy could be so much trouble?! Hehehehe


  5. I’ve only been to the vets a few times but I love it šŸ™‚ I go to one in Pets at Home, so always get a treat. Plus everyone is really nice and I get lots of cuddles.

    • I actually hate the one in our local pets at home because he cut my claw too short and it bled and really hurt. Thats why I hate claw clipping so much. Mummy refuses to go back to them because they were selling sick guinea pigs too. Most vets are good with cats and dogs but if it gets as exotic as piggies like me they are not up to scratch, more likely to feel my sharp scratch. šŸ˜‰


  6. Loved this. Really had me giggling. Well written!

  7. We hate having our nails cut too! We try to bite our Mummy when she tries to cut our claws so she has to distract us with lots of spinach! Hehehe!!
    We’ve never been to the vets and hope that we don’t have to anytime soon. It sounds horrible!!!

    Lots of love, your two biggest fanpigs,
    Poppy and Clover

    • As a wise piggy once said: vet stands for very excruiating time. That wise piggy is of course me! Nice to see you around (Buddy will be jealous that you squeaked to me first!)


  8. You showed that vet a thing or two, Nibbles. Good work. Hay mites sound scary. I hope they don’t sting you or whatever. I get my nails cut every month because of being a therapy pet. I love it. The Petco man always says I was a good, brave girl. Sometimes it’s difficult for him to get done because I lick him so much and smack him in the face with my wagging tail. Mom always buys me a new toy after my nails get done.

    Love and licks and tail smacks,

  9. I have my claws cut at home and they are very careful, so I don’t really mind. I usually enjoy visiting the vet because there are interesting animals and bipeds in the waiting room! And I get a fuss made of me!

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