Cleany Paws and Cuteness

So Mummy has spent hours stalking us for cute pigtures to share with you all. Recently whee agreed to try to get a film of one of us cleaning ourselves with magic eyemilk. However, since that declaration, whee have all tried to avoid being the one having our beauty regime shared on here. Well a piggy has to have some privacy! Mummy obviously disagrees and watched us like a hawk trying to see if whee showed any signs of so much as a whisker wipe.

Unfortunately, while I was cleaning my whiskers before settling down for bed, Mummy spotted me. She grabbed her nearby phone and managed to get a short clip. Every time my nose points down I am wiping it. Usually it looks a lot cuter but it was just before bed and Mummy was shoving her bright pink phone in my face! Also whee apologise for how dark it is. This was filmed late at night with only a table lamp and Mummy’s rubbish phone camera. I hope you like it, though Mummy promises to try to get another, better quality version (God help us!)

Nibbles Cleans His Nose


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  1. Ok Nibbles..I want waaayyyy more action and lots more light my piggy furriend!! I am convinced that we cats must have ‘eye milk’ if you guys do…so com’on…give a bit more evidence! OK!!?? ps I think your Mom is like, well…ahhh…like a ‘rock star’ …to be focused on animals and understanding how fascinating we all are!! You go Mum!

  2. Nibbles – you are a star!

  3. Can we have your autograph Nibbles! πŸ˜€ hehe such a handsome piggiee xxx

  4. Oh Nibbles….you’re so adorable munching on the grass in the photo – I can’t see your video because our computer is an antique (like my Mum) but I bet it’s adorable too!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. Firstly, your photo is SOOO cute! The way the grass is sticking out of your mouth you kinda look like Mater from the Cars movies! lol.
    You are so cute cleaniiing! Little bobbly head, love it.

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