Never Fear, Tiny Tia, Your Hero The Brave Buddy Is Here!

So here is another problem needing our expertise! The second problem in the Piggy Problem Parlour was sent in by Tia the guinea pig. Tia needs help with confidence and whee are just the pigglies to teach her how to be brave!

Dearย Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy,

I have a bit of a problem, and I hope you can help!

My name’s Tia and I’m quite small, my hutchmates push me out the way when I am trying to get something to eat. Sometimes the humans put some yummies through the bars at the from of our hutch, and I can smell the yumminess, it even makes me drool a little but I am too scared to go out and face the human and the other girls. I have to resort to stealing the food right from the other girls mouths (of course those are the tastiest bits). As well my ‘friend’ Ruby keeps picking on me, she says she’s only teasing but I sometimes have to run away and cry. She sometimes chases me round shouting at me. She should know that I am surely the BOSS not her, size isn’t everything you know.

How can I be more brave so I can grow up into a big and strong piggy like my Mummy and stand up to shouty piggy Ruby?ย 

Piggy Kisses to you all especially Buddy ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you can help!


Dear Tia,

As you were so charming I, Buddy The Brave, had to be the piggy to reply to your problem! You say that Ruby picks on you? Well I should first advise that you tell a responsible hooman or a furry you trust. As you have told us I think you should know that I think you are really brave. Tiny Tia, you are the biggest of heart and courage and probably of appetite too!

Use your new found bravery to demand your share of veggies and soon you will be a big piggy that even shouty Ruby won’t dare be mean to. You could even name drop about how you know me. I’m sure the others will be really jealous!

Take small steps. First go up to the bars and take anything the others drop. Then try taking something from a hooman. If Ruby is mean then just ignore her. Nothing else will annoy her more and she will soon give up. If you eat all your veggies you will grow big and strong and then Ruby won’t push you around.

If any furry else has confidence tips for Tia please comment! For now my dearest Tia I must bid you a furry sad farewell. I hope whee has helped you and you become the brave ladypig you were meant to be!

Piggy Kisses

Buddy The Brave (AKA – Babe Magnet!)

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  1. Good advice Buddy The Brave. I will pass on your ideas to our Billie who is still a bit afraid of the big wide world. You would have been very proud of her this morning though. After a minor panic attack when she saw cars and trams and bikes, she composed herself and we ran into the vet clinic with no further freak-outs! She is being a brave girl today and having her ‘little op’ to ensure there are no little Billies.

  2. Excellent advice Buddy….little Tia just needs to stand up for herself – which as we all know isn’t always easy when you’re the little one. Hopefully she will get a bigger share of the food and grow into a size that will make her less likely to be picked on!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. Piggies, you should start charging for the advices, just saying. You could do first one free and then charge per hour, like any psychologist would do.

  4. You did good with your advice. Mom tells us not to tease each other but we don’t always listen to humans. Sometimes we get into some good chasing matches when the humans are gone. We both need exercise and sometimes that’s the only way to get it….especially if it’s raining and we can’t go outside. PIggies need to share just like the rest of us fur people. I hope they listen to you!

  5. Hello Buddy!
    Tia here! Thank you for your reply!
    I am still a bit frightened but today I took your advice, the human had some herbies for us and whilst the other girls were at the bars the human held out some herbies for me in the bedroom area. I grabbed them so fast the human didn’t even see me! it wasn’t as scary as I thought.
    And just now the human brought some carrot pieces, now I can’t resist carrots (drool), so whilst the other girls were munching I sneaked over the the bars and pinched a piece, the human told me what a good girl I was ๐Ÿ™‚ I took your advice Buddy and stole some carrot that Rosie had put on the floor ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And as for Ruby, i like to lift my nose up and shout to show her who is boss. Me of course!


    Tia xxxxx

    • Well done Tia!!! Sounds like you are a big brave superpig now!

      I can understand how the carrot helped you over come your fears and be a brave piggy. Before you know it you will be a big grown up ladypig and the others will see that you are suposed to be in charge! (I’m working on teaching my furfriends that I am the boss too but they are pretty stubborn! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. Good advice, but I would suggest Tia also try giving old Ruby a little whack with her paw just to make sure Ruby knows Tia is not taking her pushiness anymore…do piggies do that to each other? We cats use smack down lots to keep each other in line…just a thought…paw pats, Savannah

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