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Winner and Wonderful News!

Well heroes, heroines and civilians of the blogosphere I stand before you about to squeak the result of who will be my Super Sidekick! But first a little congratulations is in order. For those of you not from the UK you may not have heard but Kate and William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, announced today they are expecting their first child. The news was revealed when Kate was admitted to hospital with severe morning sickness. Whee at Hutch A Good Life hope you will join us in sending our warmest wishes to them and hope Kate is feeling better soon.

From one Kate to a Katie and one baby/prodigy/sidekick to another my new sidekick is . . .

Super Snout!


Super Snout


Super Snouts Award

Now, of course, whee cannot reveal his true identity but he did visit us by way of My Mini Pet Pig Blog by Katie and Coccolino. (see how whee tied in Kate and Katie?!)

Now I must jet off on more world saving missions with my new hero at my side but I will be closely following this blog. You might almost feel as though I am one of the writers. But that is just crazy talk.

Nut . . . Nut . . . And away!

Super Nut

Never Fear, Tiny Tia, Your Hero The Brave Buddy Is Here!

So here is another problem needing our expertise! The second problem in the Piggy Problem Parlour was sent in by Tia the guinea pig. Tia needs help with confidence and whee are just the pigglies to teach her how to be brave!

Dear Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy,

I have a bit of a problem, and I hope you can help!

My name’s Tia and I’m quite small, my hutchmates push me out the way when I am trying to get something to eat. Sometimes the humans put some yummies through the bars at the from of our hutch, and I can smell the yumminess, it even makes me drool a little but I am too scared to go out and face the human and the other girls. I have to resort to stealing the food right from the other girls mouths (of course those are the tastiest bits). As well my ‘friend’ Ruby keeps picking on me, she says she’s only teasing but I sometimes have to run away and cry. She sometimes chases me round shouting at me. She should know that I am surely the BOSS not her, size isn’t everything you know.

How can I be more brave so I can grow up into a big and strong piggy like my Mummy and stand up to shouty piggy Ruby? 

Piggy Kisses to you all especially Buddy 🙂

Hope you can help!


Dear Tia,

As you were so charming I, Buddy The Brave, had to be the piggy to reply to your problem! You say that Ruby picks on you? Well I should first advise that you tell a responsible hooman or a furry you trust. As you have told us I think you should know that I think you are really brave. Tiny Tia, you are the biggest of heart and courage and probably of appetite too!

Use your new found bravery to demand your share of veggies and soon you will be a big piggy that even shouty Ruby won’t dare be mean to. You could even name drop about how you know me. I’m sure the others will be really jealous!

Take small steps. First go up to the bars and take anything the others drop. Then try taking something from a hooman. If Ruby is mean then just ignore her. Nothing else will annoy her more and she will soon give up. If you eat all your veggies you will grow big and strong and then Ruby won’t push you around.

If any furry else has confidence tips for Tia please comment! For now my dearest Tia I must bid you a furry sad farewell. I hope whee has helped you and you become the brave ladypig you were meant to be!

Piggy Kisses

Buddy The Brave (AKA – Babe Magnet!)

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