Please pray for Nutty. He made it through another night but today he is worse again. The hoomans and vets are fighting for him. He is taking a little food this morning, but struggling to swallow. Nacho was trying to help take care of him.

Now whee hope the vets can find a miracle cure. So far none of the tests confirm what is wrong with him so he is being treated for a few things in the hope one with work.

Keep him in your thoughts and send him healing vibes. Whee are keeping hoping.



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  1. We are sending all our love and healing hugs for Nutty ((((((hugs)))))) and we will keep all our things crossed for Nutty to get better soon Love from the whole gang Fozziemum xxxxxxxx

  2. I have my paws crossed and l’m sending all my love and hugs for nutty. I hope the medicine works and he’s feeling comfy. Bisous Bailey

  3. We are sending prayers and healing hugs for our good friend Nutty and ALL of you as you wait to see if Nutty can battle back from his latest bout of respiratory problems. I’m sure Nacho is especially worried because he obviously captured Nutty’s heart from the day he joined him in his cage. We hope Nutty can “feel the love” from all around the globe for him and use that love as energy to pop back into good health.

    Soft Kitty Hugs from Sammy (and his Mom)

  4. Get better very soon Nutty! We’ve only just met, we have so much fun still to have.

  5. Sending more thoughts, purrayers and hugs for all of you.
    Feel better soon, Nutty!
    Love, Sundae (and her Motor Pawrents)

  6. Mom and I are sending happy, healing thoughts to Nutty. Nacho is too sweet playing nurse….

    Love and licks,

  7. Sending some positive healing energy to sweet Nutty and thanks to Nacho for being such a good companion. We are all pulling for you!!

  8. We are so sad for Nutty. Paws crossed for that miracle!

  9. Sending prayers and healing thoughts to Nutty. Hoping with all my might that Nutty feels better very soon.

  10. I am just catching up with your blog but I am so sorry to hear about Nutty. I hope they find what is wrong soon. Have you changed bedding or anything new lately? Something doesn’t have cedar chips in it that maybe you didn’t know about? Please know that my piggies and I are sending piggy pways and poodle power of good carma to him. I will keep up to hear updates.

    • Thank you for your thoughts. Sadly Nutty passed away in the afternoon. Whee miss him terribly.

      Whee have heard about the dangers of there cedar chips. But Nutty has been suffering with this on and off for just over 7 months


  11. da tabbies o trout towne

    nutty. sendin ST Francis’ blessins two ewe that ewe get ta feelin reely better reely quik N de vetz can findz a cure. we hope ya dinna swallow sum thin & it getted sticked in yur throatz. ouch. feel better N bee better soon~~~~~. xxxxxxx

  12. Prayers on the way for Nutty. Hang in there little guy.

    Xxx OOO,
    Squeaks and Steviee

  13. Not even knowing what’s wrong is the worst.

  14. Awww :/ putting your trust in vets is not easy.. i’m going to be thinking of nutty constantly now. Hoping he’ll be better soon..

  15. Speedy and I send super snuggles,cuddles and lots of love to Nutty,and Are keeping him in our prayers and thoughts,get well soon Nutty,xx Speedy and Rachel

  16. princess guinea and ariel

    Reblogged this on Princess Guinea and Ariel and commented:
    and poor nutty, the more likes the more hope!!

  17. princess guinea and ariel

    pooor nutty!! ; ::::::::: ( you just made me so sad. Ariel and princess guinea.

  18. Dear Nutty, please get well. I’m so sad that you feel bad and I hope the vet will find out, what’s wrong with you and can help you. I cross my paws and you are in my thoughts.

  19. Nutty looks pretty sick. Please hang on and get better little friend. You are very loved.

    • Thank you for your thoughts. Sadly Nutty passed away in the afternoon. He suffered a seizure and Mummy had to make the decision to help him on his journey as he was in pain and whee could not bear it.

      Whee miss him terribly.


      • Those pictures and the trouble swallowing thing made me very afraid of this. I’m so terribly sorry Amy. Absolutely crying with you right now. Very big hugs to you and Nacho from me. Love to you all from me and my crew. Bless you.

  20. Sending lots of love to you all. We can see what fantastic care he is getting. my heart goes out to you and your family Nutty xxxx

  21. Oh no šŸ˜¦ Get better soon little Nutty! Will be thinking of him.

  22. Poor, sweet Nutty. I really hope he’ll be better soon. Piggies can be so sensitive and difficult to treat. I lost a guinea pig once because his back teeth had grown to such an angle that it blocked his tongue. The first two vets I went to didn’t even know a guinea pig had teeth in the back of his mouth. The third vet found the problem immediately, but my baby had grown too weak :/

  23. Thinking of Nutty and all of you and continuing to keep my paws crossed.

  24. Miss D and mommy will keep Nutty in our thoughts!

  25. Mum n me iz purrayin sumfing fierce here fer Nutty!!!
    Nacho keepz up da guud nursin!!
    We purray yer Vet figurez out da missteree n can find sum meddycashun to make Nutty bettur!!
    Pawz n fingerz crossed here!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen ā¤

  26. Oh Nutty we really really really want you to get better very soon. Nacho you are so kind looking after him so please keep it up. We just want Nutty to get better more than anything. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO
    Love from Daisy and Cress

  27. Please tell Nutty that there are three dogs, two cats and one parrot here wishing for a full recovery. The two people here are too!

  28. No no nose!!!! not me sweet Nutty!!! Me n Mum are all leakey eyed here….we are so so sowwy fer da loss of Nutty!!! We wishez we cuud do sumfing to make da hert go away.
    We iz here fer da rest of ya n we givez gentle *head rubz* to all.
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen xoxoxo

  29. Me and Nellie are very sorry to be told of Nutty’s passing over the rainbow bridge. Nellie is particularly sad as Nutty was her date to the Mollie and Ranger’s Valentine day ball. He was such a handsome piggy. We are all thinking of you all. Love Nellie and Jasper.

  30. Sending massive misaki hugs xx

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