Goodbye My Friend

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal   ~ Anon

It breaks our hearts to be bringing you this sad news. It seems like only yesterday Nibbles left us for the rainbow bridge. As you know Nutty has been very unwell. Despite Mummy’s and the vets best efforts Nutty deteriorated rapidly. He suffered a seizure which left him unable to move normally, swallow, or see. Mummy made the heartbreaking decision to ease him to sleep, for his journey over the rainbow bridge, on Monday afternoon.

She says that there is a huge Nutty shaped hole in her heart. He was so special and very little when he first came to us. To help her process that he was gone, she spent the evening creating a video to honor him. She cried so much making it. Whee hope you will like it.

Please consider lighting a candle for him here –

Thank you for all your kind words, whee still cannot believe he is gone

Run free over the rainbow bridge darling Nutty.

Mummy, Nacho, Buddy & Basil



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  1. We send our deepest condolences. It is so heartbreaking to lose our furry family members. OUr hearts break for you and we are praying for you and we know that Nutty and Nibbles are together again. We know the heartbreak all too well… lots of collies hugs….
    In sadness,
    the collies and chuck

  2. Oh no! This is so sad, our hearts go out to you and your mom. This seems so sudden. We are so sorry to see this news!

  3. Oh boys I’m so so sorry for your loss. Darling Nutty with his beautiful piggy lips and cheeky smile. He has gone to join his beloved Nibbles. Your video has both mum and I in tears, a pawesome tribute to such a dear little angel. Our thoughts are with you. Bisous Bailey

  4. Aw…..we are hurting for you. We have lit a candle in remembrance of Nutty. Sending you special kitty purrs of comfort.
    Love, Sundae and Motor Mommy

  5. Oh Hutch, you got me crying. I will make sure Bailey looks for Nutty. She would love him because she was so gentle. My thoughts are with you all….I lit a candle too. xo

  6. Oh no, we are so sorry for your loss 😦 We know just how heartbreaking it is. We have lit a candle and we are thinking of you during this difficult time. xoxo Katie and Coccolino

  7. I am so sorry for your loss. He was a cool guy. Alfalfa enjoyed hearing about him when I read your blog posts to him. He will be missed. – Kerry Anne and Alfalfa

  8. Oh, no!!! I am so sorry for your loss! I will light a candle in honor of Nutty! Thank you so much for allowing us to get to know your boy, and all future fans of your blog will now have a way to read about an adorable being that touched so many hearts!

  9. My heart is broken . I know how much you all loved your Nutty. I know your mommy did all that she could. I also know that had to be a very hard decision but one that chosen because she loved him. I am so sorry for everypawdy.

  10. What a beautiful tribute video. So touching. My heart is so sad. 😦

  11. Lots of love and condolences to you and the piggies! Nutty will be waiting by the Rainbow Bridge watching over you. Wuvyoowooowooo, Ku

  12. For us, Kenzie was less than a year ago. Two for you in such a short period of time. Life is short, we must live it well and Kenzie, Nibbles and Nutty did that.

  13. We are so sorry to hear of your loss. We are heartbroken for you too. Sending you doggie hugs to ease your pain. Love from all of us at Nikitaland, Nikita & Bella

  14. da tabbies o trout towne

    God’s speed two ewe nutty as ewe cross rainbow bridge. whee hope yur familee
    can find comfortz in knowin ewe R free oh pain N sufferin N ewe haz noe
    mor sickness now N ewe R in heaven. thiz iz knot good bye, meer lee, until we meet
    again. whee R trooly sorree nutty’s familee for yur loss, yur tribute videe oh
    two him showz how veree much nutty iz N all ways will be loved. xxxxxx frum all oh
    uz in trout towne

  15. What words are they to convey how sad I am with you tonite. We have not known each other long but in the short time we have shared blogs & a bit of our lives I have gotten so attached to your Guinea Pigs….I think we all feel the loss of Nutty deeply!! May he run free at the Bridge with Nibbles & may your hearts heal from your loss with time.
    Please accept my sympathy.
    Sincerely Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue.
    P.S.: I am off to light a candle in memory of sweet Nutty ❤

  16. Yow diz Nylablue n Mum just went n lit 2 candlez fer Nutty…Mum iz S-E. T. n me iz NB so ya nose who iz who. me iz still furry shocked to find out me sweet Nutty iz gone to da Bridge. Me wishez me cuud give ya head rubz n snuggle wif ya to try n comfert ya….me da Kitteh who never liked G-Pigz n fell in LUB wif Nutty ferst…den Buddy n Basil n Nacho….me will never furget Nutty…
    *leaky eyez*
    Nylablue xo

  17. I am so sorry to hear about nutty. Nibbled will take good care of him and so will bingo. Until you all meet again. *hugs to mum*

  18. I am so sorry for your loss 😦

  19. Thank you, Nutty, for touching my heart.
    My love to his family.

  20. I just realized I forgot Annie’s birthday, she was 1 on Sunday.

    I was thinking about her and Eleanor — Eleanor was only two weeks older than Nutty, but glad you got to love him longer than I had with her.

    I’m numb and sobbing with you (doesn’t take much these days). Love and blessings to you all.

    • Thank you. He did mean so very much to us all. It doesn’t take much to have Mummy in tears either these days. This year has not been a nice one so far. Whee are hoping it gets better


      • Still thinking of you. Working on a post about Annie (including baby pictures) which will hopefully make you smile a little. Hang in there friend, and give lots of cuddles to the Popcorn King.

      • Thank you, will do. Nacho is looking so lost at the moment, it’s heartbreaking


      • Yes, that was baby Eleanor (less than 10 weeks old) with Felix, and Annie who was only about eleven or twelve weeks old with Eleanor. I know that bewildered baby guinea pig look well. What was really hard with Eleanor, was that up until Wentworth met Annie, Eleanor was the only guinea pig in the world he knew — he was as lost as Annie was. But now they found each other and three sons and a daughter means everybody has a best friend (a temperamentally amazing best friend).

        Are any of Nacho’s brothers still around?

      • Unfortunately all his siblings are paired up and happily at other homes now. My first thought was ask them and see if one want to join him.

        I have sent out emails to all the local rescues and a lady who rescues from sites where people are giving up piggies for free. Occasionally she has baby piggies or lone piggies looking for a friend but she doesn’t like to give them away. Luckily I’m in her inner circle so she might let me! Nutty came from her, as did Buddy and Bingo. So I’m hopeful she might have the perfect piggy for us.


      • He’s out there somewhere, and I’m guessing he will be a rescue pig. Hugs to you.

        Yesterday, for the first time in her life — and despite the fact that all pigs got baths yesterday — Sophie decided she doesn’t hate me anymore. She’s been terrified ever since I took the boys away. Her daddy took two months longer, but he had only pig issues.

      • Whee are definitely hoping for a rescue piggy. The pet shops here often have sick piggies that aren’t treated no matter how many times you report them.


      • Yep…both my girls came sick — Eleanor with a touch of kennel cough that didn’t show up for a few days, Annie with mites (but given what an amazing piggy she is, totally worth the three vet trips).

        Harville’s mites are a mystery however. He was never near a pet shop, and he was the only one with symptoms. They seem to be especially unusually prone to mites between 3-6 weeks because of all the crazy changes in their bodies and immune systems.

        I always report the shops, and wish shops were illegal altogether. Craigslist is even worse. I realize many people would slam me for periodic litters, but I always keep all and never breed anyone genetically, confirmationally or temperamentally problematic.

      • Unlike some piggy owners I have nothing against people who chose to breed. It doesn’t hurt anyone so why shouldn’t you?!

        Pet shops are just awful though. Bingo was originally from a pet shop and he came with mites, ringworm, inner ear infection and genetic issues. I took him because the lady rescued him and said he was very unwell and needed nursing. Hopefully he just the six months he was with us before it all became too much.


    • It’s always a health risk for starters. I am very aware that I’ve shortened Annie’s life expectancy dramatically. Additionally, my beloved pigs are taking the spots in my life that could belong to rescue pigs. Wentworth’s dear daddy Watson was a rescue pig. He’s the not-the-favorite in my sister’s herd, but I love him best. It’s eerie that Benwick looks — and acts — so much like his grandmother, and Frederick is a near carbon copy of his grandfather in temperament (though Sophie looks most like Watsie, Frederick looks most like Wentworth). Sophie has her father’s temperament (THROUGH AND THROUGH!!!!!). Harville has Wentworth’s face, Annie’s markings, and is a good mix of what makes his parents delightful.

      Not all pet shops are equally awful, but they do perpetuate so much that is wrong. Animals are not commodities.

  21. My deepest sympathies. It’s so hard when our furry friends leave us. They help to keep the world together.

  22. What a beautiful video. It certainly brought a tear to my eye but I couldn’t help but smile and chuckle too as Nutty was so cute and a cheeky chappy. You were so lucky to have him but he was so lucky to have you. He and his pals have certainly touched many lives! I have lit a virtual candle and a real candle for him.. RIP Nutty xxx

    • Thank you. Whee had to make a video so he could be remembered for the wonderful pigsonality he shared with us.

      He was such a special boy and there is a big Nutty shaped hole in our lives


  23. I am so sorry. Nutty lived a good life filled with the best family and friends and we know how much you cared for him and fought to keep him well. It is just sad that we can’t have our best friends with us for longer. Thank you for sharing your video with us.

    • Thank you. The worst part is, he was not all that old. He had so much more to give. The maybes and could haves are so hard to swallow. At least whee have those memories of him to keep us going


  24. This is such sad news and I’m so sorry to hear about poor Nutty. It’s amazing just how fast the little furries can decline 😦 We will never forget you sweet Nutty!

    • Nutty had unfortunately been ill on and off for many months. Mummy kept it off the blog because it wasn’t too bad, but when he started going downhill very quickly whee had share his journey. Whee hoped he would fight it off again but I think deep down, whee knew this time he wasn’t going to make it.


  25. We are so sorry for your loss and know the whole and emptiness left in your heart,
    Annabelle and Mollysue send piggy hugs.

  26. I’m so sorry for your loss. My heart is aching for you and I know that there’s nothing in the world that could make you feel better right now. Still, know that all the pet blogggers are here to comfort you. We could all see that Nutty was a special and beautiful guinea pig, and though we never met him in ‘person’, we all loved him in our way. Hugs.

  27. We are so upset. We left you a candle. We know that all you guinea pigs and mummy will be very upset at the moment, but one thing that everyone here will remember is that darling Nutty had one of the best families out there and was looked after extremely well and that he had a very happy life. Nutty was wonderful and a special guinea pig, and still is, amd even though we cannot see him, he is still here having a wonderful time in Rainbow Bridge. And he lives on in our memories and hearts where he will always be when we need him.

    Love and hugs from Daisy, Cress and their little Mum xoxoxoxoxoxo

  28. We are so very sad to hear Nutty has gone over the Bridge….although we are glad he no longer has to fight the hard fight and feel bad any more. He’s with Nibbles and all those before….and he’s watching over Nacho and all of you as any good Nutty would do. He was absolutely adorable – we loved his kind sweet eyes and dear expressions. I know you are all heartbroken and we all send every ounce of love and comfort possible…..

    Hugs from Sammy and his Mom……..from the heart.

  29. Such a lovely video sorry that you have had to say goodbye to sweet Nutty what a sweet little man 😦 Nibbles will surely be with him at the Rainbow Bridge and pain free and frolicking in sweet grass..little comfort when your heart wants him with you.Love and Condolences to your whole family furry and non furry from Bev and all our gang xxxxx

  30. Awwww Nutty. I am so sorry. The video was so sweet, thank you for sharing it. Nutty’s little face could make a smile break out. I wish with all my heart he wasn’t gone from you. I know he is with Nibbles. Hugs to you and hopes that when you think of him and his little face you smile. I know you have a special place in your heart where you have tucked Nutty forever.

    • Whee wish with all our everythings that he was still with us too. Even though whee know it was the right choice to stop his hurting that doesn’t lessen the pain for us and the quiet emptiness of the house without him


  31. We are all so saddened by this news 😦 Nutty was such a special baby. This is reminding me of when I lost my beloved hamster, (Cooch) I am so deeply sorry xoxoxo

  32. I’m so sorry to read this. Hugs to you all xx

  33. My heart is broken for all of and Mummy. Sweet Nutty is now healthy and dashing through the grass with Nibbles. I lit a candle for him, purrrrs, Savvy and Mom Linda

  34. Oh no 😦 I am so sorry to hear this 😦 Popcorn free Nutty. Lots of cuddles to you all xx

  35. I’m so sorry, that Nutty had to go. He has always a place in my heart as the wonderful Nutella-Boy.
    I will lit a cndle for him….

  36. Such a beautiful video. Saying goodbye is so hard, made even harder by the far-too-short lifespans of such beautiful little things as flowers, butterflies, and our four-legged friends. You are in our thoughts.

  37. beautiful video. will miss nutty. nacho, basil, and buddy be strong for yourselves and mummy.

    nutty, had never met you but it was wonderful knowing you and your gang! will miss you and say hi to nibbles and cchoto baby from me. please look out for the two of them 🙂


  38. Goodbye Nutty….
    Love, Leo

  39. Oh this is so sad,Mummy is leaking as we type this,at least he is with Nibbles and running free,You guys will see him again of that we are sure,we love you guys and your Mummy,snuggles and hugs ,xx Speedy and Rachel

  40. So sorry for your loss. Nutty was loved.

  41. I am in shock. I can’t bear to watch the video, it’s too upsetting. You are very brave making it. I am so very sorry for your loss. Huge love, hugs, wheeks and kisses. Sandra, Snuggles, Daisy, Peaches and Cinnamon. xxxxx Rest in peace Nutty, whee will always love and miss you.

    • The video contains a collection of favourite home videos and pigtures of him. Mummy was just in pieces and wanted to be alone but felt she had to do something. The song is such a sad one but perfectly fits how whee all feel right now.

      The memories of his greatness and perfection will comfort us in the days ahead. Though the house is darker, quieter and emptier without him in it.


  42. princess guinea and ariel

    i lit a candle, and I’m writing a post! without nutty and the other peegs, my blog would not have been made possible! But my blog will not be the same without my inspiration, neither will any of us dedicated to nutty.

  43. You’ve made the most beautiful tribute for sweet Nutty. So sorry you’ve lost your dear friend and thank you for sharing his loving nature, cute piggy lips and sweetness with us. Take Care.

  44. I’m very sorry to hear this. Rest assured he had a great life, full of love. Hope you feel better soon.

  45. I am so sorry, you must all be feeling very sad. The video is beautiful, he was a special guinea pig.

  46. So very sorry to hear about Nutty – a great loss to you and the rest of us. Such a star piggy and you made him a really moving tribute.

  47. Awwww guy’s we are so sorry to hear about little Nutty..He was a star and will be forever in our hearts. Hugs and love to all of you xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  48. I am sorry for your loss. What a cute little guy. Hugs and purrs.
    Sue B

  49. So sorry for your loss. Too many friends running for the Bridge lately. Sending all our love, prayers, purrs and hugs from the kitties at, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  50. Oh, we did not know and we are so very sorry that sweet Nutty has gone off to The Bridge. I know it must still be painful for you and the piggies so keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. We have two sweet piggies at The Bridge maybe they will meet sweet Nutty. Hugs and nose kisses

  51. So sorry for your loss. Rest in peace, Nutty. Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  52. I’m so sorry, I don’t know what to say. Me and the kitties will send good vibes your way. I hope you and the piggies are going to be okay.

  53. Oh this video made me cry x

  54. Oh no. 😦 I am so sorry x

  55. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss! Nutty was such a wonderful piggie. Just lit a candle in his honor.

    Many furry hugs from NYC.

  56. Oh no! What a little cutie he was.

  57. Oh my. I’m so very sorry to learn of this sad news. Late, yes, I don’t know how I missed it. But I’m so sad for you.

    aROOO, Stuart

  58. Sending you all a massive hug!!

  59. Made my cry, such a nice video x

  60. I’m so sorry that you lost beautiful Nutty, he was a great guinea pig and, I have lost Piggie friends in the past my closest Ginger but, she is with Nutty running free. Don’t worry their will be more Piggie friends for you guys to play with and, one day you’ll join Nutty running free.

  61. Had tears in my eyes here 😥 So sad but what a touching and wonderful tribute to Nutty. Some gorgeous photos in that video too,such a cutie! Sorry this is so late but I am truly saddened by your loss 😦 They’re members of the family and its so horrible to go through. Your blog shall continue in his memory, lots of love and furry snuggles, Gemma, Casper and Dexter xx

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