Sweet Surprise On A Shaky Sunday

Well as you know, yesterday whee had to get a parcel for me, from the post office. For some silly reason they wanted my id! Nutty wasn’t very well in the morning and had to go to the vets so Mummy said I could come along to keep him company. (I’ll explain more about the vets later.)

On the way home whee stopped early and I knew whee weren’t home yet. Then our carrier was lifted and whee were carried somewhere. I could hear the whir of something, like the printer box with the compawter. There was a soft murmur of voices but nothing I could fully make out until a loud, bored sounding voice said “Next.”

I jumped as the carrier rocked and whee moved forwards. “Card.” said the same bored sounding hooman as before. There was a long pause broken only by shuffling noises and the occasional hooman cough. “ID.” demanded the voice. Mummy’s voice followed, so soft I couldn’t make out what she said. Apparently the hooman couldn’t either, “What?” snapped the hooman rudely. “I don’t have ID for the person the parcel is addressed to, it’s my guinea pig.” Mummy finally said loudly. After a second of absolute silence the hooman laughed. And a few other hoomans laughed. My carrier rocked again and then the roof opened slightly. I looked suspiciously out at the strange hoomans. There was more laughter and other hoomans waiting asked why I didn’t have a drivers license or something like that. This whole time the postie-man just laughed. Mummy proved who she was and they handed over the parcel, saying they hoped whee enjoyed it and had a great day. One even said they hoped Nutty was better soon.

When whee got home Mummy let me open my parcel. She was going to try to get pigtures of me opening it, but I was too excited and bouncy and she didn’t trust me not to escape while she took pigtures! So here is what was in my parcel prize from my furfriend Sammy the cat!

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Those apple sticks look deeeeee-licious.

Unfortunately whee are going to have to end this post on a sad note. Nutty was taken to the vets yesterday due to a recurring respiratory problem which has been coming and going for months. He became significantly worse yesterday morning and whee rushed to the vets. During the course of yesterday his health declined rapidly and the hoomans were very worried. Whee are pleased to report he made it through last night, though he is struggling to breathe properly right now and cannot eat or drink for himself. Though he did eat a small piece or parsley and chewed on one of Sammy’s apple sticks so he is trying. With a great team of vets, furfriends and clever cavy savvy people advising us and all our hoomans there is still some hope but the signs are not good right now.


Please send my Daddy Nut, all your healing love and support.

Whee will update you as soon as whee can.



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  1. I’m so happy the package arrived and Nacho proved he was “worthy” of getting it from the silly postal people but then very, VERY sad to hear about my good friend Nutty. I am of course praying BIG prayers for him…he is a brave boy and I know that everyone in the blogosphere is hoping he pops back from this setback with his little lung issues. We send BIG healing hugs his way and hope he surprises everyone and is back keeping little Nacho company in the cage ASAP.

    Love and Hugs, Sammy (and his Mom)

  2. I’m so sorry Nutty is still poorly. Me and my two pigs, Woody and Rex, are sending him all our love. We hope he can get comfy. You are doing your best for him and that’s all you can do xx

  3. I’m glad Nacho got his parcel and at least the people who were in the post office had a good laugh. I will send all my healing power and all my best wishes to Nutty. Please get well dear piggy.

  4. So sorry to hear about Nutty. With that name it is hard not to laugh even when the situation is dire! We hope he improves and maybe all those great treat will be the motivation he needs to fight through this.

    • Whee certainly hope so. He’s actually named after Nutella chocolate spread but somefurry told Mummy Nutella was a girly name so he became Nutty. Whee are hoping this medicine will help but he is very weak right now


  5. Hang in there, Nutty. Mom and I are saying prayers for you.

    Love and extra special healing licks,

  6. Get well Nutty,you’re tough cookie so you know you can do it,super snuggle from Speedy xx

  7. Love from me and the Wigglewhiskers clan, and prayers for sweet Nutty. Whether you know it or not you could make all the difference little Nacho-dude. Blessings for your Sunday.

    • They did say that I have already helped him. I dragged food and vegetables over to him and snuggled up to him last night. Mummy says I’m very sweet, I just want my Nutty to be better and play with me.


      • I didn’t know Eleanor was terminally ill (cancer, I think) when I got Annie.

        No…I didn’t get Annie, that amazing girl picked me.

        Annie helped Eleanor enjoy her last two months. I’ve seen piggy friends bring sick pigs back from the brink of death (one notable case was Felix spending days when I wasn’t home with his ancient 7½ year-old daddy, and nights when I was home (and could monitor Teddy) with his brother Greggy.

        I’m so happy to have three pairs and no lonely piggies right now (though I do have one big sow and one getting bigger sow who need baths…).

        Bless you Nacho boy, and still praying Nutty feels better soon. Keep up the good work little dude.

      • Whee are trying very hard and Mummy has been coaxing and syringe feeding him every two hours even through the night. It’s exhausting but whee are determined to do all whee can for him.


  8. Oh geez, poor Nutty. Sorry to hear this, sending healing thoughts his way. Hope he will recover really soon. Glad to see you had a parcel to cheer you up with treats for everyone to share. Sammy and Pam are ever so sweet to send it. Big Hugs

  9. All my love to Nutty!! Get to feeling better soon.

  10. What a topsy turvy time..firstly good for mum taking you to collect your mail and what a delightful bunch of treats you got from Sammy! Now to Nutty we are sending our love and as many healing paws and hooves as we have here..and we have lots!! so that’s 16 cat paws,8 dog paws and 12 sheepie hooves all going to work on helping Nutty..plus huge hugs from me Fozziemum xxxxxx

  11. Now that news ruined my day. Hopefully good news tomorrow will brighten it!

  12. Nutty we hope you get better very very soon. Sending you all our love. Bisous Bailey

  13. Sending Nutty lots of love and good thoughts.

  14. Glad you were able to get your package. your mummy doesn’t need to be embarrassed, it sounds like you made the postie-man’s day!

  15. Aw….sending purrayers for Nutty – hope he’ll be feeling better soon!
    I’m sure your package From Sammy and his mommy was just wonderful – they’re the bestest.
    Love, Sundae

  16. Oh it’s great you got your parcel! We are sending lots and lots of healing love to Nutty xoxoxox
    Lots of get well soon love from Daisy and Cress


  17. Lots of positive vibes to Nutty xxx big furry hugs mate xxx

  18. hello hutchizens its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am glad yoo got yore loot frum the postal serviss but sorry to heer nutty is not dooing wel we no frum ekspeeryense heer that wen yoo kannot breethe not mutch else matters!!! we wil be sending menny tail wags for nuttys rekuveree!!! ok bye

  19. Nacho we iz so happy ya got yer parcel n we fink yer Mum waz bery clever to just take ya in da Post Office…maybee da Postie peeple will bee happier now dat dey met ya both!!!
    Yer giftiezlook bery nommie n we hope ya enjoy dem all. As fer Nutty oh purrleeze KatGod n Guineea Piggie God let Nutty get all bettur n not leave all of us….*putz pawz togther n purrayz*
    Lub Nylablue xo

  20. Oh, that’s a good story abouts the postie office!!! BOL So glads your Moms brought you along for ‘proof’!
    So sorry to hear abouts Nutty. I will keep my paws crossed real tight for him that he gets all betters and that the good peeps can figure out how to make him all betters!!
    Ruby ♥

  21. We are sending good vibes and prayers to Nutty for him to be back in good health real quick.

  22. Sounds like you sure brightened up that bored Human’s day! The mother and I hope your Pawpaw gets better soon. 🙂

  23. Oh poor nutty. Paws crossed for you xxx

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