Unbelievable . . .

I had been warned of things I might face in my new home. I had been warned of strange smells, and people. I had been warned of new cage layouts and veggies.

But then Mummy changed the rules and went “off road”, so to speak. She loaded me in my carrier, against my very vocal protests and took me to the ‘car’. I hated it. The loud rumbling, bouncy machine that took me away from my Buddy.

I hunched in the dark corner, feeling confused. Did they not like me? Was I being sent away?

The whee arrived . . . somewhere and sat quietly for a time. Sunlight flooded in as, finally, my carrier was opened. A lady dressed in blue scooped me out. She had a funny necklace round her throat. Mummy tells me not to munch on her jewellery but I could not resist this piece. “Leave my stethoscope alone!” the woman scolded gently. She cuddled me for a moment, lulling me into a false sense of security. Then, without warning, the torture began.

Flipping me around she looked at my bottom with interest. “Definitely a boy.” she laughed cheerily.

I chattered my teeth and gave an outraged squeak of reply. I could have told them that. After what felt like hours of being poked and prodded Mummy put me back in the carrier and brought me home. I asked her how she could do that to me. She replied some rubish about getting me registered with the vet and checked up. I grumbled to Buddy who told me about the other horrors a V.E.T can inflict upon us.

Tell me its not true. Any vet horror stories?!


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  1. Whee are not very keen on going to the V.E.T, last time, I , Daisy, showed them what I thought, by way of urination over their table, the problem was that half of it went on mummy’s jacket and it took her about 40 minutes to get us home. By that time it had sunk in like a piggy perfume, lovely!
    Daisy xx

  2. No horror here! They give cuddles and TREATS!

    Love and licks,

  3. Consider yourself lucky that she didn’t need to take your temperature! And my dogs get acupuncture, which has a good effect but not all that fun while it’s going on….

  4. Aw, Basil, Sorry you were subjected to that torture. Glad it didn’t last too long. Vets aren’t fun, but mine is nice, so that helps a LITTLE!
    Love, Sundae

  5. Good on you for only nibbling her funny necklace, my sister has a bunny who tasted the V.E.T.S finger and discovered a) they’re not very tasty at all, kind of rubbery. And b) V.E.T.s squeek very loudly when nibbled on unlike yummy carrots. Carrots definitely dont squeek.
    We have bad memories of the ole V.E.T.S, but theyre good people really. Just sometimes they have to do difficult and horrible things. P.s hammy wisdom for you, if you tinkle on their shiny tables, they’ll give you back to your hooman super quick. Works every time!! ;D

  6. I always pee on the heater of the vet office after treatment. Hope you will get some extra treats and hugs for this horrible adventure….

  7. Poor Basil! The indignities we animals have to suffer sometimes BUT just remember your Mummy loves you and wants to make sure you’re healthy and that you and Buddy will be pals for a very long time……..I hope you got a treat when you got home???

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  8. I like going to the vets, I always get cuddles, treats and maybe a new toy too!

  9. The vet stories are NOT true!

  10. Believe me…vets have your best interest at heart! If there can be a better way to check your temperature, though, without invading the bum-bum, that would be great! Taylor’s vet is fully aware of her (and I quote) “butt issues”. I know…TMI! πŸ˜‰

  11. princessandariel

    how long has your website been running?

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