*Clatter . . . Click . . . Clack*

You may wonder what I am doing.

*Clatter . . . Clatter*

Well I am currently throwing pixel pebbles at the blog window of a piggy who recently admitted something which shocked and surprised me. Yes I am talking about Clover’s Confession. It was completely unexpected. How anyfurry can fall in love with me?! I am not wise like Nibbles. Nor handsome like Buddy. Nor even young and spritely like Basil. I’m just me. Though Clover has not yet written to me I must share a poem I wrote for her:

(admittedly Buddy helped a little cos he knows about being charming and poetic!)

They say roses are for the romantics,
But I personally prefer Clover,
Yes, subtle and more sweet,
Crashing into me like a super nova,
With eyes that shine like rubies,
And a coat of black and white,
If she says she loves me too,
Then I would always treat her right.
There is nothing I love more,
Than to here her squeak her my name,
And when she said she was in love,
I thought I’d go insane.
How could it be?
Was there somefurry else, breaking into her affection?
Yes. I see I was jealous then,
And blind upon reflection.
I advised her on the best way,
To make her feelings known,
But I’d never used them myself,
I was shy, that’s all I’ve shown.
I was broken hearted,
I thought I’d missed my go,
Then she wrote that post,
And my heart began to glow.
For all the love I’d kept inside,
And all my shy old fear,
Seemed to melt away,
And my hope did reappear.
It was me,
All along,
That she admired from afar,
And I admired her myself,
She was my guiding light, my star.
If she truly loves me,
And says “Where art thou Nut”,
Then I’d climb up her hutch balcony,
And find her window not shut.
And then whee can admit our feeling,
Finally reveal the contents of our hearts,
And then whee would discover,
How furever loves starts.

Do you think she will like it? Are there any other ways I can prove my love to her?!

A love struck


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  1. Wonderful poem of love, Nutty!
    Love, Sundae

  2. What a lovely poem – I think you could teach the hoomans a thing or two.

  3. What a cute poem – I love romantic piggies

  4. So charming – it should sweep her off her feet!

  5. Nutty this is a lovely declaration of love and Clover will swoon with delight when you present it to her! I think the two of you would make a stunning couple…..!!

    Kitty Hugs and Good Luck! Sammy

  6. You are so sweet, of course you will be loved and admired.
    FYI – Passed on an addictive award to you today:

  7. Love it! 🙂 very talented poet!

  8. Don’t sell yourself short, Nutty! You are definitely a cutie pie…and a wonderful poet! 🙂

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