Saturday Nut Fever!

Cute Baby Me asking your forgiveness! (I’m wearing the jumper to stop me from itching a sore on my back)

Ok, I know that today whee were going to reveal the wet pet pigture winners but whee gotta say there has been lots of entries and Mummy begs a little more time because she is a little bit too tired.

Instead the winners will be revealed tomorrow. (I said she should try power naps and lots of fresh hay and grass but she just laughed – the cheek of it!)

So today will give you an inside look at my Saturday!

A behind the scenes with your favourite furfriend if you like!

A Saturday In The Life Of Nutty Nut Nutkin!

8:45 – I wake up to fresh food and water nomming a nice brekkie before settling down in fresh hay for a nap.

9:00 – I notice that no piggy has squeaked at Mummy for at leasy five minutes and begin demands for eleven o”clock veggies . . . To no avail.

10:00 – Glare at all hoomans and look half starved and pathetic. It is difficult with fluffy tummy fur like mine but I try all the same.

11:00 – Mummy FINALLY gives us veggies to loud squeaking and popcorning round the cage.

12:00 – After eating veggies, begging for more and having a cuddle I settle down for a lengthly nap.

3:00 – Mummy wakes me for cuddles and lets me run around the living room, if it is cool enough on a hot day, or warm enough on a cold day, I head into the garden for a run around a taste fresh green spaghetti straight from the lawn . . . Al fresco!

5:00 – Mummy checks food and water levels when cleaning out my lovely messy cage and makes it smell all girly. Does she not understand the work I put into smelling this boarly?!

7:00 – Brought inside from run and begin rearranging the horribly clean cage. Kicking out fresh bedding and restocking the poop piles is just the begining!!!

8:00 – Evening telly box time. Mummy lays a blanket on the sofa next to her and whee cuddle up to watch X Factor with her covering my ears when the hoomans begin to sing like strangled cats (apologies to our kitty friends but it is true!)

9:00 – Returned to cage where Mummy makes sure I drink and eat something (as she does with all the others!) and whee get evening munchie rations of hay. Nomnomnom!

9:30 – Loudly drink from the water bottle through the weather a news until Mummy gives up and says night night before heading up to bed.

9:38 – Proud of my accomplishments I wheek my good night to the others and go to bed, dreaming of all the havoc I can wreak tomorrow.

11:45 – Decide havoc cannot wait and proceed to destroy food bowl, throwing it around and tug on the water bottle till it falls off. Mummy not impressed, refixes the bottle and tidies food before rocking me to sleep in her arms.

11:59 – Back in cage I smile sleepily at Mummy. She knows I can’t wait to do it all again next Saturday!!! πŸ˜‰

What do you do on Saturday?


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  1. Nutty, you are the busiest hamster I ever heard of. And your Mum is pretty busy, too!!

    Saturday is my day work at the Veterans Home. By work, I mean we take a ride in the car. Then Mom walks me around to people in wheel chairs, and I let them pet me and cuddle with me and give me treats and say that I’m cute. Sometimes I sit on laps, and snuggle. If people can’t bend to reach me, Mom holds me up to them so they can love me. Tough job, but somebody has to do it.

    Love and happy Saturday licks,

    • You called me a hamster!!!

      I’m not a gerbil. Not a hamster. Not a fat rat. I am a guinea pig. Cavy-us cuddle-ious!

      Though I do envy your ‘job’. Maybe I can be hired out as cuddle theraphy somewhere . . . . Any takers? Cute little fluff ball, ready to snuggle for spinach! πŸ˜‰


      • Oh NO! I am so sorry! This is a sure sign that I am reading too many blogs about cute fluffy things! Hey wait a minute… Is there a blog about fat rats? I may have to look into that!

        Love and licks,

      • Someone Mummy knows called me a fat rat.
        *sucks tummy in indignantly*
        But you are forgiven. Take a look at the competition winners on our latest post. You might like them . . .


  2. Hey Mummy…give yourself a break…take several deep breaths…relax…this is a very understanding community in case you have forgotten…we will wait for you, get rest, and give those special piggies some extra Savannah Paw Pats!!!

    • Mummy is fine she just did lots of running around in the morning! Whee gave her lots of snuggles and shared those paw pats with her and now she is much better!

      Whee made her have an early night and let her lie in in the morning. Aren’t whee good little pigglies?! πŸ™‚


  3. Sounds like my routines pretty similar to yours Nutty. I wake, have breakfast sit and watch Beloved eat and make sure she doesn’t forget to take us out to the dog park (she does sometimes you know). Then it’s home for a nap. Lunch and a nap. Dinner and a nap. Evening tv watching either upside down in front of the tv or being cuddled by Beloved. Her lap gets a little small because there is me and then on top of me and Beloved is The Princess. Beloved tells us we are not really lap dogs but we don’t take any notice. The Princess lies upside down in her arms and I curl up on her lap!
    We’re comfortable but Beloved sometimes complains!! Can’t think why πŸ™‚

  4. My goodness Nutty, there’s never a dull moment around your house is there? And that’s just YOUR routine – you have three other piggies there who have THEIR routines so I suppose your Mummy is constantly tending to one of you! Sounds like you boys keep her hopping! Saturday at my house is usually very quiet. I spent time with my parents on the front porch if the weather is nice and maybe have a munch of grass if there’s any long enough to munch! I’ll look forward to seeing all the entries in your latest contest tomorrow along with the rest of the world….meanwhile, Happy Sunday!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. Sounds like you are busy piggies! On saturdays I take my mummy to training class, that usually wears her out bol

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