And The Results Are In!

Well the time is here. Time to tell you the winner of our Wet Pet Competition. Whee have managed to pick our favourite, though it took a long time and lots of munchies. Whee think you will agree that Miss Cupcake has perfected the “How-could-you-hooman-slave?!” look and bagged herself first place!

Blaze the piggy (RIP) bags his hoomans second place with an adorable look of disgust as he asks “Why?!”

Third place is taken by our feathered friend, Angel, who claims to enjoy baths . . . Strange, very strange.

Whee did have some amazing entries (a short list of which whee will release tomorrow)

Whee hope you enjoyed seeing wet pets and understand whee were just highlighting a form of torture used upon innocent furries. It wasn’t to make us giggle. Nah. Nope. Never . . . Well maybe a little!

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy


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  1. xD ROFL!!! Wait… I meaan…. Oh, what poor poor little things…. xD xD xD
    Piggeh kisses,

  2. That’s the look of a horrified dog lol, he was not having a good time.
    Congrats to the winners.

  3. Yup, “perfected” is the right word! lol

  4. Cupcake! YAY! I knew you were the cutest pup going. Now it’s official!
    Congrats to all.
    Love you, Cupcake. πŸ™‚

  5. What great winners – each so different! Cupcake and Blaze certainly don’t look too pleased but Angel knows what’s best πŸ˜‰

  6. Great pix! It must have been hard to decide on winners but Cupcake’s expression certainly takes the cake (or cupcake!). Concatulations to Cupcake AND Blaze for such pawsome wetness!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  7. You’ve received an award! Your blog is on FIRE! πŸ™‚ Get your award here: & share 8 unusual things & share this award with other blogs that are on fire!

  8. Thanks, piggies! This ALMOST makes the bath worthwhile. ALMOST! I am so proud to be the winner of such a fun contest! Congratulations to all the other winners as well! We are all pretty pathetic, but not in a bad way… xoxo

    Love and soggy licks,

  9. oh my!! so glad we cats don’t have to get water baths…my tongue is just fine, thank you very much!!! paw pats,Savannah

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