Sometimes You Just Need To Smile!

Hello again furfriends! Whee have been busy behind the scenes with some surprises for you, both spooky and seasonal! That’s something for you to look forward to!

For now whee have to share a sweet and funny story Mummy saw in the newspaper – Animal’s Smiling! Ok so it may be a slow news day but this certainly put a smile on Mummy’s face.

So whee thought whee would share some of our favourite smiling pigtures of us!

Hope you are smiling at your compawter and looking as funny as our Mummy probably does!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


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  1. Gorgeous smiles! So cheerful!

    Love and licks,

  2. your smiles make the world a little brighter today :o)

  3. Oh what glorious smiles you all have!!!! Very VERY cute!!

    Love and Hugs, Sammy

  4. Smile right back at you.

  5. Smiling back at you. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Aaaaw Yous all awe so cute. Me just luvs yous smilin’ faces. 🙂

    Luv ya’


  7. We love you guys and you always make us smile!

  8. Buddy wins the smile contest.

  9. Thanks for the sweet smiles little piggies. And cheers to a slow news day–if it means we get to see smiling animals, I’m all for it. 😉

  10. Smiling is such fun especially when its shared with cute fellas like you,xx Speedy

  11. **squeelin wif deelite**
    Oh G-Piggiez yer so cute n yer 🙂 ‘z cheered us up!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum x0x0x0

  12. Guinea pig lips are so adorable 😀

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