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Worrier or Warrior!

So today whee were thinking about how much whee worry about different things. I am definitely the most nervous of all us piggies. I jump at efurry noise or movement. Mummy says it’s because whee are prey animals and it shows I have good instincts, but none of the other piggies do that and it has made me think. What if I never do anything fun because I am so worried all the time?

Anyway, this wheekend I have decided I am going to be a warrior not worrier. I’m going to be braver, Mummy said I already am because I didn’t get scared of the vacuum cleaner or the noisy car from next door this morning. She said she is really proud of me. I also didn’t run away when she opened the cage!

Have you ever faced a big fear and decided to be brave? Happy Friday efurryone


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