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Home Squeak Home!

Mummy bought us a present! And it just about makes up for the baking betrayal of yesterday!

It’s a bootiful handmade sign by the lovely Stella (she’s Mollie and Alfie’s hooman) at Mollie’s Shop. They make lovely custom wooden plaques with your choice of pictures and writing. Mummy always says “Home Squeak Home” when she gets home and whee are all wheeking at her so it was perfect for us.

Whee want to say a big thank you to Miss Stella and if you are looking for a gift for yourself, or planning Pigmass, early then whee think you should really check out her shop!  Mummy is tempted by the charm bracelets for her furfriends but shhh, don’t tell anyfurry!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Nacho & Noah


ps. Mummy has been singing this a lot today, whee hope it gets stuck in your head and you are singing it too!

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