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Why do guinea pigs burrow and make hay nests?

Happy Saturday efurryone. Today’s post is something a little bit different. Whee have been asked on twitter a furry good question; Why do guinea pigs burrow in their hay and make nests?


Being the 21st Century pigs whee are whee immediately googled it to give a precise answer. Surprisingly, whee could find nothing specifically answering the question. So I, Basil B. Pig, have decided to investigate and give you my thoughts on the matter.

The first thing you should remember is that us piggies are prey animals. That means it’s important to hide and camouflage ourselves. In the wild guinea pigs are a colour called agouti which blends in very well. Mummy used to struggle to spot Nutty when he was in the garden as he somehow seemed to vanish against greens and browns.

So whee hide to protect ourselves from predators. Whenever there is a loud unexpected noise in the house whee will dash to our pigloos and hide under the hay. It’s instinct.

Another thing, probably more relating to domesticated pigs, is it keeps us warm. Whee are far more likely to burrow and make hay nest when it’s cold so Mummy gives us extra hay to hide in.

Hay is 75% of our diet so it is furry impawtent to our physical and emotional well being.

Whee hope this has answered your question twitter person and if anyone else has any idea why piggies might burrow and make nests in hay whee would love to hear it.

Where do you go when you want to be safe and/or warm?



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