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Many Reasons Monday

Hiya efurryone. Today’s post is going to be a little different because whee are letting the little hoomans and Mummy talk to you. Without further ado . . . the hoomans!!!

Hi there blogosphere. It’s nice to finally be posting directly to you without always being the piggies paws-on-writer. The reason I felt the need to write this is I have seen some people saying some pretty silly things about guinea pigs. People who really don’t know piggies and claim to be animal lovers but say these things: “Guinea pigs are boring” or “They’re not as much fun as dogs and cats” or “They’re not worth it”

So this post is about why I love my guinea pigs. You may or may not know, I spent the past eight or so years battling illness which was really tough and quite isolating, and the thing that really kept me going was coming home to those squeaky little fellas with their smiling lips and individual pigsonalities.


The simple answer to why I love my guinea pigs is; because they are my best friends. They listen without judgement, love without question, and are there in my moment of need. My piggies mean so much to me.

Any pet, big or small, smart or thick as two short planks, has the capability to change a persons life for the better. A few ways the piggies changed mine and reasons I love them are:

  • A reason to get up every morning. If they want their breakfast on time, there is no chance of that lie in!
  • Eating healthier. Believe it or not when I go shopping with my Mum we spend ages picking out and finding the piggies favourites and then look like we are on some sort of healthy eating kick when we pay! I do eat more fruit and veg than before now. But this also backfires as my Mum will be cooking and wanting to choose what veggies to have with a meal and I’ll say “you can’t have the spinach, the piggies will never forgive you” So it’s a double edged sword. Healthier eating as long as it’s not the boys favs!
  • They talk to me. No really!! Guinea pigs make so many adorable squeaks, wheeks, purrs, popcorns and when you have kept them for a bit you learn to recognise these noises and can understand them. I am sure they understand what I am saying!
  • They are intelligent. They can do some tricks. Mine will climb in and out of their cages and “go home” (get back in the cage) when asked. They will stand on their back legs to beg for food. When I put them on my lap, they wait till I give them a sign or say it’s ok before climbing up to their favourite spots on my shoulders. And best of all, they give kisses (little licks) when asked to “kiss kiss”
  • They give great cuddles. Unlike most rodent pets, they love to sit and be stroked and cuddled for long periods of time. Another sign of how clever they are is when they need to poop or pee they will stomp their back legs a few times so I can put them back before they make a mess.
  • And my Dad’s favourite thing about them is they make great lawn mowers. I am seriously considering hiring them out as professional gardeners!!

So those are the reasons I love my piggies. They are far from boring, completely worth it and just as good as any other pet!

What reasons would you give for why you love your guinea pig/cat/dog/rabbit/turtle/hamster/gerbil/etc?!

~ Amy

(Cavy Slave and Mummy to the Hutch A Good Life Piggies!)

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