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Walking In A Wagg Wonderland

Whee are furry lucky piggies you know. Whee recieved an early Pigmas gift from Dalton the dog. And being the helpful little piggies whee are, whee just had to test them out!

So, though the ‘N’ cage wasn’t too keen, Basil certainly found a new favourite treat!

What’s your favourite treat?

Thanks again Dalton and Typist! Merry Pigmas.

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

Treat Me Right!

Whee have some super exciting news. It has been a long time coming (mainly thanks to our silly hoomans damaging the camera that had all our pigtures on and having to fix it so whee could post this!) Whee noticed that a furfriend of ours, Dalton has a pack of furry friends which help him reviewing treats and foods from Wagg Pet Foods.

Of course being piggies whee couldn’t pass up a chance for free noms so whee asked if whee could join. Being a good doggy he said yes and posted us out some treats. Looking at others on his pack page whee were super nervous to see whee are the first guinea pig reviewers!

The treats whee were sent were, Wagg Small Animal Carrot Sticks

As whee haven’t really reviewed things before whee had a good think about what whee look for in a treat

Packaging : The packaging is very nice. A bright green and orange, very eye-catching and our two favourite colours!

Flavour : They are very crunchy and just the right size. Mummy has had issues with treats being too big before and getting stuck in our mouths, or being too small and getting stuck between our teeth. These are just the right size for us to sit down and spend a good five minutes nomming on!

More-ish-ness : As soon as whee finished our first taster whee wanted more! Buddy was even cheeky enough to hide his unfinished one under his paw and beg for another one! Mummy says they are treat though and whee can only have one or two for a special treat a couple of times a week.

The-Sciencey-Bit : Mummy was a little concerned at first reading the back of the packet where they recommend reducing normal food when giving these treats but she has concluded it is like her and chocolate. You just need to be sensible. With us piggies the best treats are of course veggies but every once in awhile it is great to get something a little bit special and different. Mummy says whee are all in perfect condition so there are no concerns anymore! She loves the fact there is calcium in it to keep our teeth strong. Though to much calcium, like everything can be bad for you.

Whee give these treats a 9/10

It would be good to know things like how much vitamin c for example is in them. As whee cannot produce our own vitamin c and  need a  good amount, Mummy is very conscious of getting it into us and find that sort of thing helpful when considering treats.

Anyway, here is the fun bit! Us doing the very complicated and lengthy process of ‘taste testing’!

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Please check out other Wagg pet food products. They make them for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and gerbils! If you are in the UK you might want to consider joining the pack yourself!

Thank you for sending the treat Dalton and everyone at Wagg. Please keep making delicious noms! Whee are proud to be part of your pack!

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Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


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