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Trying To Talk Thursday

Ok, the little hoomans laughed. Mummy laughed. The vet laughed. And all the other piggies laughed. Much to my shame, I am a piggy who cannot squeak. I try so very hard, honestly I do! A lot of air rushes in and out in my excitement but very little sound seems to follow, unlike efurryone elses squeaks, which are so loud a piercing they can be heard from outside the house!

Mummy decided to film me trying to squeak. This is actually one of the times I managed to make a sound so Mummy was very proud of me!

Does anyone have any tips on how to squeak? Or maybe I wasn’t born to squeak . . . maybe I should try to meow or woof? What do you think?

Happy Thurday efurryone



Go On And Giggles

Hello efurryone. Enjoying the run up to Pigoween whee hope?! Don’t forget some of our favourite blogs are running some great competitions with deadlines in the next couple of days! Sammy from One Spoiled Cat has a great pumpkin carving contest. (whee have already sent our entry!) And Mollie and Misaki are running a Pet Pigoween Dress Up Contest. (which whee have also entered!)

Now to today’s post. Whee thought about launching our final Spooktober contest today but decided to keep you hanging on so check back tomorrow for that. Instead whee are going to share a fav video of ours with funny pigtures to give you a giggle before whee get down to the scary stuff! Enjoy!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

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