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Winter Nights . . .


Nibbles & Mummy

Cuddled in my blanket,
Snuggling up to Mummy’s chin,
I know that I am safe,
Though the nights are drawing in.
The fire crackles softly,
And the lights are turned down low,
As whee lead up to that visit,
Of a furry special guest who goes “Ho Ho!”
And even though it’s cold outside,
And the dark leaves me shook up,
Mummy’s calmly sipping hot chocolate,
From her favourite guinea pig cup.
She comforts with a smile,
And whee both settle down with sighs,
Then briefly, for a minute,
Whee pause to rest our eyes.
Then they notice whee are sleeping,
And the camera captures our moment,
But even though you see our peace,
You must understand each component.
That led us to such happiness,
And helped us feel such joy,
It is not about the presents,
Or a brand new action toy.
It is about what whee share,
It is about family,
It is about those Winter Nights,
And what they mean to me.


Ps. Whee are still looking for Super Nut’s sidekick. Please get your hooman to send in an entry . . . Fast!

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