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Mindless . . .

Well, firstly, whee must tell you that the competition is now officially . . . CLOSED. Whee will be announcing the winners in the next post. It is definitely going to be a tough decision. (Molly – if you send a suitably grovelly note whee will consider allowing you as a late entry!

Now onto the main subject of our post. Mindless violence never fails to shock us. The mindlessness of the violence in that school shooting. It’s so sad. Now something violent happened at the local Scout group Christmas fair. It is not quite on the same level but these people all start somewhere. The little hoomans were helping out on a cuddly toy stall when one of them noticed shouting and laughter. He went over to investigate and found some of the older kids methodically cutting and destroying a small toy giraffe. Pulling out it’s stuffing and throwing it around. Apparently they won it and didn’t want it. So they destroyed it. Why?

The little hooman waited for them to leave and collected it up, repairing it with cardboard tubes and sellotape then brought home to Mummy. She worked for over forty minutes but finally repaired it. It needed restuffing and stitches everywhere but now he is well again. They have called him Mr Muffin – Mr Muffin who lost his stuffin’!









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