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Anyone Who Says They Sleep Like A Baby Obviously Doesn’t Have One!

So sweet and innocent looking!

He is keeping me awake at all hours. So innocent looking, yet so noisy! He has kept me awake every night since he arrived.

Jumping on the pigloo or the shoebox and bouncing around at all hours. Leaping off of things loudly. Tugging on and attacking the water bottle . . . You guessed it.


Despite being completely exhausted I am still getting on with my normal daily activities.

Tearing newspaper, chewing things I shouldn’t and eating loads of veggies!

I need parents to give me tips on handling and settling down naughty Basil. Oh yes, Basil is Behaving Badly! I cannot give him time out. He just follows me everywhere!

If I chatter my teeth, he just looks in my mouth and tries to see if I’m eating something!

He is driving me crazy!

Please help me! How do I get a him to sleep at normal times? How do I tell him off and get him to understand?!


I Ain’t Goin’ Down ‘Til The Sun Comes Up!

As you know, I am the most fun of us piggies (see naughty!) Well when whee were dancing at the ball and raiding the buffet table Nibbles pointed out that as I am the youngest maybe I should go to bed earlier. Well that went down as well as can be imagine! I told him in no uncertain terms ” I Ain’t Goin’ Down ‘Til The Sun Comes Up!”

So I partied all night, recharging occassionally with a mouthful of carrot. It was great.

Bright Eyes At The Start Of The Night!

*ahem* The Morning After!

When do you like to go to bed? Do you like partying?! Do you think Nibbles is a killjoy and I would be more fun on a night out?! (not a leading question at all!) 🙂


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