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(Not Really Very) Wordless Wednesday – Hey Judy

While clearing her Grandparents house at the wheekend Mummy found a surprising amount of pigtures and memories including one file marked ‘Judy’.

Judy was a beagle puppy that her Grandparents had before they even had her Mummy so it was lovely to see the pigtures and made Mummy smile even though she was sad. Whee don’t know what happened to Judy as no furry ever spoke of her but Mummy is imagining all sorts of adventures for her.

Remembering things is such a comfort.

Wordless Wednesday – Speechless

Someone (who has asked not to be named) drew Mummy holding Basil and she is just speechless. They are incredibly talented don’t you think!



Wordless Wednesday – Cold Carpet!




ps. Whee all have dates for the Howl-o-ween ball now, but if anyfurry is still looking, whee know the handsome Nom Nom is looking fur a date. He is a handsome tri-colour piggy, check him out here

Lonely No More – Pigture Contest Winners

You may remember our Don’t Parsley Me By Pigture Contest whee ran over the course of last wheek. Well after much thought and deliberation whee have finally picked our winners and created the video. Frankly you are all winners, you have found such wonderful homes after awful starts and whee couldn’t be happier for you.

However our winner and opening our video is the gorgeous Kaci from kylascott:

SAM_0170That lovely expressive face broke our hoomans hearts thinking of what could have been if it weren’t for her finding such a lovely and perfect home. Where would she have ended up?

Our runner up, and closing our video, is Donna from weliveinaflat showing that coming from a broken home doesn’t mean you have to stay broken hearted.


So remember, don’t parsley those rescue pets by. Give them a second chance and you won’t be disappointed ^_^

Please share this and get hoomans to think rescue when looking for a pet.

Happy Monday efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


ps. Two kitties desperate for a loving home need our help. Don’t parsley them by . . .


Their facebook

Their blog tour

One Eye On The Future – Their foster sisfur’s blog

Thankful Thursday – Two By Two

Just like Noah’s Ark had the animals go in two by two, this Noah also knows that piggies are happier in pairs!

As promised here is the video of our furry first meet up.

You will notice it is in a place whee don’t often show, our hallway. Where neither of us had ever been before, what is known as neutral territory. Whee have two shoe boxes, both with two holes cut in different sides to allow for escape. Then the shoe box lids are filled with hay and herbs which provide a perfect piggy buffet! Although whee must confess to playing with out food and throwing it around! Whee also had a loofah chew each, a bowl of vegetables, a small bowl of food and our hoomans close at hand to watch over us. There is an excellent page on the guinea pig forum which taught the hooman efurrything she knows about recognizing signs of dominance and how to bond piggies, however the site is currently down so whee cannot link you to it this time!

Whee hope you are as happy as whee are with the outcome of our ‘date’. Whee are so thankful to have one another this Thursday.


What are you thankful for?

Have a great day efurryone

Nacho & Noah


ps. This is the last day to enter our Don’t Parsley Me By Pigture Contest

pps. What do you think of the latest header drawn by one of our little hoomans?

Pigture Me Perfect

IMG_6097Apologies for the post being late. The compawter had to go to go to the lecky-tronics vet for a check up. It was poked and prodded and is now much better! Anyway, with our pigture contest coming up whee thought whee would have a little pigture shoot and get Mummy to give you her top tips for pigture taking. Take it away hooman . . .

Heya everyone. The piggies have asked me to tell you how I get pigtures of them, and make them look so handsome (not that it is hard with them being as cute as they are!). This is probably one of the most asked questions they get so we are finally answering it!

Here is the basic equipment you need to have a guinea pig photo session:

  • a safe location, such as a sturdy table, bed, sofa, or even the floor
  • camera (with tri-pod if possible, though I don’t use one myself)
  • lighting, or good natural light
  • props (optional, you can do seasonal themed photos like Santa hats for Christmas)
  • treats (not optional if the piggies have any say in the matter)

Now here is a step by step guide to how I do it:

  1. First, set up your area. You need to build a little mini studio. You can make it as big or as small as you like, depending on the size of your pet. Obviously guinea pigs are little so I put mine on a sofa. You need to choose background colours that will compliment the colour of your piggy. Pastel shades do seem to work best. Don’t use strong colours like reds if you can avoid them. Then you need to get a small stash of treats for distractions. You need to make sure your area is completely secure, especially if you know your pet is a certified escape artist like one little piggy I know! Below is Basil’s photo shoot.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  2. Next, bring in the pet!!! Guinea pigs are often startled initially in new situations so that is a good moment to get a few test shots. You need to make sure you are use lots of natural light or have a good light source. Guinea pigs really don’t like flash on cameras so try to find a way to take photos without needing that.
  3. If you are using props this is the time to bring them in. Get down so you are eye level or lower than your pet. Let them relax a little and offer small amounts of treats. If they are anything like Nacho, they are happier with a teddy or toy. Nacho is a bit naughty, he likes to chew everything. When they start chewing the set you make need to deploy the treats!

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  4. If you have diva piggies (or other pets) then you have your very own Buddy. He loves having his photo taken but will pout and strop a lot! In this particular photoshoot he decided he had had enough and wacked the camera right out of my hands! Cheeky!

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  5. Don’t forget to fuss your piggy lots and tell them what a fab model they make. You can change your backdrop colour or props a few times till you are happy with the result.

The great thing about using a digital camera is you can take lots of photos and review them later. Guinea pigs are real fidget bottoms so you will have lots of blurred photos or bottoms disappearing out of shot. For example, I took 70 photos in this shoot and only 30-40 were usable!

Taking photos in natural setting like playing in the garden is also good. Grass keeps your guinea pigs attention and the natural sunlight is perfect for good shots.

Top tips to remember:

  • Food is a very important bribe
  • Speaking in a silly voice or getting someone to distract them helps get good photos
  • Practice makes perfect, keep trying, you will get better!

I’m still learning and not anywhere near what can be considered good at photography but I’m getting much better than I used to be. Experiment with zoom and angles. Be brave, have fun! ^_^

To enter our pigture contest, check back to this post.

Hope you are having a great wheekend

The Hooman


Monday Musings

Hello Monday our old furfriend. Why did you have to come back again?!

Well this Monday whee want to tell you about some furry interesting things involving us piggies and the art world!

With our pretty furs and general cuteness, is it any wonder guinea pigs have been the muses of artists for many years.

Have you ever seen the first ever recorded painting of a guinea pig? How old do you think it is? 50 years old? 100 years old? Try 16th Century, around 433 years ago!

Prized pet: The painting is called 'Three Unknown Elizabethan children' and may contain the first portrait of a guinea pig

From Daily Mail Website

“The portrait, believed to have been painted around 1580 by an unknown artist, shows three young children holding the animal which had recently been introduced into Europe from South America by Spanish merchants.”

The little known painting of three Elizabethan children is believed to be the first portrait of a guinea pig as a pet! The little hoomans are disappointed that theirs are 433 years too late! It has been uncovered by the National Portrait Gallery in London, during the making of its exhibition Elizabeth I and Her People.

No one knows who the children are, but whee are more concerned about who this clear VIP (Very Impawtent Piggy) is! With it’s beige, brown and white fur and regal bearing whee wonder, could it be the first piggy ever brought to England as a gift for Elizabeth I as a child?!

After she received one, they became popular exotic pets with children here and would be brought back as gifts when travelling. They were believed to be bred as curiosity pets, exotics if you will. Whee are still classed as exotic pets today when whee want to visit the vet so times haven’t changed all that much!

However that is not the only piggy portrait whee know of. The below Flemish painting, dated 1615 shows a pair of domesticated guinea pigs. (look just in front of the horse!) The painting by Jan Brueghel the Elder and is part of the Stapleton Collection/Corbis.

A detail from a 1615 Flemish painting shows a pair of domesticated guinea pigs.

Found on the National Geographic Website

A slightly later portrait of a girl with a guinea pig from 1677 by Caspar Netscher  is part of the Royal Collection.

Though science can estimate times and historians can guess at dates, no one knows for sure the dates whee arrived on these shores.

One thing is for sure though; when this exhibition is open (10 October 2013 – 5 January 2014) Mummy will head over there to have a look for herself!

Happy Monday



ps. Whee don’t know if you’ve heard but our furfriend Speedy the Bunny has not been too well, (He had a poorly eye and had to have an operation! Poor guy) however he is getting better. Please pop over and let him know you hope he is all better soon. However Speedy’s girlbun Maddy isn’t furry well and she needs healing wheeks and whiffles. Please send her lots of blogoville healing love, whee have our paws crossed for both of them.


Green Thumbs Thursday!

IMG_5071As Mummy has just pointed out whee does not has thumbs to be green but that is beside the point. Today in the garden whee noticed something. Mummy is a truly terrible gardener but somehow some things in our garden have survived. Here is out garden so far.

Whee started with three tomato plants, one basil plant, one curled parsley plant and one cucumber plant.

The cucumber was nicknamed the unlucky cucumber as it was repeatedly dropped and Mummy believed it was DOA (dead on arrival). Within days it had vanished. It’s vanishing was blamed on notorious criminal slugs and snails reported to be operating in the area, however, imagine efurryones surprise when whee found a weak looking little stalk today:


The basil plant was rather more unlucky and died pretty quickly when Mummy forgot to water in during the hot days. There is nothing left to pigture!

The curled parsley plant might have been over nommed and under watered because it doesn’t really look too well!


Finally the good news! One set of plants are doing well! Whee will be having tomatoes furry furry soon!

Also, Mummy’s apple tree which has done nothing for two years has suddenly decided to give her a baby apple this year! Hooray!


Does you have a garden? How’s your garden doing? Is your hooman a horticulture disaster or green fingered fabulous?

Happy Thursday



(Not) Wordless Wednesday – On The Mend

The vet is still not quite sure what is causing me to feel so unwell. As you may know they took a pigture of my insides and I was so well behaved they did it without any anesthetic to make me sleep for it. Whee think that it seems to be a respiratory problem that I just can’t quite shake. The medications I am now taking grudgingly like an angel, should help me be better soon.

Thanks for all your kind words and wishes. Happy Wednesday



Pigs Is Pigs?

Whee only just found this but it gave us a good giggle! Walt Disney – Pigs Is Pigs

How whee came to be know as “pigs” is a mystery that only our dear ancestors will ever know the answer to. One idea is that some of our squeaks reminded hoomans of a pig squeal. Whee are shaped quite like pigs too. Whee have a large head compared to our bodies, a short neck, and a rounded rump (yes ’rounded’ Mummy, not fat as you like to say) Also, like pigs, whee do spend most of our of time eating.

Our name sounds much like whee are pigs in many languages. The German word for example is Meerschweinchen, literally “little sea pigs” (sailing ships stopping to get provisions for the New World would pick up groups of guinea pigs, which provided an easily transportable source of fresh meat. Whee are not to happy about that!). The Welsh term is mochyn cwta (‘little pig’), the French Cochon d’Inde (Indian pig), the Dutch used to call us guinees biggetje (Guinean piglet). In Italian the term is either Porcellino d’India (Little Indian Pig) or Cavia Peruviana (Peruvian Cavy). This is not universal but yes, hoomans do think of us as pigs. Not an insult really. Whee know many pigs who are very nice but whee are not pigs!

The scientific name of our species is Cavia porcellus, with porcellus being Latin for “little pig”. Cavia is derived from Portuguese çavia from the Tupi word sawiya, meaning rat!

The origin of “guinea” in “guinea pig” is even harder to explain, and like the pig part, unknown officially! Whee will leave that for another day. For now, here is a diagram which essentially explains us!


(source: Guinea Pig Zone – click on the pigture to see their page)

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


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