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Silly Seeing Stars Saturday

As every star will testify, sometimes you are caught off guard and the paparazzi get a pigture of you, you really wish they had not! Here is one such pigture .  .  .


Humiliating much?!! I was just taking a little nap!

Have a super Saturday efurryone.



Star Light, Star Bright, Whee Are All Panto Stars Alright!

Well whee have had a fabulous response to to our Pet Pigture Panto Contest so far and whee hope to see many more. So far whee haven’t had any Snow White’s, Wicked Queen’s or Prince Rupert’s! Whee have discussed amoungst ourselves whether whee should be in the Panto and decided that only if there are parts left over will whee try being ‘ak – tors’!

Here whee are in our broadway poster designed by our Mummy!

Left to right; Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Please keep entering our Panto contest. See this post for how to enter. Hope efurryone has had a nice day! I’ve been busy helping write the Panto script. The work of a writer/piggy/handsome-fluffball, is never done!


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